26 September 2017

KingCast Says Snohomish South District Judge Jeffrey D. Goodwin is a Hegemonic Warlord who Hates Cameras in his Courtroom. Motion to Recuse.

Motion to Reconsider and/or Request for Nunc Pro Tunc Relief to Reflect that the Commission Found Respondent's Tone and Deportment to be Fully Acceptable.

Well folks watch how the Commission on Judicial Ethics protects a Judge against me even though this Judge has a documented history of inappropriate deportment in their own case no 7485-F-161. They made short work of my Complaint by trying to paint it as a request for them to make him change his hegemonic ally racist decisions.

I did no such thing. I wrote them thusly and shall now await corrective action:

Not so fast: I didn’t ask you about his Decision.

I asked you to discipline him for his deportment and tone, and that deportment and tone registered loud and clear in a video that I referenced for you to listen to. You intentionally failed to do so when his deportment -- not his final decision making -- is already in issue: See your Case No. Case no. 7485-F-161. The Stipulated Facts indicate he was "threatening, intimidating and retaliatory" against someone who — like me --challenged his authority.

You must now evaluate him barking at me in a threatening and intimidating tone to "stop talking" for no lawful reason, retaliating against me in violation of GR 16 cameras in Court and making me pay that stupid white girl dog killer $300 of my money and refusing to grant me the same consideration when she failed to appear in Court. Do your job and quit protecting that racist pig.

This is my Hearing Presentation for the 9 October 2017 revived and second attempt by Kristina Robinson or Kristina Amlak to obtain a restraining order. She is trying prevent me from openly discussing how she murdered our Best Friend Livi the Wonderdog by allowing her known pack of pit bulls to kill her while she left dogs alone in her career, yet again. 

No Presentation as the Court sidestepped it. Take this: My Surreply wth a note from Livi's Mom.

I'm sick and tired of having this Court bark at me when Kristina is the one who has been abusing this system for a long, long, time. So this time I have nothing to say except to present this video in tandem with the Trial Brief and other Motions I have already filed. These Motions include the Motion for lost wages and the Motion to Recuse Judge Beth Fraser, who should have immediately passed this case on to someone else and notified me that she formerly represented Kristina Robinson. Or Kristina Amlak depending on what day it is or what cause she is championing or what Internet search engines she is trying to hide from. 

 She has not filed any substantive responses to any of my filings yet I am still stuck up in this Court dealing with her abuse of the legal system until we get our fundraiser going this week so that we can rightfully sue her for what we believe to be wanton reckless conduct in the murder by dog of our Best Friend Livi. This entire exercise has been an abusive waste of time by her, yet the Court is making sure to get its licks in against me, the victim in all of this nonsense. 

I am making a record of it.
Yah. Nothing has changed since February and the Court can readily see that from the pleadings but he is still riding me like a Georgia mule. A Judge with a history of disrespect and retaliation for those who criticize him refuses to allow cameras in Court. The Nugget: 

D. Judge Goodwin’s Retaliatory Record is a Cause of Substantial Concern: Respondent is not comfortable with Judge Goodwin presiding over his case without cameras. He has already recently been punished for retaliatory and uncivil conduct against someone questioning his integrity, and Respondent resolutely questions that integrity because of, inter alia, the issues countenanced in Section III, supra. 

As such, Respondent respectfully demands that this Court specifically identify any and all passages from any filings in this Court that it finds to be unreasonably tainted by antipathy. That will be crucial in the event that the Court again rejects a request for Media coverage. 

Here's a comment from a litigant before he was a Judge...... he was a jerk Prosecutor: 

Yes, I saw him when he was a prosecuting attorney for Edmonds. My lawyer sent me in to court with some paperwork so my attorney didn't need to be there. He started lecturing me saying what do you do for work? I said metal fabrication. He said if i came into your work would I make a very good fabricator, so don't come into my court and try to play lawyer. He's arrogant and an egoist. I met him as a judge too.... 

He likes to try to use his loud voice to intimidate. I hope everything works out for you Chris... Keep on him. 

 Some background about Livi's killer.

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