30 May 2017

KingCast and Raspberri See Dangerous Dog Kennel Precious Paws Shuttered at Edmonds Firdale Village... and More to Come.

#Kittycatfe #kristinarobinson #preciouspaws Hi. My name is Kristina Robinson. Lots of animals died because of me but come roll the dice fool you might make out all right!
BTW did you know Ahadu is now driving a tow truck. That's fine and good but you can't just park that goddamn fucking thing just anyfucking place goddammit. You need a goddamn PERMIT or a variance dude. That's the law -- not that #kristinarobinson or #ahaduamlaktereda or #preciouspaws ever gave a shit about the law, right. 

 Request for MTMC Commercial Application(s) relative to 5808 218th Pl SW:

Good Day Folks, Please provide a full copy of any and all files indicating a hardship relative to parking a semi truck at the above-noticed address as anticipated by Statute:  
Commercial vehicles shall not be parked on public or private property in residential zones unless actively engaged in loading or unloading, except that a variance for the parking of a commercial vehicle may be granted based on hardship and other conditions pursuant to MTMC19.110.210.

 Never saw a courtroom she didn't like, 
usually as a Defendant or trying to put me in jail and failing in 2017.
#kristinarobinson #preciouspaws 
Precious Paws Edmonds storefront is toast. Add to this, forgery of address to sign up on community fora, more traffic violations involving safety, more unpaid citations..... moving your daycare to where is it now??? 

We work with private investigators honey. We know what you've said. Think of all the things you've said to anyone you've talked to in the last month as you sit and stew thinking about what's coming next. And believe me we know a lot more than we're letting on:

Livi was a no-bullshit dog, yet graceful and beautiful. She was our little fawn and was truly a gift from a supernatural place. You did not deserve to have her in your presence and sure enough you fucked it up. Livi would look you square in the face and tell you: "You're full of shit." 
But since she is not here because of you, Raspberri Elisa and I will say it for her: 

You are full of shit.  
Buh-Bye for now, see you soon.🎥

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