18 March 2017

KingCast Presents: An An open letter to Kristina Robinson, Ahadu Amlakterda and Precious Paws LLC Regarding Deceitful Dangerous Business Practices and the Mauling Death of Livi the Wonderdog.

An open letter to Kristina Robinson, Ahadu Amlakterda and Precious Paws LLC #PreciousPaws #KristinaRobinson   

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First of all Kristina let’s get one thing straight: 

 You have not offered Elisa or me one goddamn thing. Not. One. You know I have electronic proof that we were paying clients and I have other clients of yours discussing barter arrangements with you that you raised yourself. So we paid cash AND barter, that’s the end of that nonsense. 

 Next, after your same-night ramblings on 29 December 2016 in which you publicly admitted you may lose your license, you have never apologized to us. You never sent a card. You never bought flowers. You never offered to pay for cremation. You never offered to pay for another dog. All facts. And we now have a baker’s dozen complaints against you for endangering innocent dogs. Now, after 2.5 months of you providing incorrect insurance policies to our Attorney Adam Karp, and both of your commercial carriers REJECTING your claim, your homeowners policy finally offers up $5,000.00. 

This after you initiated and attempted to maintain false harassment and stalking charges against me that were dismissed by the SAME JUDGE who issued an harassment TRO against YOU one year ago. The person I allegedly actually threatened didn’t even file a complaint and failed to appear with you in Court to support you. While that was pending you went to Edmonds police and tried to get me found in violation and they summarily shut you down and you knew all along my comments were protected by the First Amendment. 

Whether suing you at this point is worth it…… is debatable. There is no gag order involved in accepting this low-dollar settlement so we can continue to educate the mass public and City Councils about your misconduct and use some of that money to fund our writing contest in Livi’s honor. We can still sue Mountlake Terrace or Edmonds. Attorney Karp routinely obtains triple or quadruple or more for like cases but in this case we see you attempting to sell your van (at a grossly inflated value I might add) and various professional equipment. We are uncertain of any equity you may have in your home. So at this point we are reserving judgment on whether or not to sue you. What I will not reserve judgment on is proceeding with measure alacrity in completely halting your operations when it comes to endangering innocent dogs. 

And yes the fact that you put your child in the front seat of your car in a front-facing position is directly relevant: It demonstrates lack of attention to safety or the law Kristina. I went to State Debate finals back in the 80’s arguing child restrain efficacy so don’t even go there with me. Lack of attention to safety has resulted in multiple injuries and the DEATH of our most beloved companion, and not only has your referral source written a public letter about it, another area professional from Great Dog flat out stated that you are the fault of Livi’s death and everyone knows it. And unlike you, I don’t have any client complaints in my background and any other complaints about me that you are so fond of posting about on your silly little blog have all been DISMISSED. I am not a criminal, but you most definitely are and although your FORGERY conviction was somehow reduced to a traffic charge, you still failed to complete your community service and you still had three (3) bail revocations during that time period, disgusting. 

Lastly, in stating before Mountlake Terrace City Council that you felt bad for Livi but not for us, you demonstrate extreme narcissistic messianic tendencies that involve a complete lack of compassion. You had the nerve to look at Elisa and to mouth the words “sad” to her, with that petty little insouciant (look it up in case that word is not in your little lexicon) smirk you always wear. That sealed your fate with me right there. 

Also, I told you in Council chambers that you are a indeed a dog killer: You have placed many dogs in positions where they could die, and you killed Livi. You then killed Bullet, a dog I have on information and believe to be your least favorite. There was no official determination that Bullet was either an aggressor or that he had anything to do with Livi’s mauling and killing. By all accounts -- including Kristina’s -- Nova and Livi were the only dogs involved. So then AFTER Bullet witnessed this mauling and killing he gets into a fight with one of her other dogs. Query, which dog? The Report does not indicate. Was it Nova? 

Be that as it may, there is no identifiable explanation as to why Bullet was put down instead of re-homed or rehabbed. Your actions in killing Livi and in your continued failure to demonstrate any sort of contrition (look that one up too). Now I have seen at least one very kind letter from one of your neighbors who cautioned you on your approach to life. You ignored her, and now you wind up facing me, not an enviable position my friend. You have caused substantial emotional upheaval in our home, with physical manifestation relative thereto. And you don't care because as the Edmonds/MLT Animal Control emails indicate "You will do anything to get what you want," and your word is "to be taken with a grain of salt." 

You are complete scum and I will light you and your sorry-assed ILLEGAL operation up like a Christmas Tree. I will light you and your sorry-assed ILLEGAL operation up like a Christmas Tree. Put that in your blog and smoke it. 

With all the respect that is due, 

Christopher King, J.D. 
A/K/A Livi’s Dad

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