24 September 2017

KingCast Motorsports Sees FEDEX Sued for Smashing a Yamaha RD400 Motorcycle Engine and Refusing to Pay.

This is the simplest video I have ever shot: 

A veteran World-class motorcycle technician in Seattle shipped a motorcycle engine. He shipped it to industry standards. FEDEX mutilated it and in direct derogation of bailment principles and law, flat out refused to pay for it.  He is going to sue them in small claims court for materially damaging a rare vintage Yamaha RD400 engine. I'll let him tell the story. 

I have known the folks at International Moto for 5+ years now, since I saw one of their patented "cogito ergo zoom" t-shirts when I shot a video for the British Iron Association back East. As bikers we as a breed do not suffer corporate abuse gladly. The Courthouse will be packed to overflow.

As you can see, Pepper took a well-deserved piss on FEDEX. Just my opinion.

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