29 April 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Snicker at 525 Beach Street Corruption as Water Table Damages Illegally-Built Residential Units.

It was so epic.... They did EPA testing but failed to disclose the results of the testing!

A really good journal entry.
Hahahaaa Attorney Brown how is your client's illegal building holding up with that water table problem and such?

You see folks, the city of Revere, MA kowtowed to developer demands by Revere Neighborhood Developers and erected a new residential building at 525 Beach Street starting in 2010 or so.

The problem is, they all knew they built it on contaminated land (see the 1924 gas tanks in the original permit I drafted out of City Hall) and my buddy Clifford Pisano busted on them because he had lived right next door for pretty much all of his life.

They lied on the zoning application:

They ran it through without giving taxpayers the right to know or to comment.

And now the building appears to have been built too close to the water table, tsk-tsk-tsk.

When I brought it to their attention they tried to throw me out of City Hall.
They called the police on me, watch the videos at YouTube search “525 Beach Street Revere.”

They moved the tainted tanks out in the middle of the night, I have pictures.

And our complaints to the EPA went ignored as well, so fuck them, too.


It’s not much better in Mountlake Terrace, WA seven years later where they allowed Kristina Robinson a/k/a Precious Paws to run an illegal, unzoned dog kennel for years, ultimately resulting in the death of our beloved dog, Livi — a 4 y/o German Shorthaired Pointer.  Read the timeline here.  Sign the Petition to Revoke her license here.

At least I can sue her and potentially the city and raise consciousness. In Revere, the only thing being raised is the water table, get it?  Hahahahaaaa….. GOTCHAS!

Keep in mind I was a zoning project manager for years…. and was so in New England in 2009-2010 so you can’t bullshit me.  You reap what you sow, and when you build your arguments or your buildings on a corrupted foundation.... well.... sooner or later it's going to fail. And when it does I'll be standing right there and I will bear no compunction to grin right in your face and tell you "I told you so."

The video history is here 

25 April 2017

KingCast Says Precious Paws and Kitty Catfe Owner Kristina Robinson is a Dog Killer who Still Violates Health Code with Impunity.

Cats on the Kuerig, no problem. 
Maybe a nice male cat will mark his territory for a little extra flavoring.   
Heh, Damage Control she says.....  

Beg, beg beg. 
Stop getting your nails done and killing dogs
show some humility and you'll be just fine.

I'm sure city council and health code and Chamber of Commerce will look the other way when I present these items to them this week now that we're back in town. Just like using a legal license to bring our dog to an illegal house kennel and kill her is just fine as well. That would be par for the course. 

And feel free to include the negro-negro and "ugly lazy motherfucker" "crybaby" "plays victim rather well" talk about me too (see very bottom thumbnails) A really great business model:

Lie to someone about your licensure, kill their dog, then trash talk them and try to put them in jail, nice. Hell we NEEDED a vacation just to stay sane dealing with this abuse. You run a story about this woman and I will be at your doorstep. You're goddamn right I'm fucking pissed off and I have every goddamn right to be.

See watchdogfordog FB.
As a final note to Fox Affiliates contemplating a story about Ms. Robinson and her financial woes:

Right after she set up dogs to fail at her ILLEGAL house kennel in Mountlake Terrace, she murdered her own dog Bullet. No one has been able to get a straight answer out of her as to why she put down Bullet, who to all accounts was NOT involved in the deadly fight. Well, Livi wasn't too involved either gauging by the wounds I saw but I digress: Everyone knows that Bullet was their least favorite dog, and he reportedly exhibited some signs of aggression AFTER he saw Nova (one of their favorites) maul and kill Livi. He was also the youngest, so why not just REHOME the little fella? See thumbnail at bottom. 

She claims I want to kill all of her dogs but really she's doing a damn fine job of that herself. Now she cries out for help at the Kitty Catfe but have you noticed she's always got money to get her hair and nails done (see the top picture of her smirking at MLT City Council) and even though she's hawking Food Stamps (see top video). More importantly she is again in blatant violation of health codes, not that MLT or Edmonds police or code enforcement seem to care, because she is PROTECTED. 

These municipalities give her carte blanche, no real enforcement. We know more than we are letting on, just wait for the litigation and enjoy the pictures: I'll eat my own pet hair with my food -- heck I kiss my own dogs on the mouth -- but I won't eat random pet hair with my food, no thank you, nor should anyone else. Cats drinking from the human water fountain and cats playing in human food while Kristina finds it all so amusing. 

Also, in another part of the police report she pontificates about the plethora of reasons why her dogs might have killed Livi, including the fact that they are protective of the family cat.  But of course she lacked the judgment or foresight to put our dogs in a separate room, especially knowing that Livi LOVES TO PLAY WITH ANYTHING. And remember, she admitted making the same mistake on prior occasion, i.e. leaving dogs unattended with injury and her fried Pattie Angeliz also did it, I have the pictures to prove it. 

She was too busy trying to make her next dollar and being stupid and incompetent to adequately care for our babies, and no she doesn't deserve any feel good stories. She deserves the lawsuit she is going to get, a feature story about how and why she killed Livi the Wonderdog, and code enforcement to SHUT HER DOWN before she kills again, period.


We're sorry Bullet... we're sorry Livi.... you were both MURDERED because Kristina Robinson is a reckless dog killer. See the top 13 dangers right here, and sign the Petition to Revoke her Edmonds license that she illegally used to bring dogs to her Mountlake Terrace home, here.

17 April 2017

KingCast and Sisyphus Explain What it's Like to Try to Obtain Justice in Mountlake Terrace or Edmonds WA for a Murdered Dog.

Change.Org Petition -- Revoke Precious Paws' Seattle License.

#KristinaRobinson #PreciousPaws #Livi #Livithewonderdog #watchdogfordog

Let us review a timeline of danger and malfeasance: (Top 12 fuck-ups by Kristina Robinson)

10-11 October 2013 – Kristina Robinson’s father reported missing. Found at 4:30 a.m. ten blocks from home. Claimed he did not return home because he had a cigarette and Kristina told him he could not return home if he did not quit smoking.

8 August 2014 – Citation for Kristina and her father losing a dog…. and not even knowing about it. The dog was coincidentally a German Wirehaired Pointer. "The training and experience of [her employees] is not known," writes Elena McKee.

[NOTE:  Unbeknownst to Plaintiffs, this man was “caring” for their dogs at the unlicensed home residence for several days in 2016, including the day Livi died].

22 September 2014 – Paula Schwartz and Elena McKee concur to keep an eye on Kristina to make certain that the illegal operation was indeed properly and fully abated.

27 February 2015 – McKee writes to AC Officer Paul Coleman in Lynnwood noting that Kristina Robinson “is on my radar” and that she “has drama wherever she goes and doesn’t hesitate to lie when it serves her purposes.  If you are interviewing her or relying on any statement from her, take it with a grain of salt.”

Throughout 2015 – Neighbors complain of ongoing illegal operations. One neighbor obtains a TRO against Kristina and her husband for abusive social media campaigns and stalking via cameras.

30 July 2015 – Mountlake Terrace Police report that Karen Simms is the registered owner of a vehicle in which a blonde dog was taken away from 5808 218th Place after said dog had been in the direct supervision of Defendant Robinson.  The City apparently took no further action regarding this clear cut violation of outstanding Administrative ORDERS to Cease and Desist.

Throughout 2016:  On 3-4 occasions Kristina Robinson falsely claims that her entire operation is duly licensed, insured and/or bonded to Plaintiffs, who then place their trust in her and leave both of their dogs with her sporadically for a total of approximately seven (7) calendar days over the course of a year.[1]

21 December 2016 – Livi is dropped for care at the Edmonds facility

25 December 2016 – Face time with Defendant Robinson and Livi and Fang.

29 December 2016 –  Plaintiffs ask to see their dogs at 6:18pm EST but heard nothing back for two hours later when Livi was dead because Kristina had left Livi at home, unattended with her pack.


30 December 2016 – Plaintiffs arrive back in Seattle on an emergency flight. On arrival they are told by Mountlake Terrace Planning personnel that there was supposed to be at least one sting operation regarding Kristina Robinson using her legal license in Edmonds to illegally bring dogs to Mountlake Terrace.  Plaintiff King heard this statement reiterated in February, 2017 and has it recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

4 January 2017 – Kristina Robinson lies to City Council and falsely proclaims that she has “run this business for four (4) years with not so much as one bite.” Within weeks Plaintiffs uncover a bloody fight admitted to by former employee Bonnie Sands and uncover a $580 vet bill paid for by Kristina for another female dog, Liko. City Council, under advisement from Attorney Schrag, again takes no action to investigate the lies or to abate.

January 2017 -- Plaintiffs provide City Council and Attorney Schrag Actual Notice of two East Coast cases in which a single negligent mauling and killing resulted in immediate abatement, investigation and criminal charges.  Bradenton, FL Feb. 2016 + Hanover, MA.

January 2017 – City becomes aware that Kristina Robinson has described her father as “destroyed by drugs” and “mentally ill.” 

January 2017 – City becomes aware that Kristina Robinson lied by never informing Plaintiffs that her father was an actual care provider, or that he provided care whilst watching Kristina’s children or a family cat.

January 2017 – City becomes aware that Kristina Robinson has admitted that she has left dogs alone on prior occasion with prior injury. Plaintiffs submitted a Robinson message to her other clients in which she acknowledges she has “made a choice she made before but this time it resulted not in injury but in death.”

January, 2017 – City becomes aware that Kristina Robinson has lied to zoning by stating that “dogs were supervised 24/7 and NEVER left unattended.” (emphasis in original zoning letter).

January-February 2017 -- Attorney Schrag lies in written correspondence claiming that Robinson did not issue these lies any official capacity toward the city, when in point of fact Plaintiff’s obtained this lie directly from the Defendant Municipality’s Planning/Zoning office.

January, 2017 – Elena McKee writes to Edmonds Animal Control Officer Tabatha Shoemake advising her not to get involved because “this is going to be messy and ugly for our city and I don’t want you guys caught up in it!

January, 2017 – Elena McKee creates a legal fiction by which Plaintiff’s dogs were in a “family environment” in which it was somehow permissible to leave an excitable German Shorthaired Pointer alone, unsupervised, in the presence of a long-standing pack including several home turf Pit Bulls, a German Shepherd and a family cat.

February, 2017 -- A statement from local dog behaviorist Emily Kilmer (of Great Dog) was provided to Defendants after Livi’s death. It stated in no uncertain terms that it was completely reckless behavior to leave these dogs alone together, yet McKee and the City continued on it their position that there was no need for abatement.  They once again took no action.

February 2017 – City becomes aware of allegations that Kristina Robinson has materially lied to Mountlake Terrace City Hall about her qualifications, i.e. claims that she has worked for Academy of Canine Behavior, Central Bark and Mountlake Terrace Veterinary Clinic.  City again takes no action of any kind.

January-February 2017 – Defendant Robinson embarks on a failed campaign to have Plaintiff King arrested, first by obtaining a Bad Faith Temporary Restraining Order with Mountlake Terrace Police, and next by approaching Edmonds Police to attempt to have Plaintiff found in violation thereof by his lawful First Amendment commentary on his own social media pages or his own journal pages.

March 2017 – Councilor Richards tells Plaintiff King that City Council is an inappropriate place to air his concerns. King follows at the next meeting by informing Council that their job is to address inefficacy in government to ensure cogent governance as noted on their own website. King vows to return and to take any and all action necessary to uncover this injustice.
March 2017 – Plaintiff King attends Edmonds’ Chamber of Commerce to explain that Kristina Robinson is a dangerous instrumentality who is misusing her valid Edmonds business license to bring dogs to an illegal kennel in Mountlake Terrace, where his dog was mauled and killed by Robinson’s own dogs.  They state that they will talk with her but apparently they find the conduct fully permissible as they still allow her listing on the Chamber pages.

March 2017 – Plaintiffs attend Edmonds City Council meeting and are informed that the Mayor will only move to revoke the Precious Paws license if the Police or Code Enforcement make a finding. 

March-April 2017 – In anticipation of approaching Edmonds Police and Code Enforcement, Plaintiffs initiate Change.Org Petition to revoke Kristina Robinson/Precious Paws’ Edmonds license for willful and wanton misuse of said license. It generates 500 largely local signatures within two days and 740 overall, in comparison to approximately 250 signatures received by Precious Paws in their failed Mountlake Terrace Zoning Application

February 2017 -- To add insult to injury, Economic Development Director Steve Osguthorpe issues a draft assessment for the aforementioned Civil Penalties, only to apparently receive a veto on same. Such conduct is inimical to best practices in this situation and is completely contrary to the ordinary and prudent course of action, particularly given the history of this legal scofflaw.

Trust me: Whatever other cases I am working on... pale in comparison to bringing this asshole and the City of Mountlake Terrace to Justice and exposing all of their bullshit in a legal milieu. It is a long and painful process but there is nothing more valuable in this life than properly honoring Livi and Kristina and both Municipalities have all completely failed in that area. However, I am one tough, driven dude and I will be there years from now if that is what it takes. There's no hurry to accept a fucking piece of shit settlement offer from Kristina's homeowner's policy right. So they can take that offer and shove it up their ass, especially given Kristina's conduct trying to put me in jail, right, fuck her and the horse she rode in on. 

[1] Both of Defendant Robinson’s commercial insurance carriers DENIED any coverage whatsoever. So much for being duly licensed and insured.

Lastly, Kristina Robinson was apparently never fined for having more than four (4) dogs being kept in a single household. She has four (4) herself, plus Duba, Fang and Livi on the night that her dogs mauled and killed Livi. But in an extreme deviation from a clear legal standard, Elena McKee and the entire City of Mountlake Terrace completely overlooked this violation out of unlawful bias and animus. 

6.30.040 Household animals. A. 
Household animals of at least six months of age, not to exceed four in number of any combination, may be kept in a single household; provided, that no more than 10 dogs or cats of less than six months of age may be kept in a single household. Household animals of at least six months of age, not to exceed two in number of any combination, may be kept on the premises of a single nonresidential unit; provided, that no more than six animals of less than three months of age shall be kept on the premises of a single nonresidential unit. No restrictions on the number of household pets being temporarily boarded in a licensed commercial business that provides temporary boarding or care of animals apply to this subsection. 

 This is particularly disturbing because a resident with too many cats received a citation and/or fine for that in 2013, and no animal was mauled and killed in that matter: http://mltnews.com/letter-editor-second-chances-owner-many-cats/

And I'll say this directly to Kristina: Fuck you and your bullshit ad hominem website about me. I am not a criminal and you will not find a single goddamn unsatisfied client in my entire career. You've got PLENTY of them.  You didn't just kill any dog. You killed Livi the Wonderdog -- the best dog I've ever known in 52 fucking years, bitch.  We had that FB page for 2 years before we even knew you. And when I say you're a bitch, I mean that you and your asshole friends put up comments stating that I "play the victim quite well."  Excuse me but Elisa and I ARE the victims of your recklessness. You are NOT anyone's victim you are the perp. And you failed to issue insurance information when requested. You failed to send flowers. You failed to even issue a goddamn written apology, bitch. And you lied in order to get our business. And you tried to put me in fucking JAIL.  So fuck you, royally. 

Your time is coming. You already took Livi's time and our time with her. 

The first thing Livi did when I met her.
She was Daddy's Girl and she loved me soooo much.
My Spirit Friend and fitness partner.
I have literally slept with my head on her chest.
People live a lifetime to try to find a dog like her.
And fucking Kristina, who has left dogs alone on prior occasion 
WITH INJURY...... fucking takes it all away 
and has the nerve to come after me. Goddamn fucking bitch.

People say "you shouldn't say that on FB or in public....
you're stooping to her level."
Fuck that. I'm Livi's Papa and I will say exactly how I feel.

To Karen Simms, who has a possible Ethiopian connection with Ahadu Amlaktereda:

You know Karen Kristina Robinson, prior to leaving Livi alone with an established pack of regulars, already knew that serious injury happened to Patti Angeliz' dogs by leaving them alone. Nonetheless Kristina left dogs alone herself prior to killing Livi and admitted doing so. She lied to us about being licensed and bonded at her home location. She lied to us about taking Livi to the licensed facility for play and exercise and socialization every day. She refused to provide us any insurance information at all until a week after Adam Karp requested it. BTW she tried to retain Adam and declined her in our favor. She failed to offer anything for cremation. She failed to issue any sort of written apology or even a note. And she tried to put me in jail when she knew damn well I am not violent, and she lied to the police and said I was "revving my engine" when I drove down her street looking for her neighbor's house. I don't know if your Ethiopian history brings you some sort of connection with Ahadu or what, and I am glad you still have Duba to love but for the life of me I cannot possibly understand how you could in any way subsidize this woman. Such is your choice, but be duly informed of the TRUTH. And if it weren't the TRUTH she could easily get a lawyer to sue me for Defamation, but guess what? She can't. I'll leave you with this journal entry unless or until our Learned Counsel calls you for a Deposition. http://christopher-king.blogspot.com/2017/04/kingcast-and-sisyphus-explain-what-its.html

KingCast Presents: Various Scenes from my Birthday Week 2017.

10 April 2017

KingCast Presents: Wedding Party!

Yes I will shoot your wedding. The better you party, the better the pictures and video, simple. Contact me at kingcast955@icloud.com for details and rates.

KingCast Motorsports Presents: Backfire Moto Spring Opener 2017!