10 September 2017

KingCast Open Letter to King County Sheriff John Urquhart Regarding Kristina Amlak - Kristina Robinson Precious Paws Dangerous Kennel that Murdered Livi the Wonderdog

10 September 2017

Re:             The Murder of Livi the Wonderdog; Celebration and Life of Livi the Wonderdog;
                  Continued Exposure of Dangerous and Reckless Conduct of Dog Handler
                  Kristina Amlak/Kristina Robinson a/k/a "Precious Paws."

Today and tomorrow are pivotal times for Livi, Livi’s mother, the entire dog and animal-loving world, for me and for the Cause of Justice.  Today, Life Cycle Floating Lantern Pet Memorial 2017 will provide a public window for all of us to grieve our losses and to celebrate the life of Livi the Wonderdog and all of her friends who have left this Planet.

We have watched Kristina Robinson – or Amlak as the day turns depending on her mood or purpose – lie to Mountlake Terrace City Hall about never leaving dogs unattended and get away with basically a $1,000.00 fine for allowing her pack of pit bulls to murder our Best Friend on 29 December, 2016. She left all the dogs completely alone for forty-five (45) minutes.  Not to mention the years of running an illegal kennel at 5808 218th PL SW. No fine for that. So it's ashes for us, I guess.

Livi was and still is the single most amazing dog I have ever met in my 52 years on this Earth, and I know Elisa (her mother) will agree. Yet today all we have is memories and this box of ashes because of Kristina’s repeated reckless conduct:

She openly admitted to her other clients that she has left dogs alone on prior occasion and that “she made a choice I have made before but this time resulted not in injury but in death.”  She did this even after her friend made the same mistake with dogs of the same pack and one almost killed the other, then her friend had the nerve to publicly say that Livi’s mother and I shared responsibility for her death.

That is completely insane and everyone knows as much. Mountlake Terrace Animal Control Officer Elena McKee previously identified her as a KNOWN LIAR:

Further, contrary to the naked assertions she has made to my employer that I am “not healthy” my licensed mental health Counselor and my group pet grief friends have all found me to be a well-adjusted, grieving father of a family member who was violently killed, i.e. MURDERED.

And MURDERED without any written apology. MURDERED without an offer to pay for cremation. MURDERED without any flowers being sent.

And tomorrow, on 9/11, I am being haled into Court on Kristina’s second attempt to chill my First Amendment Rights to discuss her pattern of reckless disregard to safety that includes multiple traffic violations, allowing cats to climb atop a Keurig coffee maker, lies to City Hall about the alleged absence of any prior injuries, failure to appear and leaving a dog crated for an entire day and much, much more.

She correctly lost her first attempt in February in front of Judge Goodwin, who last year found that she abused her First Amendment Privileges and Responsibilities as she unlawfully took a photograph in Court without permission and threatened to “put some fear into those motherfuckers,” i.e. her neighbors, who prevailed against her for harassment/stalking.

She returned again this summer with another attempt and I miscalendared the time and arrived late. So the Court made me pay her and her husband, Ahadu Amlaktereda, $300 for a lost day of wages.

You should know that I have on other occasion, supported a variance for him to park his commercial truck at their home so that he could earn a lawful living away from the care and protection of animals so that no one else winds up with a goddamn floating candle instead of their dog to pet.


Meanwhile let’s not forget that she killed her own dog Bullet (the least-favored dog) shortly after she allowed her dogs to kill Livi even though all of the evidence pointed directly at Nova (a favored dog) and Bullet was the youngest dog and not a pack leader.  She never disclosed to anyone why she killed bullet but she did certainly use him to pimp for victim space by saying “We lost a family member as well.....”

All of this will come out in the coming months when our Attorney Adam Karp files suit against Kristina Robinson/Amlak.  He took our case as he rejected her attempts to retain him, by the way.

I even wound up being yelled at by Judge Beth Fraser, who previously represented Robinson/Amlak but who failed to disclose as much to me during a hearing that was improperly assigned to her.  On prior occasion I have compelled a Federal Judge to recuse herself for similar misconduct, and that’s a fact.  Judge Landya B. McCafferty, Google it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vT7_uhnElQ

This is highly disturbing given that the entire case against me is completely without merit, and I will call both of them to the Stand to prove it from their own mouths.

Meanwhile she continued to flaunt her disrespect for the legal process by refusing to accept court documents in Open Court when served by a Uniformed Court Officer and by me. All of this is on the audio transcript from 29 August 2017 that I have ordered and will publish.

The fact is, her actions have wasted substantial Judicial resources, my resources and have even compromised the schedule of King County Sheriff John Urquhart, who was forced to reschedule an interview with me on 29 August, 2017 concerning an incident involving one of his Deputy Sheriffs/Detectives.

I stand firmly behind my assertion that everything I have publicly communicated regarding the misconduct of Kristina Amlak/Robinson was made in Good Faith and with the intention of raising awareness of a Dangerous Instrumentality that brings blight to the landscape of Animal Protection.

No one must again suffer the pains that Livi and her family have suffered at the hands of this individual and that will be a major life mission, much like the screenplay my co-writer and I are presently pitching to Hollywood.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/Christopher King
Christopher King, J.D.

cc:                    Mountlake Terrace City Hall
                  Adam Karp, Esq.
Sheriff Jeff Urquhart

blind copies

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