11 October 2017

KingCast Presents: In Loving Memory of Livi the Wonderdog, Killed by Pit Bull Mauling at Precious Paws Seattle.

Here is the Petition we issued earlier this year to revoke Precious Paws license in the facility that they had in Edmonds. 

Here is a running collection of letters written to Mountlake Terrace City Hall and other online allegations from Precious Paws clients. 

This Journal Entry will be joined by a link to the YouCaring Donation drive for the legal representation of Adam P. Karp, Esq.

Meanwhile.... the co-sponsor of this and I both report massive FB problems 
the minute we aired this.
I can't see any new posts on my own goddamn FB page. 
What a coincidence.

Precious Paws Kristina Amlak Kristina Robinson Bullshit Restraining Order Surreply by christopher king on Scribd

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