27 September 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: The Life and Murder of Livi the Wonderdog by Kristina Amlak's Precious Paws.

This is my Hearing Presentation for the 9 October 2017 revived and second attempt by Kristina Robinson or Kristina Amlak to obtain a restraining order. She is trying prevent me from openly discussing how she murdered our Best Friend Livi the Wonderdog by allowing her known pack of pit bulls to kill her while she left dogs alone in her career, yet again. 

I'm sick and tired of having this Court bark at me when Kristina is the one who has been abusing this system for a long, long, time. So this time I have nothing to say except to present this video in tandem with the Trial Brief and other Motions I have already filed. These Motions include the Motion for lost wages and the Motion to Recuse Judge Beth Fraser, who should have immediately passed this case on to someone else and notified me that she formerly represented Kristina Robinson. Or Kristina Amlak depending on what day it is or what cause she is championing or what Internet search engines she is trying to hide from. 

 She has not filed any substantive responses to any of my filings yet I am still stuck up in this Court dealing with her abuse of the legal system until we get our fundraiser going this week so that we can rightfully sue her for what we believe to be wanton reckless conduct in the murder by dog of our Best Friend Livi. This entire exercise has been an abusive waste of time by her, yet the Court is making sure to get its licks in against me, the victim in all of this nonsense. 

I am making a record of it.

The single worst event of our entire lives.
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Precious Paws Kristina Amlak Kristina Robinson Bullshit Restraining Order Surreply by christopher king on Scribd

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