24 January 2017

KingCast, Mortgage Movies Watchdog for Dog and Raspberri to Press of Livi's Law: Unattended Dogs at Daycare or Kennels Will be a Felony in Washington State.

This evil, mean-spirited woman killed our dog through reckless conduct now tries to take the victim space with a bogus Stalking TRO that was summarily SLAMMED.
We're not having any of it.

Kristina Robinson/Precious Paw failed to appear.
Dogs were left crated with no food or water for 26 hours.

The lifetime SAAB 900Turbo I had to sell.
I cried almost every time I drove it after Livi died.
No more dog. No more SAAB. 
Thanks to Kristina Robinson, a one-woman wrecking ball.

Livi the Lover Dog.
Livi the Road Dog.
Livi the Best Dog.

You want some real fun ask Kristina Robinson to verify her employment history as states in her zoning app. Academy of Canine Behavior, Mountlake Terrace Veterinary Clinic, and Central Bark. Stay tuned on that. Elisa provided hers with respect to her dog care even though it wasn't a full time job....Kristina Robinson is not a Good Person and we will shut her down, legally. Look at the 26 hour mistake she made in this 2014 Yelp review and there's more on top of that folks.

And those who protected her will be thoroughly exposed and subject to litigation and the public ridicule they so well deserve. They conspired to take Livi out for no lawful reason and now Livi will Posthumously take them out. It is a Life Mission to honor Our Baby. The shame and blame is All Theirs and they can all burn in Hell.

Their time is coming at 7pm PST 21 February 2017 at Mountlake Terrace City Hall.

Now we see what's been going on behind the scenes.....

UPDATE -- OMFG OMFG... Johanson DOES NOT represent this thug. 
I'm going to pull her criminal file momentarily from Snohomish Everett.
I feel up to riding one of my bikes again... it has been a while. 
Time to fire up the Triumph hopefully the battery is charged.
Stay tuned.

Watchdog for Dog FB page. Website in Development.

Open note to all attorneys involved in the mauling and death of Livi at an UNLICENSED, ILLEGAL facility #PreciousPaws owned by #KristinaRobinson: 

Livi's Law is coming: If it is unclear that leaving an animal with another animal with a violent past in a kennel or boarding or daycare situation is a felony, then a new law must be drafted to ensure vigorous prosecution. We are not 100% positive of a violent past with Kristina Robinson's dogs yet however the law is a Good Law regardless. Stay tuned for the investigation and all that follows. Further, it shall be a felony to leave dogs unattended without a visual sight line. Kristina openly admits doing that and others have reported it as well but she never learned or cared enough to do it the Right Way and that is why Livi is dead. It is that simple.#JimJohanson #AdamKarp #GregoryShrag
The most beautiful dog we've ever known.

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