24 August 2017

KingCast Supports the Cleveland Browns Players who Took a Knee to Support Social Justice and Freedom for All.

Note to Cousin Mike over at ESPN:

As a Cleveland, Ohio native I definitely despise the Indians (2007 link) for holding on to Chief Wahoo. I have questioned that symbol for forty (40) years since I was a Tris Speaker little league pitcher in 1976-77, and as a law clerk for Civil Rights lawyer Terry H. Gilbert 1991-1993, nothing new there.

What is new is the Cleveland Browns ongoing support for social and legal reform, focused primarily on people of color but yes ultimately no one is free when others are oppressed. Still.

"We have work to do...." (Washpost story).

Here in Seattle Michael Bennett encourages more involvement from caucasian players and Justin Britt concurs.

And when children play football they play it without any intent to discriminate based on racial or ethnic differences so why should a league so vastly populated by people of color fail to support Fairness, Equality and Justice for All?

The NFL owners need to stop blackballing Colin Kaepernick and start supporting social reform. This way even more people of color can attend their games and line their pockets.  So if they don't do it for the Right Reasons they can do it out of pure self interest, which they are fully entitled to exploit. The Bottom Line: Society is larger than the Game. May the NFL franchise owners never forget that.

I remain proud of my hometown.

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