09 July 2016

KingCast Says to Seattle Racist Who Called me a Nigger and Assaulted me: Your Time is Coming Mr. Subaru ASA9792... Query, is it Reese H. Fordice, a Convicted Felon.

DISCLAIMER: No official identification has been made as of 2 August 2016. Stay tuned.

8 August 2016 -- And so I just wrote YouTube to ask why in the hell they would remove this video and exactly what Terms of Service I allegedly violated:

What a guy, right.
And it's not even his car!

And yes he is a Jailbird with a five (5) year Stay Away Order relative to the woman to whom he is now engaged.... I feel for her, living in a physically abusive relationship must be hell.

See Case No. 08-1-02336-9 SEA. 
Google KingCast + Shoreline Racist to see a video of Reese H. Fordice in a road rage…. calling me and an innocent black man “niggers,” driving towards me and trying to slap my camera out of my hand. I was not surprised to discover he did hard time for charges related to kidnapping, unlawful possession of a firearm and domestic violence after he duct-taped his lady over her entire head and told her he “might have to take her to the woods.” 2008 Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle 2001.

Facebook actually deleted one of my posts on this!
I am complaining right now, talk about bullshit censorship 
they blocked me for 24 hours what bullshit.
"Violated community guidelines...."

So reporting racism violates guidelines huh we will see about that.
I hope it was just a computer glitch....

Well the title says it all, right. The guy called the two black men before him "niggers" and drove his car, a 2004ish Subaru Legacy Wagon, ASA9792 right at me.  I'll be posting the video later today and filing a police report but in the meantime I am reaching out to my Shoreline brothers and sisters to inquire if anyone knows this guy. Everyone else at the gas station who say the dangerous driving by the guy in the red was ashamed to be associated with him by dint of their skin color.

The guy drove right at me with his fist out of the window during the part when you see the phone cam go crazy, yes he did.  I'm going to try to find the other folks who were there that day too but it was really disturbing. I had just stopped in that station to make a small engine adjustment when all hell broke loose.

Shoreline PD owes me one anyway; I video validated their restraint and professionalism with the knife-wielding hopped-up guy last month! 

So first you get the police report then you get the lawsuit and that will be the last time you call me a nigger you lowlife scumbag. 

Video by Saturday night, 9 July 2016.

PS: Got the license plate on the minivan driver too, it showed up for a split second!

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