08 April 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Pam Bondi and Kelly Ayotte as the Fraudulent AG's They Really are: Recall the FRM Ponzi Scam?

Now we know why Florida AG Pam Bondi didn't do much of anything for American homeowners! She is just like former NH AG Kelly Ayotte, who commissioned a phony mortgage fraud task force, then allowed the biggest consumer fraud swindle in NH history, the FRM mortgage Ponzi scam. You'll barely see anything on the Internet about it except on my journal pages right. Pam Bondi of course has a place in the Trump Really White House, right along with his other favorite femme fatale, Kelly Ayotte. They kissed and made up nicely
KingCast: Just calling a spade a spade.   
#Trump #KellyAyotte #PamBondi #PresidentTrum #KingCast #MortgageMovies. 

Kelly Ayotte called on the mat by NH Exec. Councilor David Wheeler. How on Earth does this video have but 540 hits right. 

 Fun info. from James Kelly: An update on FRM. Please note, to the best of my knowledge, it was the PRESS not the DOJ who made the FRM case. See my email to WMUR.....

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