28 September 2017

KingCast and the Canon 60D with Zeiss 45mm Pancake Lens Inquire of Seattle Seahawks Fans: Is Social Justice Bigger than Football?

Headline:  Seahawks haven't yet said what they will do during the Sunday Night prime time game against the Colts. What do their fans think?

Tagline: Seahawks, Anthem, protest, Trump, Concussion, Civil Rights, Social Justice, Kaepernick, police abuse

Stills from the shoot this morning at Seattle's Historic Pike Place Market.  Contractually I don't shoot with a DSLR at work, I shoot an iPhone.  I must admit that I was not completely upset that I got to use my DSLR today though as planned obsolescence took my iPhone away from me one (1) month after I paid it off LOL.  The insurance phone arrives today.

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