30 May 2017

KingCast and Raspberri See Dangerous Dog Kennel Precious Paws Shuttered at Edmonds Firdale Village... and More to Come.

#Kittycatfe #kristinarobinson #preciouspaws Hi. My name is Kristina Robinson. Lots of animals died because of me but come roll the dice fool you might make out all right!
BTW did you know Ahadu is now driving a tow truck. That's fine and good but you can't just park that goddamn fucking thing just anyfucking place goddammit. You need a goddamn PERMIT or a variance dude. That's the law -- not that #kristinarobinson or #ahaduamlaktereda or #preciouspaws ever gave a shit about the law, right. 

 Request for MTMC Commercial Application(s) relative to 5808 218th Pl SW:

Good Day Folks, Please provide a full copy of any and all files indicating a hardship relative to parking a semi truck at the above-noticed address as anticipated by Statute:  
Commercial vehicles shall not be parked on public or private property in residential zones unless actively engaged in loading or unloading, except that a variance for the parking of a commercial vehicle may be granted based on hardship and other conditions pursuant to MTMC19.110.210.

 Never saw a courtroom she didn't like, 
usually as a Defendant or trying to put me in jail and failing in 2017.
#kristinarobinson #preciouspaws 
Precious Paws Edmonds storefront is toast. Add to this, forgery of address to sign up on community fora, more traffic violations involving safety, more unpaid citations..... moving your daycare to where is it now??? 

We work with private investigators honey. We know what you've said. Think of all the things you've said to anyone you've talked to in the last month as you sit and stew thinking about what's coming next. And believe me we know a lot more than we're letting on:

Livi was a no-bullshit dog, yet graceful and beautiful. She was our little fawn and was truly a gift from a supernatural place. You did not deserve to have her in your presence and sure enough you fucked it up. Livi would look you square in the face and tell you: "You're full of shit." 
But since she is not here because of you, Raspberri Elisa and I will say it for her: 

You are full of shit.  
Buh-Bye for now, see you soon.🎥

25 May 2017

KingCast, Raspberri and WatchdogforDog Save Another GSP from Death at Kristina Robinson Seattle Precious Paws Doggie Daycare.

Meet Arlo.  I met Arlo and his owners one block away from Kristina Robinson's home, which for years served as an illegal kennel with full knowledge of Mountlake Terrace City Attorney Greg Schrag and the rest of the Decision Makers.  I was headed to MLT City Hall to retrieve more documents that will come in handy during the upcoming litigation regarding the lies that she told us, the lies that she told the entire Free World and the resulting mauling death of our beloved Best Friend Livi the Wonderdog at the hands of Robinson's own pack of Pit Bulls on 29 December, 2016 a/k/a the Worst Day of our Lives.

Suffice it to say that once I told this young brother what really happened, Arlo will never be subjected to the types of recklessness and gross misconduct that killed Livi. If Livi were here today she would be playing with Arlo with all the joy in the World, the same way she played with her GSP buddy Booker.

And remember folks: #kristinarobinson and #precious paws lied about our status as paying clients, offered no formal written apology, no flowers, and failed to provide requested insurance information until after we retained Adam P. Karp -- the same lawyer she tried to retain but failed after he heard the true facts of this case. Then the City of Mountlake Terrace never fined her for having too many dogs at her residence and actually reduced a $13,000.00 fine assessment to a paltry $1,000.00 owing to her purported "good faith," even though they already knew she had lied to them about prior injuries and potentially lied to them about her background.  

Kristina Robinson is indeed a convicted criminal, and we have something very special in store for her this summer.

The Change.org Petition to Revoke License is but one tool in the arsenal.

Follow along at Watchdogfordog Facebook.

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Inform NYTimes Reporters Corkery and Protess that Citibank Mexican Money Laundering is Old Hat.

Dear Reporters Corkery and Protess,

Thank you for your coverage of the current scandal.
I am forwarding this to Twitter, FB and to Attorney Sam Shaulson with glee as I crack the biggest smile this morning. You see, I was a reporter for a large midwestern daily prior to law school so I figured you would get a kick out of this: The Salinas Affair (as depicted in the thumbnail).  I discovered all of this after a local Citibank manager wrongfully dishonored a check that was held by another man of color after I had helped him sue the shit out of a jackass lawyer named Jeffrey Denner.  Anyway, Google KingCast + Sam Shaulson, Esq. for shits and grins. He is pictured, above, next to the dirty dead rat, which is precisely where he belongs. Well not physically dead, but yes morally dead, and a rat indeed. In fact, I still have an entire blog dedicated to Citibank malfeasance even though I've not posted in it for six (6) years I keep it around because everything old.... is new again. See the excerpt below as I prove my point.

In fact, while some may not engage in Mexican drug money laundering all of the major banks are largely corrupt, and I say this having worked for a few of them as a residential closing attorney. I see it now as a mortgage consultant. Welcome to the downfall of Western Civilization folks.


Almost every multinational banking scam involves Citibank. I've been listing Enron, Ohio, California, Mexico, Russia and some of the others here and at Citibankisracist blog, but now here is yet another case closer to home and ongoing even. I have notified the authors of this 2009 Wall Street Journal story, "Citi, SEC Are in Talks to Settle Asset Probe." I'll tell you whose assets are getting probed: Those of the American Public if you catch my drift.
"Citigroup Inc. is in the early stages of negotiating with the Securities and Exchange Commission to settle an investigation into whether it misled investors by not properly disclosing the amount of troubled mortgage assets it held as the market began to implode in 2007, people familiar with the matter say.

Among issues being debated inside the SEC is whether, as a recipient of government-rescue funds, Citigroup should pay a large penalty in the case. There is concern at the SEC about the notion of financial firms in effect using taxpayer money to pay penalties, people close to the situation say. Citigroup received $45 billion from the government's Troubled Asset Relief Program and plans to raise an additional $5.5 billion in capital from private investors."

23 May 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Pierce County Judge of the Year at odds with Defendant Stanley J. Rumbaugh on Free Press.

18 October 2017 Stanley Rumbaugh is at it again, just got sued.... read this update.

That's Lesley Fleming, a lawyer purportedly representing Zurich Insurance at one point in this fiasco. I am corroborating an allegation that she has been removed as Counsel after Plaintiff Bozgoz issued a Complaint about alleged misconduct in the underlying case.

Basically, the family Matriarch sustained a broken neck during a Pierce County para-transit ride, she died shortly thereafter and the family was forced into a lowball settlement. Her daughter is distressed and could not handle the load so she sought help. As U.S. Veterans they fought back and tried to avail themselves of the ADA protections so that Ms. Bozgoz could advocate on behalf of her cousin and Judge Rumbaugh continued to throw my black ass out of Court (just as he had done with white reporter Wally Brown so he is an equal opportunity schmuck) and continued to deny the accommodations necessary for the family to present the case.

We sued Rumbaugh for violating GR 16, the First Amendment and more, but of course the Pierce County Prosecutor's office lied and the Federal Court allowed him to get away with it.  But at least we educated thousands of people about him and his unsavory conduct that is inimical to the State and Federal Constitutions as well as State Statutory and Decisional Law in his own County. He is not Honorable. He's just Stanley. Meanwhile no response from California 9th Circuit on the Complaint filed against Judge Ricardo Martinez, fancy that.

Moreover, Judge Rumbaugh hates cameras in his Courtroom, in direct contravention of Pierce County Judge of the Year Frank Cuthbertson, A Black Man. Now we know why.

What a coincidence. 

A minority favors Open Courts, go figure. 

Shady Jurists Choose Silence. From the Complaint:

63. Forsberg & Umlauf obstructed justice by (1) contacting Margaret Bozgoz on or about 17 December 2016 and informed her that they were filing a motion to strike E Yockmans [with merit] Wrongful Death and Civil Rights case. 

64. Umlauf and Forsberg used their assumptions vs facts and submitted the motion to strike claim against Margaret Bozgoz’s Claim. Umlauf and Forsberg assumed that Margaret Bozgoz had to be an “Officer of the Court Lawyer” in “Good” standing [like themselves] in order to submit a claim. Margaret Bozgoz is not an Officer of the Court however, she is an Army Officer and as the evidence shows, she has attempted to find an Officer of the Court] who looks out for the best interest of Elda Yockman. 

65. Forsberg & Umlauf's, Roy Umlauf, Lesley Fleming then coordinated with Judge Stanley Rumbaugh, Court Clerk Merri Reagan, Court Reporter Carol Frederick to expedite a motion to strike hearing at the last minute during the Christmas holidays (23 December 2016). 

66. The Court lead by Judge Stanley Rumbaugh, the Defendant's Attorney, Roy Umlauf and Lesley Fleming, Court Reporter Carol Frederick and Court Clerk, Merri Reagan discriminated against the Plaintiffs by requiring the Plaintiff to attend the 23 December 2016 [last minute hearing] and excusing the Defendants, Youssef Essakhi, Jane Doe, Zurich, Life Transportations, and Zurich Insurance from attending (Exhibits 15 and 16, Judge Stanley Order Setting Court Schedule to All Parties).  

67. The Court lead by Judge Stanley Rumbaugh, Defendants, the Defendants Defense Attorney, Roy Umlauf and Lesley Fleming, Court Reporter Carol Frederick and Court Clerk, Merri Reagan discriminated and abused their authority by coordinating a last-minute hearing on 23 December 2016 at 0900-0915 am then altered court documents to make it appear that Margaret Bozgoz's "Court Call" did not get disconnected during the hearing (Exhibit 16, Order Granting Civil Rights and Wrongful Death Violation/with Prejudice). 

68. The Court lead by Judge Stanley Rumbaugh, Defendants, the Defendant's Attorney, Roy Umlauf and Lesley Fleming, Court Reporter Carol Frederick and Court Clerk, Merri Reagan discriminated against the plaintiff by pretending that the Defendants were actually in court testifying during the hearing (Exhibit 17, Carol Fredericks Altered Transcripts). 

69. The Court lead by Judge Stanley Rumbaugh, Defendants, the Defendants Defense Attorneys, Roy Umlauf and Lesley Fleming, Court Reporter Carol Frederick and Court Clerk, Merri Reagan discriminated against the Plaintiff by allowing the Defendant’s alleged Attorney Lesley Fleming to testify in open court when the Defendants failed to appear in court (Exhibit 17). 

70. The Court lead by Judge Stanley Rumbaugh, Defendants, the Defendants Defense Attorney, Roy Umlauf and Lesley Fleming, Court Reporter Carol Frederick and Court Clerk, Merri Reagan discriminated against the Plaintiff by coordinating a last minute 2nd hearing on 23 December 2016 at 0953-10:00 am then falsified court documents for the record (Exhibit 18, Memorandum of Journal Hearing and Exhibit 19, Minutes of Fabricated Hearing by Carol Frederick). These falsified court documents gives the appearance that Elda Yockman and Margaret Bozgoz were physically present. However, they were not present.


Update on the underlying case: Fascinating that the area Judge of the Year Frank E. Cuthbertson makes the right call when addressing a media request but Judge Rumbaugh and his attorneys sit around and tell lies while the Federal Court protects them.

A principled Jurist who evaluates media requests and responds accordingly……

In direct opposition to Stanley Rumbaugh,a hegemonic warlord who treats alternative press with a measure of contempt reserved for one’s mortal enemy.

Google KingCast, Wally Brown and Chris Nubbe v. Stanley J. Rumbaugh.  Defendant Rumbaugh ran off to a sympathetic federal court on an improvident removal but we are going to the 9th Circuit and beyond for violations of Washington State GR 16.

Ethics Charges have been filed against Rumbaugh.

Ethics Charges have been filed against Ricardo S. Martinez in Federal as well, see below.

Federal Judge Ricardo S. Martinez allowed Counsel for Defendant Stanley J. Rumbaugh to lie about material aspects of a Free Press First Amendment case after Defendant Rumbaugh repeatedly violated Washington GR 16 that presupposes news media are to be GRANTED ACCESS to Courts. 

The Defendants and this Judge completely lied in the Record to find that none of us presented as media to the Defendant before he refused camera access, then when I filed a Notice of Fraud and a Motion for Rule 11 Sanctions this Judge dismissed them out of hand so that the dirty State lawyers wouldn't even have to argue anything.

This case will move on toward the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and beyond, on the issue of whether granting or denying access to reporters is an Administrative or Judicial Function. 

This Judge of course never once mentioned the words "Administratvie Function" in his purported analysis of the case.

And yes it is a shame that taxpayers subsidize his income as well as that of the dirty state Judge and that of his lawyers as well.... Mark Lindquist's Office is notoriously dirty, just Google it.

18 May 2017

KingCast: At Play With Pepper Underfoot!

The word "adorable" comes to mind.....
And look at that earnest gaze and those perfect choppers!

14 May 2017

KingCast Presents: Livi on my Arm... a Short Pictorial Essay. Video to follow.

Thanks to Bryan at Rabid Hands Tattoo!
He also inked Livi for Elisa, also on her right forearm.

We told him the story of her murder, and he -- 
like everyone else -- was simply flabbergasted.

"She did WHAT?"

Big Ups to Raspberri for learning my camera for these shots.

12 May 2017

KingCast Presents: Sepultura Seattle 2017 with Derrick Green -- the Pride of Cleveland.

Black boys from Ohio just crush it!  Infinite Divide's Troy Berry on drums, below.
It is an honor to see my hometown peeps killing it.  Been knowing the Green boys since 1977 and it keeps getting better by the year!

Remember those other black boys from Ohio who kill it, Trent and T-Roy Berry. Here's the Band Formerly Known as Whyte Out with T-Roy on drums as seen in the second video, above.