05 April 2017

KingCast Presents: A Smoking Gun and an Open Letter to Mountlake Terrace Officer Kat Brecht, Precious Paws Kristina Robinson and City Attorney Greg Schrag Regarding Livi the Wonderdog's Death at an Illegal Kennel.

Just an American Family, in Love.
We had no idea of the bullshit 
we would soon be facing at the hands of our government.

The Smoking Gun:
They knew in 2015 she was still in violation
and still boarding dogs
So I finally got the police report from the night that I waited at the neighbor's house to be served with a bullshit Stalking/Harassment TRO from Kristina Robinson that was DISMISSED the moment we went to Court. Here's the YouTube audio from that hearing.

Anyway Officer Kat Brecht was getting really fresh with me in the field that night and fussed with me when I pointed out Kristina's criminal past. Turns out she ended up actually writing in the police report that I "rambled on" about her criminal past. I did not ramble. I said it in one or two sentences and I have that on tape somewhere. And "ramble" this: Her criminality (a crime of deceit) advises her ongoing conduct of running the ILLEGAL kennel, so it is relevant.

So then, Officer Brecht, I didn’t like your attitude that night and I like it less even now. Especially since you were a First Responder on 29 December 2016 when Livi was mauled and killed in that ILLEGAL kennel so you should have been showing me some measure of empathy instead of trying to minimize my legitimate concerns.

Next, you actually seem to take issue that I pointed out the City's feckless nature in shutting down the ILLEGAL kennel that KILLED OUR DOG. You write, "King continued to ramble on about how Robinson gets away with being a "flagrante (sic) abuser of the law."

Well first, off, that’s FLAGRANT.  However, we caught her in flagrante delicto and Attorney Schrag has two emails from Steve Osguthorpe asking what to do about it and whether to impose fines and I can't see any response from him to those valid emails. So get it straight. 

Further, guess what? Your City’s “sting operation” revealed that Karen Simm’s dog Duba was being boarded illegally yet the City didn’t do jack shit about it. Case No. 15-1952 so yeah, I’m pretty much correct. And City Attorney Greg Schrag failed to abate back then and failed to abate after Livi was mauled and killed there so I'm absolutely correct whether you like it or not.

One day you will recognize that it’s people like you, a criminal named Kristina Robinson and Attorney Schrag that caused Livi’s blood, piss and shit to cover the walls of Kristina Robinson’s goddamn ILLEGAL kennel that you refuse to shut down. We are just an American family trying to enjoy our lives and trusting public servants like you and Attorney Greg Schrag to enforce the law and to protect and to serve. When you fail to do so, you open yourselves up to public scorn, ridicule, and litigation. That's our baby you killed and failed to investigate properly and you will be held accountable.

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