07 October 2017

KingCast Says All First Amendment Eyes Are on Cyberstalkng: Rynearson v. Ferguson and Kristina Robinson v. KingCast and Christopher King, J.D.

11 October 2017 Update: A Federal Court ORDER was issued yesterday. As U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Leighton declined to hear the case based on Younger abstention principles, KingCast cameras will be present to record this historic event when the underlying Appeal is heard in Kitsap Superior Court Case No. 17-2-01463-1. To my knowledge all of the challenges to similar statutes have been successful in States such as IllinoisNew York and North Carolina. I believe there is a pending action in Ohio as well relating to the William Young Federal Indictment in case no.SD Ohio 2-17-MJ 426 (Read the FBI Complaint). In Washington the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) has long since advocated for repeal. I just telephoned the Clark County Clerk of Courts and was informed that the case was dismissed with Prejudice after I Diversion program so no adjudication on the merits. I have the fax confirmation on that.

Rynearson (Seattle Times/AP) is a fascinating case to me because the idiot who killed our dog is attempting to circumscribe my speech about her shoddy and unethical business practices by filing repeated TRO attempts for stalking and harassment.  She does this even though she killed our dog in what turned out to be an ILLEGAL kennel that she LIED ABOUT to us as she left her known pack of pit bulls alone with our non-pack dogs at her private home (instead of her legal storefront) for 45 minutes last December. 

The very same Court of Law (Judge Jeffrey Goodwin in Snohomish South, neighboring to Kitsap) last year found that she stalked and/or harassed her neighbors.... nice..  But Judge Goodwin definitely does not like me so I have my concerns. He was previously sanctioned for acrimonious conduct and has set the hearing scheduled for 9 October 2017 to a Bench Ruling on Briefs rather than to address my second and Renewed Notice of Media Coverage after he flat out violated General Rule 16 Cameras in the Court the first time Kristina tried to obtain a TRO against me in February. Read yesterday's briefing from me on the matter, below, and watch a short video about the situation at top.


Anyway, unless you have hate speech as defined by Statute or actual stalking by physical proximity you can't just go around penalizing people for their thoughts and rantings. I know this for fact because I hosted a Hate Crimes forum at Case Western Reserve Law school with my then-boss Terry H. Gilbert, Esq. Gilbert on KingCast, 2008:

"There are few more noble causes that a lawyer can pursue.....lawyers must be on the frontline of that struggle to give meaning and dimension to the First Amendment to generate ideas regardless of their implications. To silence opposition seems to be the modus operandi of the state in order to consolidate its power over its citizens, particularly after 9/11......"
Hell if you could criminalize thought and commentary that makes you uncomfortable I could try to imprison her for the false, stupid and evil crap she says about me. You can read some of it in my current brief that I filed yesterday and am sharing with Learned Counsel Volokh and Balasubrammi and I will be closely following this case.  A ruling on the 22 September 2017 Hearing for Preliminary Injunctive Relief is expected at any point in time.

There is a forum for comments that someone does not like, and that forum is a Court of appropriate jurisdiction for Defamation, nothing more nothing less. Adam Karp, Livi's Mother and I are passing on all of that, just going straight for liability against Kristina since both of her commercial carriers crapped out on her for reasons they won't disclose.

As far as Kristina Complaining about me or trying to obtain cyberstalking against me, good luck with that, having called me an "ugly, lazy mean fucker," and such. You get what you give, honey.

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