09 August 2016

KingCast and an Entire Shoreline Community Celebrate the Life of Ahmie Bin Njie at Ahmie Palooza 2016!

Ahmie Palooza is a beautiful event for a beautiful young lady who left us way too early. Shoreline is no stranger to these types of medical tragedies (Keep Calm and Sophie On, 2015) but the way that the Community comes together to support the legacy and to seek advanced medical research is very special indeed.

I am proud to live here.

Stay tuned for video and a full set of stills by Wednesday morning or Thursday evening. Meanwhile we have still shots of Ahmie, the inimitable Nan Skinner and one cute child with Mom!

Our family lost a sister I never met. I have the only known picture of her in my room, Michelle left us as a pre-toddler in 1958, about 7 years before I was born. We think it was a combination of TB and/or meningitis but of course back then things weren't quite so clear. 

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Ahmie Bin Njie website.
Ahmie Palooza FB page.

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