10 August 2017

KingCast asks Pepper Underfoot the Australian Cattle Dog: "Spoiled, Much?"

No Sir, no spoiling going on around here.  Nope.

There is a serious dearth of attention being given to 

As such, I have launched a campaign to try to ease her pain
and to bring her out of her suffering. I am open to ideas.
Here are some offerings from me and others over the past week or so:

Michele bought a new truck for Peppers to play in
with her boy Bodey.

These ladies offered up beer and hugs.

My Ohio Homie Steve was trying to figure out how to spoil Pepper since 1988, 
27 years before she was even born LOL.

Tim offers treats and hugs.

Papa takes naps with her on the lawn.

Throngs of revelers seek her attention 24/7.

So really, the situation is dire so any ideas you have 
will be duly noted and appreciated!

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