01 August 2017

KingCast Laughs as Kelly Ayotte BFF and Racist Bigot Xenophobe Joe Arpaio is Found in Contempt of Court, Guilty of Racism.

Hahahahaa.... funny how the Truth always comes out isn't it. From today's BBC story.

"He was found to have violated a judge's 2001 order that he cease detaining migrants who are not suspected of having committed a state crime. Judge Susan Bolton determined that by detaining those living in the US illegally, Mr Arpaio was acting as a de facto wing of the federal government. He faces up to six months in prison. However, lawyers say it is unlikely that he will ever serve time behind bars." (KingCast Note:  Of course not. He's a government official).
Now then let's take a trip down Memory Lane shall we?  You see my video capture of Sheriff Joe Arpaio from the Kelly Ayotte rally in 2010, noting him to be a "bigot xenophobe?"  Yep.  So this was from back in the 2010 Day when U.S. Senate Candidate Kelly Ayotte hated me for exposing all of her bullshit on the Like Kenney Greg Floyd Bruce McKay double homicide case, and her failed attempt to prosecute me as NAACP Legal Chair, and her failed attempt to nab me for Unauthorized Practice of Law?  Meanwhile the Mayor of Nashua and Aldermen awarded me a Commendation for First Amendment work.


Well at that time she and Sheriff Joe got away with blocking me from a publicly-advertised public event, chaperoned by on duty Nashua Police Officers.  She used Landya B. McCafferty as Magistrate Judge to do her dirty work, McCafferty having worked for the same law firm (McLane) as Kelly.... while Jack McLane served as my opposing Counsel. Not one person ever told me about this. I figured it out with David Riddley of Riddley Report and then forced her to recuse herself. Watch the video.  

Meanwhile the idiots at Politico and a wanker by the name of David Shankbone wrote it all up as if I had no idea what I was talking about, well fuck them too as I noted that unlike Kelly Ayotte, I've actually won First Amendment trials, ahem. Watch the video.  So piss on the lot of ya, especially Sheriff Joe :)

PS:  NH had had attempted a similar initiative criminalizing undocumented workers ...... I asked him about it right here: https://youtu.be/b8E5y04ryb4?t=2m40s

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