09 November 2016

In the Post Presidential Election Malaise, KingCast, Mortgage Movies and Stevie Wonder Maintain that the World -- and Love -- is Still in Need of Love Today.

In a society rife with xenophobia, racism and bigotry it pays to remember more hatred does nothing more than add fuel to the fire. If the government can keep all of us little people bickering amongst ourselves then big business and its government pals can just continue on steamrolling us into complete servitude, don't you get it, guys?

The Status Quo Body Politic in America certainly has its problems and you best believe I am no huge fan of the Clinton or Bush dynasties, but Donald Trump is definitely not the answer either.

"Brexit times 5!"  he bellows.

God Damn.

Stevie hum a few bars, willya? 

And a very Honorable Mention to Whitney.

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