14 October 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Sneer as Wells Fargo Implodes Amidst Yet More Scandal as John Stumpf Takes a Powder.


14 October 2016 Update: John Stumpf resigned, is fired, or whatever.... he's out. See this BBC story. It pretty much doesn't matter who replaces him, what matters most is that he and some of the corporate low-life thugs who presided over the fraudulent accounts and fraudulent Chain of Title processes be imprisoned.  I wrote their attorneys today:

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It's always tough to lose a CEO.

I was friends with Pat Bricker we played tennis together and I remember when his dad got the axe but it was nowhere near as nefarious 


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We all know that in NY Attorney Linda Tirelli, the Federal District Court and BK Judge Michael Drain are busy schooling Wells Fargo for manufactured documents. From the 5 October Adversary Complaint in Franklin v. Wells Fargo:
Further, the Bankruptcy Court determined that Wells Fargo’s corporate witness, Mary Ellen Brust (“Ms. Brust”), lacked credibility and offered no information as to how or if Freddie Mac ever possessed the Debtor’s Note. Nor did Brust have personal knowledge regarding the condition of the indorsement on the note as her testimony was that she never saw the original note. 
Further, right here in Seattle, Washington we see the same exact sort of shenanigans in the case I have been working on or following for the past two (2) years as a housing advocate until I had to pass it off to local licensed Counsel Scott Stafne. Inadmissible Affidavits from people who had no Firsthand Knowledge of anything per FRE Rule 602. They never learn. They just keep on bullying, it is their modus operandi, part of their creepy corporate DNA.

Read this journal entry for more. Much more. I'm sure David Dayen and I will discuss it all on Saturday at his book signing. You remember Writer Dayen, right?  From Seattle's Marie McDonnell fiasco where they hired her as a paid consultant yet refused to allow her to present her work on the MERS/King County Audit even as Multnomah County actually sued MERS..... 

Note: The book signing for "Chain of Title" (NY Times) has been postponed owing to inclement weather.

05 October 2016

KingCast Presents: The 1970 Porsche 911E.

To those who know, the 911E is the one to have. The S was peaky and the T was slow. The E is the one to have. Ask Car and Driver.  Actually they didn't like the E so much in that test. Read the '72 test.

KingCast: Breakfast of Champions.

Many people wonder, how do you eat when you're on the road and running each morning?

03 October 2016

KingCast Laments the Passing of Jose Fernandez and Others.

As a Cleveland native I find it sadly ironic the Jose Fernandez was but one year old when we lost three pitchers to a similar fate.... in Florida IIRC. Ugh. So sad. OMG history repeats... Marlins' Jose Fernandez and two others.... ugh. Links at bottom.

02 October 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say "Happy Birthday Mom!"

Thank you Mom, for teaching me the value in believing in yourself, treating others with respect and standing up for Truth.

No more fast drives with the top down but we did make a fast lap at the center yesterday and I made all the go-fast noises and stuff :)