14 June 2016

KingCast Sees Two-Bit Scumbag City of Revere Stalling on Clifford Pisano Wrongful Termination Federal Settlement.

10 July 2016 Follow up:

You see, To further explain I perceive that the City of Revere may have been attempting to in some way manifest a certain amount of silence or opaqueness in closing this out. 

The problem is, the measly $15K paid surely fails to cover that so unless you buy silence you don't get silence. 

Goddamn I have explain the simplest of things to them every time.... it's becoming rather tiresome.


9 July 2016 Update:  They are still jacking this guy off so I wrote them thusly:

Let me explain something to all of you: 

The goddamn check will be issued to Clifford Pisano. 

 In the event it is not issued to Clifford Pisano then Clifford Pisano expressly authorizes me to speak on his behalf to note that he DEMANDS that his attorney make a color copy of said goddamn check so that Clifford Pisano has a copy of said goddamn check. 

I believe we have absolute clarity on this issue now, and with the understanding that the goddamn check will be issued on Monday, 11 July 2016. It's a goddamn shame that I have to follow behind you guys on this case as I watched the City get away with bloody murder on a $15K settlement and then take weeks to issue a goddamn check. 

 Now I'm through with you goddammit pay the man. 

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A couple of weeks ago a Federal Judge overruled the City of Revere in its Motion for Summary Judgment on the wrongful termination lawsuit filed by Clifford Pisano. Now I have been with Mr. Pisano from the git, 5-6 years ago when he initially filed this action because they terminated his employment because he was acting in concert with others in starting a union.

Well I have settled dozens of employment and police abuse cases over the years, with settlements much larger than the measly $15K that they are coughing up to Clifford and I've never had to wait more than two (2) weeks for payout from any private or municipal entity.

They got away with bloody murder in the Court when the Court denied Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress claims when the employer trumped up false criminal charges against him, and they got away with bloody murder when his lawyer settled up for the $15K.

Well now I hear that it's going to be a couple more weeks and there's nothing in writing, and this and that, so I wrote his attorney the other day because guess what: I don't give a fuck what any of them think about me and I know I'm right. But what else can you expect from an establishment that had a criminal for a Mayor, right. And no unlike Revere's bogus charges about Mr. Pisano, I am factually and legally CORRECT.  
Re: Tell those assholes to quit dicking around Ed.
Yesterday at 7:46 AM

What kind of fucking dog'n'pony show is this?
Git er done man, the sooner you do that the sooner I am out of your life.
Now THAT should incentive enough.

On Jun 13, 2016, at 06:24 AM, Christopher King <kingcast955@icloud.com> wrote:
Clifford doesn't want me to stir the pot because he has to live with these assholes -- and that is exactly what they are -- assholes.... but ask me if I give a fuck.

The bottom line is that they got away with bloody murder on a discount, now they act as if pulling a check is some sort of Holy Grail.

I have settled too many cases with municipal entities to remember, and I have NEVER, I repeat NEVER given them more than two weeks to pay, even on my highest settlement approaching $100K.  

Done is done.


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