16 September 2016

KingCast Laughs at DA Dan Conley as Dan Talbot Murder Conviction Overturned.

Oh, I'm sorry Jake Wark, was there something funny about how your boss Dan Conley ignored me?  Who's laughing now, bitch? And I don't hate to say "I told you so!"

And no, your man will never make Mayor, sorry. Well not really.

Dan Conley ha-ha asshole you will have to talk to the High Court won't ya!

Evan Franklin "We were highly intoxicated."
The cute bartender.
The bullshit bullet. Did Billy Soto tell the biggest lie of all?

Fuck you Dan. They way you and Jake Wark spoke to me and tried to ignore my questions as seen in the top video spoke volumes. You demanded to see my credentials when the Court had ALREADY credentialed me.  I then became the first citizen to be registered with the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) and I was definitely the first -- and only -- citizen journalist to run courtroom video of an entire murder trial.

I told you so right here.

Anyway you knew my background as daily news reporter, law enforcement attorney and jury trial-winning Civil Rights attorney when you did that so yeah even though I have praised you on prior occasion I am telling you and Jake Wark right now that you can go fuck yourselves.

The Court's rationale doesn't go far enough in my opinion because I am 99% sure that the magic bullet was bullshit, and I am also of the belief that these cops were not just drinking... they were blowing rails and that's why I had asked Dan Conley for the drug screens. I knew damn well he would hide behind the public records exception for privacy but hey it was worth a try.

And as to self defense I hate this whole thing because it all puts Dan Talbot in the worst light possible. I think he was a patsy and one of the only good cops out there that day errr night. More on this later.  Meanwhile here is the Universal Hub feature. Let's see if they print my comment.

Here, the aforementioned facts, if believed, establish that when Iacoviello entered the scene near Soto's truck, he found himself facing Talbot, who was in a firing stance and aiming a gun in Iacoviello's direction. Whether Talbot actually fired first or not, however, these circumstantial facts, and the reasonable inferences drawn therefrom, are sufficient to raise at least a reasonable doubt that Iacoviello had a reasonable ground to believe, and actually did believe, that he was in imminent danger of death or serious bodily harm.
There is also at least a reasonable doubt as to whether Iacoviello availed himself of all proper means to avoid physical combat before resorting to the use of deadly force. Here, there was evidence that Iacoviello entered the dark pathway, where he would have been partially surrounded by [another officer]'s truck and two nearby fences, and, if believed, faced Talbot, who was in a firing stance and who possibly fired off one or more rounds. This was sufficient evidence to put the question before the jury, who would have been in the best position to determine whether, under the circumstances, Iacoviello had an opportunity to avoid combat before firing a weapon.
The court continued:
The events behind Revere High School on September 29, 2007, unfolded rapidly, in the dark, late at night, among individuals who were all intoxicated. The jury rejected the theory of deliberately premeditated murder. Had they chosen to believe the evidence supporting self-defense, the jury also could have acquitted Iacoviello altogether on the murder charge. ... The error was thus prejudicial.

The court upheld Iacoviello's conviction on illegal gun possession. It also dismissed a charge of accessory after the fact against the brother of the guy who brought the gun down to the high school.

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