27 June 2016

The Moulinyan Moment: KingCast Questions Black Celebs on New York Life Racism, EEOC Complaint and Potential 42 U.S.C. §1981 Lawsuit.

22 July Update:  Some NH State Officials appeared to interview Mr. Bossé pursuant to an "anonymous" complaint about his NY Life website, which was NY Life's responsibility ab initio, LOL.  But get this, meanwhile the investigator recommended filing complaints with the Securities Division of NH and with the SEC after he heard about the racism in the office. 

I assume he and his lawyers will duly serve these entities with copies of their Memoranda and I will now resume my due diligence as well --- I had been sidetracked for a couple of weeks but I never forget. Never. 

How do you like my kitchen eggplant, fellas?

Pretty nice isn't it.

Let me know if you know where I might find a nice black lawn jockey... I'll bet some of your managers have an idea about that.

Christopher King, J.D.

30 June 2016 Update: I now have a short internal investigation that reveals that Chris Ventunelli used racial slurs "with a co-worker" regarding black people as well, this is in addition to the whistleblower.  They claim that Ms. Ventunelli is being "disciplined" but what about the "co-worker," the Report (seen below) is completely silent on that.  For his part Mr. Robbins claims he never used derogatory racial epithets but the whistleblower says otherwise.  

Mr. Bossé and his Counsel will provide the name of said whistleblower whenever the Commission opens a real and thorough investigation. The World will wait to see.

The movie is ready, enjoy. in production for release today, 29 June 2016.

Ketler Bossé Termination Letter.
Ketler Bossé Charge of Discrimination RSA 354A/42 U.S.C. 2000e (Title VII).
New York Life Answer to Charge of Discrimination.
Ketler Bossé Reply to New York Life Answer to Charge of Discrimination.

I see someone watching.....

Rob Johnson (BET) 
Stevie Wonder 
Whitney Houston 
Nat King Cole 
Confirmed by my source 

LeBron James 
Clay Thompson 
Damian Lillard 
Harry Belafonte 

Note: Stay tuned for my NYC office visit video from last week at NYLife Headquarters. 

Note: Mr. Bossé was the only black-owned financial service company in New Hampshire.  And Mr. Bossé has past and former Agents of New York Life who may be speaking with me shortly.

"At least one witness will testify that this word, or some version of this word was used by Mr. Robbins in the workplace. The "UrbanDictionary" defines the word as follows: "moulinyan Italian-American slang for nigger. Derived from the Italian dialect word for 'eggplant.' See also moolie."

I have on information and belief that many black celebrities including my idol Stevie Wonder and many sports celebrities including my hometown brother LeBron James conduct substantial business with New York Life. I wonder what they will think about this current situation. Once I have established the veracity of these allegations I may approach my cousin about the matter as he in an International sports broadcaster who is concerned about social justice and fair play.  And yes Mike the Cavs are Number One this year LOL thanks for taking pops to the show!

Those of us of a Certain Age may recall the Moulinyan Moment Tony Soprano faced when his daughter Meadow had a black boyfriend. Well that was a few years ago but today the Commission for Human Rights in the lily-white State of New Hampshire is currently grappling with the case of Ketler Bosse v. New York Life Insurance Company ("NYL").

Mr. Bosse is a dark-skinned Haitian whose skin color could be colloquially described as "black" and his race identified as "African-American." He claims that he was a model employee and agent at New York Life from the time he commenced employment with them in 2001 until his termination at the hands of white manager James Robbins in January, 2016.

His Complaint charge claims, inter alia, that he was such a strong performer that he was tapped to run a District Office -- an opportunity offered to 125 out of 10,000 agents, or one-tenth (1/10) of one per cent. In his role he spent $40,000/00 of his own money in building a team composed of other diverse candidates, including four blacks, an Hispanic agent and three white agents. A whistleblower came forward:
"If that lady had never come forward I never would have known what was going on," says Bossé
Along the way he claims that he was subjected to racial slurs from James Robbins, and that he and his team were subjected to intentional underwriting hangups. He claims that he reported the discrimination to Managing Partner Stephen Irish in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and also to NY Life's local compliance officer Nicholas Inglese in May and June of 2015.

For its part New York Life wrote me by and through Senior Public Relations Veep William Werfelman at the end of last week after I prodded them for a response, noting that I had seen them looking through my website during the week after he and I spoke on Monday. They flatly deny the use of racial slurs and claims that Mr. Bosse has no proof that he legitimately filed complaints regarding his alleged disparate treatment and term of conditions of employment or contracting:

We firmly and categorically deny that Mr. Bossé was discriminated against in any manner. As the matter you are inquiring about is the subject of a charge pending with the state human rights agency, we will not comment further.   
The bulk of their arguments however, appears to be that Mr. Bosse was not an employee and that the Statute RSA 354A does not apply to them.  Mr. Bosse claims otherwise.  It is the KingCast opinion -- as a former law clerk for a Civil Rights Commission -- that the Statute is Remedial and must be construed liberally. I have yet to review all of the cited case law on RSA 354A or Title VII presented by the Parties but I'll be doing that shortly as I go into video production. Meanwhile Mr. Werfelman has declined to this point to issue a response to my inquiry as to whether Oprah Winfrey, Steph Curry, Damian Lillard or LeBron James are NYLife clients.

This situation is covered not only by the State and Federal Title VII/42 U.S.C. §2000e framework but by 42 U.S.C. §1981:  The former requires that Mr. Bosse file a Complaint with the Commission for Human Rights, which will either take up the charge and prosecute or deny the charge and issue a Right-to-Sue letter. The latter provides for instant Court filing in State or Federal Court on the basis that Mr. Bosse was not afforded the same rights of Contract as his white counterparts.

And of course they kept all of his residual clients.  They are also going to be sued for a pattern and practice on that point. Look for Dustin Augier v. NYLife, Richard M. Gelb representing. 

A copy of the filed documents will be uploaded to SCRIBD by tomorrow, 28 June 2016.

As to his complaint I don't know, I wasn't there. I can tell you however that Greater Boston was, is, and always will be somewhat racist. I know because American Tower Corporation racially discriminated against me and treated me unfairly, calling me a "Dangerous Black Man" after I had requested office accoutrements for my trainees. Mind you this was just weeks after I was "Employee of the Month" for my productivity.  They also were nabbed for backdating stock options (Fortune archives) and the law firm involved telephoned me for intel on that matter as well, ugh. I swear to gosh, what a completely vile corporate citizen right. But that's not all.....

They then fired a white woman who befriended me as well as an black male who spoke on my behalf as well. That man is the one who notified me of this situation, squarely fifteen (15) years later as an example of how corporate America still operates in Greater Boston, which to me is an oxymoron. That's why I live on the West Coast these days, sigh.

You can see in the thumbnail the Department of Labor finding for $290,000.00 after I helped my trainees file their Complaint relative to other workplace issues.  Further, here is the American Tower movie "Christopher King, American Lawyer" that I need to place on YouTube. Yes, it was made before broadband and YouTube, folks.

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