08 June 2017

KingCast Presents: More Proof that Boston Big Dig Attorney Jeffrey Denner, Esq. is Still a Prick.

Several years ago I, as Boston Bob nom de plume, smoked Jeffrey Dinner after he offered Ineffective Assistance of Counsel to one Derrick Gillenwater.  Smoked him on the First Amendment and shamed him into settling Mr. Gillenwater's Legal Malpractice lawsuit against him as well, as the ACLU even stepped in, and that's a fact. It's in here.

In Public Reprimand 2016-10 the Mass Board of Bar Overseers wrote: 
.....The clients terminated the representation in October 2013 due to the respondent's perceived unwillingness to proceed with the lawsuit. The respondent had not earned the entire $30,000 fee. Upon termination of the representation, the respondent violated Mass. R. Prof. 1.16(d) by failing to promptly refund the unearned portion of the $30,000 fee. The $30,000 fee collected by the respondent was clearly excessive in relation to the amount, quality, and results of the work the respondent performed with respect to the civil matter and the subsequent juvenile matter. By charging and collecting a clearly excessive fee, the respondent violated Mass. R. Prof. C. 1.5(a).
There is another case against him for money related issues too. I need to check up on that one.  Meanwhile scroll back to the older posts at Jeffrey Denner's Ineffective Assistance of Counsel journal.


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