22 June 2016

KingCast Sees Jeffrey Denner Finally Haled into a Board of Bar Overseers (BBO) Hearing as Bad Check and Money Issues Predominate.

We've all known for many years that prominent Boston Attorney Jeffrey Denner is a complete jerk.  Back in the day we had Denner found liable for Ineffective Assistance of Counsel in the Derrick Gillenwater case; see the thumbnails below, at bottom.

And then as if that weren't enough, he had the nerve to convince a Court to violate Mr. Gillenwater's First Amendment Rights and other Discovery rights in his malpractice lawsuit.  This is when I came into the case as Boston Bob (Harvard Law Berkman Center coverage) exposing the morally aberrant conduct.  Eventually I got the ACLU and Proskaueh, Rose et all involved and Mr. Gillenwater was fully vindicated, and that's a fact.

Before that I noted how he apparently screwed up Daralyn Khan's case for lack of Due Diligence.  

Well this month he also sat through several days of hearings relative to some matters that I won't delve into in this space but I will tell you that it is perhaps germane that pending case that Jeffrey Denner allegedly borrowed $11,500.00 from Daralyn Khan on this business account yet never gave her the go-ahead to cash the post-dated check, seen above.  Yessum.  Stay tuned because there's more to this than I can say right now, and it fits perfectly with the IRS coming down on him for $2.7M as well.

Anyway yes the BBO reads my journal pages assiduously so let's hope it does the Right Thing in this instance. KingCast Denner BBO

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