09 November 2017

KingCast Motorsports: Driving the 380HP Jaguar F-PACE with Dave Jones at Seattle International Auto Show 2017.

It drives like a sports car. Dynamic Mode would stay on if I had that thing. Nothing else to say. Well that's not exactly true. I got to ride around with David Smith. Racing legend Davy Jones was also present, but Monsieur Smith and were in the city course we had a hoot talking about turbocharged SAABs, technology, video, Peter Gregg/Brumos Porsche, law and life, whistling about in South Seattle this afternoon. Smith of course was a Skip Barber Performance Driving School Ace so when he said he talks about teaching racing and I said "Beer on the curb for Skip Barber" well then he knew that I knew what time it is.

Skip Barber used SAAB Turbo engines from '86 to 2004 I believe.

And no, our license does not allow me to share video but trust me, it was a blast. 

My 9000T really was a great car.
Probably should have kept it.

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