17 June 2017

KingCast and Raspberri Say: "Beware of Kristina Robinson a/k/a Kristina Amlak, the Kitty Catfe and More Invidious Retail Rescue in Greater Seattle."

Note: As someone with experience in project management, zoning and law enforcement of course I have always taken these and related matters seriously. Disobedience to the Law kills animals and people (see the top video about the Gloucester MA fire and Robert Taylor's Law and those below about Livi the Wonderdog) and that is how our dog died under Kristina's auspices. Justice is often painful but we have to do what we have to do, regardless. I have worked with Senators and State Reps on several occasions. Senator Tarr and I worked on a bill in Massachusetts 8 years ago. 

It didn't pass but we tried and his family was and is grateful that I initiated something like this, so yes Raspberri Elisa (herself a dog handler and lead trainer in our house) and I truly value everyone here spreading the Word. Who among Kristina's friends has ever engaged in these pursuits? Few, if any..... And that is large part because they are too busy attacking my partner and me, for shame for shame. Follow along at Watchdogfordog FB.

Cat on a hot tin roof?
No, Cat on a hot Keurig!

A word about Devore Animal Shelter and Kristina Robinson, or Kristina Amlak as she now calls herself to help hide from search engines in my opinion.

Kristina [insert last name] runs the "Kitty Catfe" where it is apparently ok to have cats crawling on Keurigs near open food containers.  She is a dangerous instrumentality as discussed below: She lied to us about being fully licensed and insured before leaving our dog alone on her dogs turf for 45 minutes when she knew that her pit bulls are protective of the family cat, and when she knew Livi to be an excitable German Shorthair Pointer.... a recipe for disaster. She also admitted to her other clients that she has made this mistake before, resulting in bodily injury. That is all we need to know about her, but she also has a huge legal rap sheet, a horrible driving record, drives dangerously in her company vehicles and willingly violated a Cease and Desist Order to stop kenneling at her home.

See generally:


Now then back to her "Kitty Catfe" which is not a real rescue service: She imports cats from California from Devore because her local sources like Motley Zoo and Whisker City are not doing business with her after she killed Livi and euthanized her own pit bull (Bullet) who was not even involved in the fight according to the police report. Nova killed Livi.  As to Bullet, she won't tell anyone why and she reneged on willingly providing all of her veterinary records to our attorney Adam Karp, so now we have to sue her to figure out this mess.  She is neither open nor transparent but you can see right through her:  Bullet was the dog she least favored, so that she could lay claim to victim space too in my opinion. 

Anyway, In the first instance nobody needs more cats from California in the way of retail rescue. To wit, licensed local rescues have many deserving kittens and cats right here:

Everett Shelter 14

Camano Shelter 16
Seattle Humane 70
Seattle Shelter 32
Paws 10
Motley Zoo 14
Whisker Cut 24

Kristina Amlak's venture is a sole proprietorship and does not appear to be a licensed non profit or rescue in the sense that Motley Zoo or Whisker City, whom she still claims to be working with on her website... but I don't believe that to be true either. 

Further, I interviewed industry specialists about this practice and their comment was:
"Retail rescue is a bid deal. It helps spread diseases and there are plenty of real live rescues right here in Greater Seattle."
For example, NPR reports on a similar phenomenon with dogs:

Now, a network of shelters and rescue groups transports tens of thousands of dogs each year from other states and other countries.
Patti Strand, director of the National Animal Interest Alliance, an organization that represents the American Kennel Club and dog breeders, calls it "retail rescue."
"There is a lot of money in this new kind of rescue that has emerged," she says. "These groups move dogs from just about any place that they can get them."

And there's a deeper issue, Goldman adds. "There are Connecticut-origin animals in our brick-and-mortar shelters who wait for homes themselves," he says. "And there is something disconcerting about that."
Frankly, there is something disconcerting about Kristina Robinson a/k/a Amlak as well. We got our first clue when she never wrote us a formal apology offered to pay for cremation or sent a card or flowers after her dog killed Livi while she left the home with no human pack leader. We had subsequent clues when she obtained a bogus stalking TRO on me and tried to get me put in jail for violating it before we got to Court and the Judge sent her packing. Just the facts. Listen to the Court hearing, at bottom and note that the same Judge Goodwin who ruled in my favor was involved in Kristina being found liable for abusive social media one year earlier!

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A well-known California rescue outfit had this to offer:

We have strict policies about requiring applications, screening of applicants, contacting references cited on the application and home/facility checks. We're not about to place the cats we work so hard to save into the hands of anyone who may do them any kind of harm. Devore Shelter, however, isn't so diligent. While they do have an application for rescue partnership if you're a 501c3, they primarily just check for validity on the 501c3. As for people who visit the shelter to pull animals or adopt them, they only require a drivers license to do it. They don't do any kind of home check on adopters. They will run their names to see if they have any citations or convictions for animal cruelty or abuse but, beyond that, not much more. And even if someone does have a history, on Facebook, it seems anyone can manage to find a group or other person to pull animals for them at Devore or any other shelter - and people do without really knowing anything about the person they're handing the animal off to. Why people don't do their due diligence when they profess to care about animals to the point of going so far as to do that for a third party is really beyond me. For some, it seems all that matters is getting the animal out of the shelter and far away from the euth needle... but some place the animals in far scarier circumstances because they just don't bother to really scrutinize the people they're handing the animals off to.

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