18 October 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Judge Stanley Rumbaugh in Trouble Again: Bozgoz v. Rumbaugh, Zurich Insurance et al RICO Lawsuit: 3:17-CV-05832.

That's Lesley Fleming, a lawyer purportedly representing Zurich Insurance at one point in this fiasco. I am corroborating an allegation that she has been removed as Counsel after Plaintiff Bozgoz issued a Complaint about alleged misconduct in the underlying case.

Basically, the family Matriarch sustained a broken neck during a Pierce County para-transit ride, she died shortly thereafter and the family was forced into a lowball settlement. Her daughter is distressed and could not handle the load so she sought help. As U.S. Veterans they fought back and tried to avail themselves of the ADA protections so that Ms. Bozgoz could advocate on behalf of her cousin and Judge Rumbaugh continued to throw my black ass out of Court (just as he had done with white reporter Wally Brown so he is an equal opportunity schmuck) and continued to deny the accommodations necessary for the family to present the case.

We sued Rumbaugh for violating GR 16, the First Amendment and more, but of course the Pierce County Prosecutor's office lied and the Federal Court allowed him to get away with it.  But at least we educated thousands of people about him and his unsavory conduct that is inimical to the State and Federal Constitutions as well as State Statutory and Decisional Law in his own County. He is not Honorable. He's just Stanley. Meanwhile no response from California 9th Circuit on the Complaint filed against Judge Ricardo Martinez, fancy that.

Moreover, Judge Rumbaugh hates cameras in his Courtroom, in direct contravention of Pierce County Judge of the Year Frank Cuthbertson, A Black Man. Now we know why.

What a coincidence. 

A minority favors Open Courts, go figure. 

Shady Jurists Choose Silence. From the Complaint:

63. Forsberg & Umlauf obstructed justice by (1) contacting Margaret Bozgoz on or about 17 December 2016 and informed her that they were filing a motion to strike E Yockmans [with merit] Wrongful Death and Civil Rights case. 

64. Umlauf and Forsberg used their assumptions vs facts and submitted the motion to strike claim against Margaret Bozgoz’s Claim. Umlauf and Forsberg assumed that Margaret Bozgoz had to be an “Officer of the Court Lawyer” in “Good” standing [like themselves] in order to submit a claim. Margaret Bozgoz is not an Officer of the Court however, she is an Army Officer and as the evidence shows, she has attempted to find an Officer of the Court] who looks out for the best interest of Elda Yockman. 

65. Forsberg & Umlauf's, Roy Umlauf, Lesley Fleming then coordinated with Judge Stanley Rumbaugh, Court Clerk Merri Reagan, Court Reporter Carol Frederick to expedite a motion to strike hearing at the last minute during the Christmas holidays (23 December 2016). 

66. The Court lead by Judge Stanley Rumbaugh, the Defendant's Attorney, Roy Umlauf and Lesley Fleming, Court Reporter Carol Frederick and Court Clerk, Merri Reagan discriminated against the Plaintiffs by requiring the Plaintiff to attend the 23 December 2016 [last minute hearing] and excusing the Defendants, Youssef Essakhi, Jane Doe, Zurich, Life Transportations, and Zurich Insurance from attending (Exhibits 15 and 16, Judge Stanley Order Setting Court Schedule to All Parties).  

67. The Court lead by Judge Stanley Rumbaugh, Defendants, the Defendants Defense Attorney, Roy Umlauf and Lesley Fleming, Court Reporter Carol Frederick and Court Clerk, Merri Reagan discriminated and abused their authority by coordinating a last-minute hearing on 23 December 2016 at 0900-0915 am then altered court documents to make it appear that Margaret Bozgoz's "Court Call" did not get disconnected during the hearing (Exhibit 16, Order Granting Civil Rights and Wrongful Death Violation/with Prejudice). 

68. The Court lead by Judge Stanley Rumbaugh, Defendants, the Defendant's Attorney, Roy Umlauf and Lesley Fleming, Court Reporter Carol Frederick and Court Clerk, Merri Reagan discriminated against the plaintiff by pretending that the Defendants were actually in court testifying during the hearing (Exhibit 17, Carol Fredericks Altered Transcripts). 

69. The Court lead by Judge Stanley Rumbaugh, Defendants, the Defendants Defense Attorneys, Roy Umlauf and Lesley Fleming, Court Reporter Carol Frederick and Court Clerk, Merri Reagan discriminated against the Plaintiff by allowing the Defendant’s alleged Attorney Lesley Fleming to testify in open court when the Defendants failed to appear in court (Exhibit 17). 

70. The Court lead by Judge Stanley Rumbaugh, Defendants, the Defendants Defense Attorney, Roy Umlauf and Lesley Fleming, Court Reporter Carol Frederick and Court Clerk, Merri Reagan discriminated against the Plaintiff by coordinating a last minute 2nd hearing on 23 December 2016 at 0953-10:00 am then falsified court documents for the record (Exhibit 18, Memorandum of Journal Hearing and Exhibit 19, Minutes of Fabricated Hearing by Carol Frederick). These falsified court documents give the appearance that Elda Yockman and Margaret Bozgoz were physically present. However, they were not present.


In Federal Court on the related RICO case the shenanigans continued unabated with Judge Ronald B. Leighton slamming their case after reaching into Seattle Federal Court and yanking it back to Tacoma. Turns out that Lesley Fleming used to work for him. What a dirtbag. Time to have him disbarred. 

13 October 2017

KingCast Presents: The Racist White Lawyer on the L Train and Racist White Lawyers in Wisconsin.

KingCast Reply to Racist and Hegemonic OLR Initial Report and Recommendations by Christopher King on Scribd

Damn. I should have put some Gap Band up in there, too late.
Oops, up-side your head, I said oops upside your head....

Anyway, I do slow motion as appropriate, such as these jackbooted Delaware thugs 
in my opinion murdering paraplegic Jerry McDole.

I spent much time in NYC when I lived on the East Coast and still visit from time to time as I have family there. My riding on the Metro Series is here. Along the way I have exposed CMJ Music Chief and Columbia adjunct journalism professor Adam Klein as a convicted felon and "deadbeat dad" according to his daughter. I then discovered that CMJ Music Festival employees also sued him.

But what I have never seen, however, is a racist rant on any of the subways. 

Until now.

I can't wait for the bar to see this.  His words, unfortunately, are protected as much as I love what happened to him.  In my opinion someone should buy Princess Nokia a fresh cup of soup LOL.  I've won First Amendment trials, just sayin'.  But the vexatious and loud manner in which he was saying them, and whether or not he is guilty of public intoxication are valid issues under the doctrinal analysis of time, place, manner.

And if I were a prosecutor, would I prosecute?

Hell to the no. If I stroll into a subway and start calling everyone a bunch of crackers, and hurling racial invective I stand to get my ass thrown out too. But note however that there truly is no reverse equivalent of "nigger" as used by this hateful man.  There. Just. Is. Not.

Speaking of racist white lawyers, Mark W. Rattan and Terry E. Johnson are bigoted white lawyers in Wisconsin. They call me a nigger without explicitly saying so, and that is the focus of my pending bar complaints against both of them after Rattan crossed an entire room and physically attacked me for lawfully running video of a public hearing. Then Johnson -- his lawyer -- allowed Rattan use Johnson's letterhead to lie in Rattan's defense.

11 October 2017

KingCast Presents: In Loving Memory of Livi the Wonderdog, Killed by Pit Bull Mauling at Precious Paws Seattle.

Here is the Petition we issued earlier this year to revoke Precious Paws license in the facility that they had in Edmonds. 

Here is a running collection of letters written to Mountlake Terrace City Hall and other online allegations from Precious Paws clients. 

This Journal Entry will be joined by a link to the YouCaring Donation drive for the legal representation of Adam P. Karp, Esq.

Meanwhile.... the co-sponsor of this and I both report massive FB problems 
the minute we aired this.
I can't see any new posts on my own goddamn FB page. 
What a coincidence.

Precious Paws Kristina Amlak Kristina Robinson Bullshit Restraining Order Surreply by christopher king on Scribd

10 October 2017

KingCast Says Peppers is Pissed at Hurricane Ridge.

OK so Michele and I are smiling but Pepper Underfoot is pissed
Damn Raven swooped down and grabbed up them thar venison & fish treats off the boot.

Livi, 2015
Keje, 1975

07 October 2017

KingCast Says All First Amendment Eyes Are on Cyberstalkng: Rynearson v. Ferguson and Kristina Robinson v. KingCast and Christopher King, J.D.

11 October 2017 Update: A Federal Court ORDER was issued yesterday. As U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Leighton declined to hear the case based on Younger abstention principles, KingCast cameras will be present to record this historic event when the underlying Appeal is heard in Kitsap Superior Court Case No. 17-2-01463-1. To my knowledge all of the challenges to similar statutes have been successful in States such as IllinoisNew York and North Carolina. I believe there is a pending action in Ohio as well relating to the William Young Federal Indictment in case no.SD Ohio 2-17-MJ 426 (Read the FBI Complaint). In Washington the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) has long since advocated for repeal. I just telephoned the Clark County Clerk of Courts and was informed that the case was dismissed with Prejudice after I Diversion program so no adjudication on the merits. I have the fax confirmation on that.

Rynearson (Seattle Times/AP) is a fascinating case to me because the idiot who killed our dog is attempting to circumscribe my speech about her shoddy and unethical business practices by filing repeated TRO attempts for stalking and harassment.  She does this even though she killed our dog in what turned out to be an ILLEGAL kennel that she LIED ABOUT to us as she left her known pack of pit bulls alone with our non-pack dogs at her private home (instead of her legal storefront) for 45 minutes last December. 

The very same Court of Law (Judge Jeffrey Goodwin in Snohomish South, neighboring to Kitsap) last year found that she stalked and/or harassed her neighbors.... nice..  But Judge Goodwin definitely does not like me so I have my concerns. He was previously sanctioned for acrimonious conduct and has set the hearing scheduled for 9 October 2017 to a Bench Ruling on Briefs rather than to address my second and Renewed Notice of Media Coverage after he flat out violated General Rule 16 Cameras in the Court the first time Kristina tried to obtain a TRO against me in February. Read yesterday's briefing from me on the matter, below, and watch a short video about the situation at top.


Anyway, unless you have hate speech as defined by Statute or actual stalking by physical proximity you can't just go around penalizing people for their thoughts and rantings. I know this for fact because I hosted a Hate Crimes forum at Case Western Reserve Law school with my then-boss Terry H. Gilbert, Esq. Gilbert on KingCast, 2008:

"There are few more noble causes that a lawyer can pursue.....lawyers must be on the frontline of that struggle to give meaning and dimension to the First Amendment to generate ideas regardless of their implications. To silence opposition seems to be the modus operandi of the state in order to consolidate its power over its citizens, particularly after 9/11......"
Hell if you could criminalize thought and commentary that makes you uncomfortable I could try to imprison her for the false, stupid and evil crap she says about me. You can read some of it in my current brief that I filed yesterday and am sharing with Learned Counsel Volokh and Balasubrammi and I will be closely following this case.  A ruling on the 22 September 2017 Hearing for Preliminary Injunctive Relief is expected at any point in time.

There is a forum for comments that someone does not like, and that forum is a Court of appropriate jurisdiction for Defamation, nothing more nothing less. Adam Karp, Livi's Mother and I are passing on all of that, just going straight for liability against Kristina since both of her commercial carriers crapped out on her for reasons they won't disclose.

As far as Kristina Complaining about me or trying to obtain cyberstalking against me, good luck with that, having called me an "ugly, lazy mean fucker," and such. You get what you give, honey.

#Kristina Robinson 

#Kristina Amlak 
#Precious Paws Seattle 
Livi the Wonderdog FB
Watchdogfordog FB
Petition to Revoke Precious Paws License
Volokh Conspiracy Journal Entry


06 October 2017

KingCast Sees Massachusetts Jury Find that Rogue Randolph Cop Kevin Donnelly Violated Civil Rights of a Black Man Max Felix 1:12-CV-10997

Attorney Louison has not responded to inquiry
as to whether he and his client will appeal or pay the Jury Verdict.
I told him I heard that Mr. Felix as a pro se forgot to demand Punitives.
If so, I think his client got a windfall.

Times are changing somewhat.
A single black man can sometimes obtain a measure of Justice.

Max Felix v. Town of Randolph 12-CV-10997

6 October 2017 Update: A source reports that the Municipal Defendants LOST their Motion for Directed Verdict as attached, and further that a Jury awarded substantial damages. I will check in a few hours to confirm as the Verdict Forms are not yet posted to PACER.  


Max Felix was falsely charged with crimes he did not commit. Defendant Kevin Donnelly said he knew him from years ago but he DID NOT know him and the Jury obviously determined that Donnelly was not a credible witness despite being a licensed police officer.  This is EXACTLY what Mr. Felix told me many many years ago when we first met, as I was following the corruption and cocaine in the Quincy Road Rage case featuring a dirty Patriarch and a Dirty firefighter. Scroll to bottom of that journal entry for more information on that case.

For more information on Max Felix, watch the Kingast video obviously, and go here.

05 October 2017

KingCast Reports: Stolen Car and MTBike.

18:00 Yesterday -- I called it in yesterday to Shoreline PD hat a strange dog had stolen my car with my mountainbike in it. I first tracked her down to a local post office, but she took off like a jackrabbit, and was seen driving erratically and at high speeds all the way to a local taco stand.  Just as I was in range to make a citizen's arrest she took flight again and had taken the bike to a local woods, probably transporting it to a chop shop or something. The car was left running at the side of the road, probably because the bitch lacks opposable thumbs.

I quickly apprehended the suspect and took her out for a beer and a belly rub.

02 October 2017

KingCast Presents: ZY Gimbal Basics with Seattle Mayoral Candidates Moon and Durkan.

KingCast Motorsports Presents 2003 SAAB 9-3 SE: 40-70mph in 3 5 secs w/Mike D Stage One Tune.

Oh, he steps on it pretty hard I'm sure. Now you T7 guys and gals, replace your MAF before you tune. Its what $70. Failure to do so can lead to something you don't want to think about if it fails and you get a lean spike.

Mike D SAAB Trionic Tuning.