11 May 2017

Ten Years Later, KingCast Reflects on the Spirit of Liko Kenney and the Reign of Terror of Franconia's Bruce McKay.

We all know that the investigation of this double homicide was a sham. The windshield bullet obviously fired by Greg Floyd is just one glaring example. Corporal Bruce McKay's violations of protocol are yet another. And Greg Floyd's lies are yet another.

Today I'll just leave you with Connie McKenzie's words from one of the ONLY balanced mainstream stories about this tragedy. ABC News, before Connie Chung and her pals rolled into town and subsequently stank it all up.

Mainstream media is largely a POS, that is why I am glad to have the opportunities that I have to educate and to provide ALL of the salient facts for people to study.

"Liko Kenney may have had some psychological issues, but he wasn't violent. People didn't trust Bruce McKay and they didn't like him. Heck I was afraid of him. You know when a police officer gets shot, it's a big deal. I understand that, but I want people to know that we loved that boy Liko. He was our native son. I don't want him to go down as just a cop killer. He was full of life and articulate and funny."


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