25 May 2017

KingCast, Raspberri and WatchdogforDog Save Another GSP from Death at Kristina Robinson Seattle Precious Paws Doggie Daycare.

Meet Arlo.  I met Arlo and his owners one block away from Kristina Robinson's home, which for years served as an illegal kennel with full knowledge of Mountlake Terrace City Attorney Greg Schrag and the rest of the Decision Makers.  I was headed to MLT City Hall to retrieve more documents that will come in handy during the upcoming litigation regarding the lies that she told us, the lies that she told the entire Free World and the resulting mauling death of our beloved Best Friend Livi the Wonderdog at the hands of Robinson's own pack of Pit Bulls on 29 December, 2016 a/k/a the Worst Day of our Lives.

Suffice it to say that once I told this young brother what really happened, Arlo will never be subjected to the types of recklessness and gross misconduct that killed Livi. If Livi were here today she would be playing with Arlo with all the joy in the World, the same way she played with her GSP buddy Booker.

And remember folks: #kristinarobinson and #precious paws lied about our status as paying clients, offered no formal written apology, no flowers, and failed to provide requested insurance information until after we retained Adam P. Karp -- the same lawyer she tried to retain but failed after he heard the true facts of this case. Then the City of Mountlake Terrace never fined her for having too many dogs at her residence and actually reduced a $13,000.00 fine assessment to a paltry $1,000.00 owing to her purported "good faith," even though they already knew she had lied to them about prior injuries and potentially lied to them about her background.  

Kristina Robinson is indeed a convicted criminal, and we have something very special in store for her this summer.

The Change.org Petition to Revoke License is but one tool in the arsenal.

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