30 December 2017

KingCast State of the Union Address, December 2017: Livi, Rob, Battle of the Sexes and Darrell Jones......

Smiles were tough to come by yesterday on the Anniversary of Livi and Rob's death. Alex's Rob passed on from natural causes and of course we know that Livi did not. So Michele and I do anticipate more smiles tonight at Seamonster's Prince tribute and there were a few last night at Crest Theatre's Battle of the Sexes. 

It was a great movie. I remember it as a young child, 8 years old not long before I started playing tennis. It was a really Big Deal folks for those of you have no clue. It was a pivotal time in the World and in America as I was learning about Watergate, Vietnam, Civil Rights, Women's Rights, yes indeed the Whole 9.

The tennis as depicted, and the hues chosen were period correct, although on one occasion the gleaming skyscrapers seen outside the hotel room couldn't possibly have existed in '73 but whatevs. Also there were color quotes thrown in from 1973 including George Forman (he picked Billie Jean to win) and Ricardo Montalban, who did not. And yah, Elisabeth Shue, Emma Stone and a gaggle of other gorgeous women in cool roles was also a plus.
At lunch with Darrell Jones' family almost a year ago.
After that hearing, we knew it was a matter of time.
I have it on video. No one else does. Wait for it.

And oh, there continue to be smiles for the return of Darrell Jones, a victim of wrongful prosecution and racism thirty (30) years ago. That's so long ago that it's about when I last had an effective tennis game LOL.

Now what's funny about all of this is that I know a guy who wrote a Bobby Riggs bio, "Last Sure Thing." Tom LeCompte is a tennis instructor and author who took time to demolish me 6-3 6-2 (it wasn't even that close) before he went up to Franconia to work on a case I was investigating but Ira Glass and This American Life deemed it too risqué so they shut it down. This will happen. 

Anyway as to the epic 1973 match thrown or not (bookie allegations, I tend to doubt it), who knows. It put women on the map. It put tennis on the map, and it got America and the World, talking.  I need to put a camera up on Tom and me again next time I'm in Boston -- I lost our footage from 2008 -- and you can see the tennis hierarchy in effect. He's good. Real good.

I have below posted a ton of related videos. The sad thing is, you can't find any decent footage of the actual event. The last real challenge was Martina v. Jimmy and he won that despite giving up a first serve and part of the double alley. To her credit she didn't use it that often though. JC d. MN 7-5, 6-2. He was 40 and she was 35.

28 December 2017

KingCast Says on Ford F650 and 750 Recall Notice: "The Next Time You See a New Ford F650 on the Highway, You Better Duck!"

Next Big Case. You know about Darrell Jones coming out of prison after 30 years of wrongful imprisonment from racism and a tainted prosecution. I run his blog. More on this is coming in 2018 along with another project I don't publicly discuss. 

But back to today: I am working on a whistleblower case for the man who tried to expose a related dangerous instrumentality to this one. The difference is, I am told that the front axles are manufactured by a reputable company and when they discovered the dangerous defect they immediately went to Ford and things got addressed and corrected. Such was not the case with the rear axles and tires. I am told that those could be a ticking time bomb.

More I will not say at this time. First I am going to get him Counsel. Then I am going to be doing some reporting. The law firm defending is run by an old law school friend of mine. I don't care. I will pull no punches. 

It was only 77 trucks in this case but guess what? How many trucks could be involved in the silent case? It only takes one bullet. Who wants to get run over by a 10,000 pound truck? I'll pass on that. And there are more issues and more trucks out there that Ford is not fully aware of. They will soon be aware of them. Believe me. 

Ford Motor Company is recalling its Heavy Trucks – the F-650 and F-750 – over an issue with the steer axles that could result in a loss of steering control. 

The defect: the castellated nut on the steer axles may not be properly torqued, allowing the tie rod to loosen. The hazards: if the tie rod loosens, it may disconnect from the steering knuckle, causing a loss of steering control at lower speed and increasing the risk of a crash. 

Affected vehicles: 2015 Ford F-650 equipped with certain Spicer D-Series and E-Series steer axles 2016 Ford F-750 equipped with certain Spicer D-Series and E-Series steer axles Number of vehicles affected: 77 (United States figure). 

The fix: Ford will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the torque of the castellated nut and tie rod, tightening it as necessary, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin November 20th, 2017.

All I will say in this space is that the other problems are similar in nature.

They tried to say he threatened people after he unionized. I know a bit about employee threats as valid or invalid. See Watling v. Kroger, Ohio 10th Dist. Ct. App No. 94APE-05 718 (1994), a case I won against a threatening employee when I was an AAG.

25 December 2017

Bah, Humbug! KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Grinch Quality Loan Servicing Facing Wrongful Foreclosure Litigation in Seattle.

18 Jan 2018 -- These rapacious bastards are simply over the top and must be stopped. 

Over the next several days I will be producing another video about this entire experience, reflecting on my experiences with the DoC Mediation. I haven't heard back yet regarding my request for interview. If you've got something to say, then say it publicly. I haven't heard anything but the sound of crickets since I offered the Department of Commerce wonk Nathan Peppin a public interview on his position that the Mediator did no wrong. Bullshit. He tried to take me off course when I raised the issue of this Statute being Remedial in nature and the bottom line is that the duty to note the circumstances involved when an NPV test is not conducted is not discretionary: She has to note it to the file:
Transparency. We tried to tell it to Seattle City Council after the taxpayers paid for my colleague Marie McDonnell to do her review of King County & MERS (see the video, below the Mediator review) but they shut it down

Transparency. The government in this case must admit that they blew it. Mr. Levitz did ALL of these things as required on the SLS sale form. I have seen proof of it. These people are full of shit and trying steal a man’s house. And the DoC is complicit because the Mediator should have mentioned this in the comments section relative to the NPV. 

My film students and the lawyer I refer this case to are not going to have it. Mr. Levitz and his son are staying in that house, period. Like I said, ya'll can shape up and Do the Right Thing or I will make you wish that you had. Not a threat. A promise. 

Rocky recall my private correspondence with you. There is Bad Faith screaming from the Mountaintop right here.  And FWIW I tried to play nice with this mediator but I'm done with that shit. Take a look at her lone review, citing "negligence and disdain." Par for the course, folks. Negligence and homeowner abuse is de rigueur around here.

17 January 2018 -- Going forward Attorney Anderson will not be copied on this matter as he has made his position clear in a 16 January 2018 letter I have shared with the Department of Commerce: There was an Agreement for Mr. Levitz to sell a parcel of his land. Attorney Anderson and Mr. Levitz and I have amicably resolved our differences relative to any disputes that were referenced in any of my written or video production. We all recognize the none of us are the enemy. We definitely know who the enemies are, however.

9 January 2018 Update -- Egads this thread is overgrown. Visit the new page with quick analysis of all the MERS Fraud on the Assignments of Interest and Notice of Trustee Sale.


8 January 2018 Update II Never use Ark Law Group, PLLC if you really need something done. Check my email to them just now (as well as the email about Bad Faith Mediation in the comments). They dumped Michael Levitz because they didn't want to ruffle any feathers with QLSC. I told them in my email:

One last thing: My Deportment and your failure to obtain the Mediation Certification and NPV information 1 minute ago at 3:56 PM.....

So I had to step out to shoot an assignment on Seattle's burgeoning dumpster fire problem but on returning home I just had to sit here and get my head around this: 

You are ostensibly concerned about my conduct and deportment toward QLSC when 

1. I have done absolutely nothing wrong, unethical or threatening towards them. 

2. QLSC governing Attorney Joe McIntosh/McCarthy Hotlhus was almost sued as part of the gang whom I successfully sued for DEFAMATION last year for reneging on an arranged Deposition and threatening to call security on me. That whole stunt reeked of hegemonic racism and they paid for it too in King v. WFZ et al 2016-CV-397 as noted below, but apparently that's ok with you. 

3. The purported Trust cited by Rocky in his email to me, as forwarded to you.... is not even registered with the SEC. 

4. Did you know that I used to represent homeowners in Mediation pursuant to Statute here in Washington? I have spoken with the Department of Commerce and have obtained the Mediation Certification that you failed to obtain for Mr. Levitz. I'll make certain that qualified Counsel reviews this document to determine, inter alia, exactly why there was no NPV analysis conducted and no explanation relative thereto. 

Because somebody's gotta do their job around here and it clearly wasn't you. 
Wow. Just checking my facts. 

KingCast: Have heart. Have Courage. 

8 January 2018 Update I-Quality Loan Servicing and/or McCarthy Holthus are in deep shit... or are they?  Now as of 12p PST Ark Law says it was communication from Rocky indicating that I would shoot them as the basis for them dumping Mr. Levitz as a client. But that is ridiculous. Of course I'll shoot them at Court, that's what I do. Rocky and I have never had a bad word between us. They are pulling that stunt because they have a cozy relationship with QLSC and don't want to ruffle feathers. I consider it a breach of Fiduciary Duty. For years not Mr. Levitz and to a lesser extent me -- have tried to cordially get to the bottom of this to NO AVAIL.

Fact: Two years ago I was supposed to continue my video deposition coverage of Lucero v. Cenlar, in which QLSC et al got hit for $214K in Federal Court for abusing a homeowner. See other deposition video at my Affordable Video Depo Page, click on the videos tab to see QLSC President Jeff Stenman being deposed in front of my cameras at a Deposition being conducted by Ha Dao.

Fact: The defending counsel in that case at a subsequent Deposition reneged on the agreement we had between them and Lucero's attorney Ha Dao. The agreement was that I was to shoot video pursuant to a standard protective order. I still have a copy of said Order. I follow the law dammit. I made several videos with Attorney Dao over the years.

Fact: They instead told me to leave, and as I was leaving and one could clearly hear me packing up and closing my tripod, two of the defending attorneys (I believe there were a total of three present) started to bully me and I implored them, particularly one of them, to "watch your tone, counselor, I'm packing up." (I ended up suing that one, more on this shortly).

Fact:  McCarthy Holthus attorney Joe McIntosh (seen here with QLSC Counsel Rocky MacDonald -- we pretty much hate each other) then threatened to call security on me after he was wrong about whether or not I was a licensee or invitee to the Premises. I told him "Do it.... and I'll video THAT. You don't scare me, Counselor."

Fact: I obtained Ark Law Group to help Mr. Levitz get his alleged arrears in order so that he can dispose of the properly fairly and in an equitable manner.

Fact: Dasha Song is working the case. Attorney Song received a communication from QLSC and/or McCarthy Holthus telling her she is not to have any further communications with me, and stating that I had threatened to shoot people. I would not be surprised if such communication emanated from Attorney McIntosh.

Fact: Mr. Levitz is entitled to that communication. It is part of his file. When he receives it -- and he had damn well better receive it this morning -- I will review it and I will then take any and all action that I deem appropriate.

PS:  To my knowledge at this point I am not after Rocky MacDonald. I can pull dozens of emails between Rocky and me showing that he and I have never had a problem with each other. But as to Jeff Stenman, Joe McIntosh or anyone else circulating communication that in any ways implies that I am a violent or dangerous person, you are about to face the music and be fully held accountable for this hegemonic and racist tripe.

In 1965 -- my birth year -- The United States Government commenced a war in the worst circumstance heretofore known to man. And to this day these Veterans continue to pay the price in so many ways. Stories in war and in return so heinous you can't believe it. You wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy.

Say hello to Lieutenant Michael D. Levitz. He served his Country in valor. His father Saylor gave his life to the service of this Country and is buried at Arlington. And now a bunch of crooked banksters without any chain of title are trying to steal his home while he raises his young son. The Trusts they claim as Beneficiary don't even exist.  Anyway, a brilliant young man he is, by the way. 

Our doggies both have Australian genes and play together very well. At any rate, I am not about to allow this to happen. If these fools dare to commence a foreclosure sale tomorrow on 5 January 2018 I am going to make sure they regret it for the rest of their natural lives, and beyond. 

The Attorney General has been put on Actual Notice of this Fraud as well. That Office has a dedicated link in respect to these men and women of the Vietnam War.

".....and he kind of half-turned.... and fell."  Michael Levitz was indeed, 19.

30 Dec. 2017- The Final Straw:
Michael Levitz had tried to pay off his mortgage many years ago but no one could find the lender….. On another case it was determined that the Libor Series 5B didn’t even exist. Mr. Levitz’s alleged Libor and CCB Series 1 probably didn’t, either. The alleged Assignee Chevy Chase Funding, LLC Mortgage-Backed Certificates, Series 2005-1 was never registered with the SEC. I have a letter from the SEC stating as much. 
He also filed for rescission and that was ignored too! 

QLS is watching over this. Their lawyer and I have always had mutual respect for each other but I am telling him right now if this proceeds he and his advisees will regret it. I will have an army of cameras and concerned citizens at the next scheduled foreclosure. 

I ran a title company BTW. I think they are full of shit here.


Re: Pending Litigation with Michael Levitz Failure on Negotiation of SLS Account No. 1009602497; Dual Tracking, Force-Placed Insurance, Chain of Title Questions 

Property Address: 3718 East Alder Street, Seattle WA 98122 Loan Number(s): 1009602497

Dear Rocky,

We have always had a mutual respect for one another over the years. Witness my November 2015 journal entry referencing you as "a lawyer with a conscience" and I hope that continues as I publicly declare that your client and others associated with your client (read: Any and all purported Beneficiaries) have been, and continue to be, a complete Scrooge and a Grinch to Michael Levitz. I’ve sent you and your client, Quality Loan Service Corp, official notice of violations against Mr. Levitz going back many years to when he was trying to complete a sale and pay off this purported loan…. And nobody could find the purported owner of the Note.

He has been ready to pay off this loan since before 2009 when Chevy Chase closed down its offices and no servicer showed up until months after. And as his requests go unanswered, new parties show up claiming arrears that his rescission should have legally stopped cold instead of continuing to put the screws to him with negative amortization. Jesinoski v. Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., 135 S. Ct. 790 (2015), Johnson v. Nationstar 2016 WL 6075574 (2016).

No one could find his loan for a good reason: Read the Addendum below and look at this merger letter from the Comptroller of Currency:

Now then, in my opinion as a former manager of a title company, I believe there has been, and continues to be, unlawful dual-tracking and forced-place insurance and general Bad Faith. I see the Beneficiary according to the NoTS in 2010 was of course CCB Libor Series 2005-1 Trust c/o Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems as nominee for Capital One, N.A. How exactly did the Note then get to: Chevy chase funding LLC, Mortgage-Backed Certificates, Series 2005-1 in the 2017 NoTS as Beneficiary? Can you provide me a chain of title for that? Because as to the current alleged Beneficiary, that series isn't even registered with the SEC as noted by SEC Information specialist Larry Mills in his 6 July 2017 attestation. See attached. That’s questionable.
  So in spite of the fact that Mr. Levitz claims that he filed a timely Rescission and in spite of the fact that you can’t show a clear Chain of Title, Mr. Levitz was ignored, and now Specialized Loan Servicing is coming after him for the full amount of everything time immemorial.

KingCast Says Merry Christmas Folks!

At the bottom, there is a Dodge Dart.
It's red (sort of), so Christmassy. It's also from my birth year, '65.
The best Dart was like, only made one year, 1962.

Skating Inspiration :)
The house next door, round two.

New threads for Michele... Just in time, right.

21 December 2017

KingCast Milestone: The Last Day we Saw Livi the Wonderdog Alive Before Kitty Catfe & Precious Paws Dog Killer Kristina Amlak Left Her Alone with her Pack of Pit Bulls.

"Sue me, hate me. I deserve it all."

See this Party Admission below, underneath the lawsuit, with all of the txt messages from the day we lost Livi.

See also just some of the proof that she tried to get me jailed for exercising my First Amendment Rights. 

She tried to play the dangerous black man theory whilst being married  to a black guy. Despicable.


Folks get it. Livi's Law is coming. 

WHEREAS Livi the Wonderdog "Livi" was a 4 year-old German Shorthair Pointer residing in Greater Seattle, WA, and; 

WHEREAS Livi brought substantial joy into the lives of her owners Elisa Bronstein and Christopher King, and; 

WHEREAS Livi was mauled and killed in an unattended and ultimately illegal Kennel and; 

WHEREAS said kennel had directly represented to Mountlake Terrace City Hall that it never left dogs unattended, and; 

WHEREAS Best Business Practices dictate the dogs shall never be left unattended if not crated, and; 

WHEREAS Evidence tended to show that kennel had left dogs alone on prior occasion with injury, and; 

WHEREAS there is a compelling governmental interest in protecting the lives of innocent, living breathing animals, and; 

WHEREAS this initiative is supported by tens of thousands of dog owners and concerned citizens of Washington State, and; 

WHEREAS this initiative is in the best interests of the public and is narrowly-tailored to address those interests, 

It is HEREBY noted that any failure to keep dogs segregated in the absence of a human pack leader without specific written consent from an owner shall constitute a False and Deceptive Business Practice. 

It is HEREBY noted that any failure to keep dogs segregated in the absence of a human pack leader shall constitute a gross misdemeanor. 

It is HEREBY noted that any failure to keep dogs segregated in the absence of a human pack leader resulting in any physical injury shall constitute a Class C Felony. 

It is HEREBY noted that any failure to keep dogs segregated in the absence of a human pack leader resulting in death shall constitute a Class B Felony. 

A physical injury shall be defined as a physical manifestation of a dog fight with a threshold requirement of any stitches, loss of limb or broken limb. 

Death shall be defined as what happened to Livi the Wonderdog because of an idiot kennel owner. OK that last line probably won't make it.
The last picture of all of us together, 21 December 2017.
There are more pictures from Precious Paws 
when I dropped Livi off, but I am not sharing those now.

What I am sharing is the FB page Justice for Livi opened by Livi's attorney Adam P. Karp.

 And in response to Kristina claiming we were not paying clients I present one 
barter piece of Chevy art she returned after her dog Nova murdered Livi, 
as well as several proof items of payment.
Her husband has a POS Chevy; I have a POS SAAB.
I sold the SAAB I loved because I cried in it every time I drove it.
Not to mention the two failed attempts to try to get restraining orders 
on me for discussing this.
Returned after Livi was killed.
At MLT City Council Kristina noted 
"We didn't charge them for December."
Thanks Kristina, that's mighty white of you.

New YouTube video of the story, narrated, coming late night 26 Dec. 2017.

Well folks, exactly one year has passed since I dropped Livi the Wonderdog off at Precious Paws Seattle. I would never see her again. Livi's mom saw her once more as she followed me to the East Coast one day later. 

After being subjected to a year or relentless bullshit from Kristina, including hateful messages to my at least one witness for us, and not one but two failed attempts to silence me with Restraining Orders, Attorney Adam Karp is finalizing the liability lawsuit this week. Once that is done I will turn my attention to the local PTA and setting up the writing scholarship for the value of pets in a local middle school.

Kristina was told that her dog Nova was dangerous.

Kristina lied to Mountlake Terrace about her departure from Fetch! because she was FIRED FOR NEGLIGENCE.

And there's more. 

This is Livi's story. This is my story about honoring our dog amidst built-in headwinds of favoritism, gamesmanship and racism.  Livi's mom has a different story. She has spoken in other correspondence, but I am the lawyer so I am the one doing most of the heavy lifting in this regard. And I -- soon by and through Adam -- will tell this story exactly how I see fit, documenting everything that is germane. If you don't like it, or tire of it, I don't give a shit. Unfriend me or go read something else.

We all must do what we all must do. And right now I must punish Kristina, Educate the public and protect Pepper and other innocent animals from the asshole who killed Livi and who has placed countless other animals at substantial risk. Read more.


"Sue me, hate me, I deserve it all."

So then we do it, and she makes herself into the victim. SMH right. That's called a Party Admission. Look it up.

Read all the text messages from that night and see here about Ahadu and Kristina's abusive conduct. See how she went to Edmonds PD to try to have me imprisoned for violating a provisional TRO?  

But a nice police report about Ahadu's driving (i.e. in a menacing manner toward his neighbor) is the real headline here, see below. And I'm not even including the Domestic Violence calls to the Amlak residence. There were at least two in the files.

Just remembering something: On 29 December 2016 Elisa and I were in Harrisburg PA celebrating our dogs with Tonya and Edwin. They are also dog owners and lovers. Unbeknownst to us, Livi was already dead.

The thing is, I had put a call (text) in to Ahadu because I knew he had been doing more of the ops at the Brick and Mortar, which is where Livi and Fang were supposed to be during the day. He didn't respond because he couldn't tell me because he had no clue: Our dogs were at the illegal kennel during the day with Kristina's "mentally ill" father who was "destroyed by drugs."

They all then reportedly left the house and Livi was mauled and killed. After watching the video however there are unanswered questions: Ahadu comes home at 7:30pm, 45 minutes after Kristina left for good at 6:45pm. The video ends at 7:32PST with Ahadu walking into the home. Is he walking in to find Livi dead at 7:32PST because if so then why did it take Kristina until 8:12 PST to write us?

That's 45 fucking minutes. And Livi's body was wet. The AC Control officer made the lab change the report because the report implied that someone rinsed her for some reason.


As to Ahadu, seen mean-mugging me at MLT City Hall (children are edited out of the picture, ahem) he seems to have some problems keeping that Monte Carlo on the correct side of the road according to MLT police.

And they are going to make me into someone threatening or violent. Not gonna happen guys. Unlike the other people who have stood down to their shit over the years I am going to stand up to it and feed it to them. Read all the texts from that night. These are the apologies Kristina offered. No formal written apology, no card, no flowers, no offer to pay for cremation either. So yah, I kinda open my New Year with a big fuck you to both of them.