06 October 2017

KingCast Sees Massachusetts Jury Find that Rogue Randolph Cop Kevin Donnelly Violated Civil Rights of a Black Man Max Felix 1:12-CV-10997

Attorney Louison has not responded to inquiry
as to whether he and his client will appeal or pay the Jury Verdict.
I told him I heard that Mr. Felix as a pro se forgot to demand Punitives.
If so, I think his client got a windfall.

Times are changing somewhat.
A single black man can sometimes obtain a measure of Justice.

Max Felix v. Town of Randolph 12-CV-10997

6 October 2017 Update: A source reports that the Municipal Defendants LOST their Motion for Directed Verdict as attached, and further that a Jury awarded substantial damages. I will check in a few hours to confirm as the Verdict Forms are not yet posted to PACER.  


Max Felix was falsely charged with crimes he did not commit. Defendant Kevin Donnelly said he knew him from years ago but he DID NOT know him and the Jury obviously determined that Donnelly was not a credible witness despite being a licensed police officer.  This is EXACTLY what Mr. Felix told me many many years ago when we first met, as I was following the corruption and cocaine in the Quincy Road Rage case featuring a dirty Patriarch and a Dirty firefighter. Scroll to bottom of that journal entry for more information on that case.

For more information on Max Felix, watch the Kingast video obviously, and go here.

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