28 June 2016

KingCast Says Shoreline's Cafe Aroma Evokes the Smell of Injustice; Run them Right on Out of Town with Boycotts and Community Pressure.


Oh we all knew when Ed Vogli removed the "B" from the outdoor designation that he was going to expand his subpar coffee product into the space renovated by Nomad Northwest, we just had to wait for it.

No worries, I am busy re-doing the website (it's down right now) and making notes for Counsel. 

Plenty of time left on the Statute of Limitations for this ass-clown.

28 July: You wanna get into it with me well dammit we're gonna get right into it pal.... 
no sweat here. Your Move, Counselor. 

29 July: Move was made. Attorney Cook calls Ms. Bronstein at about 1:50p to ask her which email, well he should have known because SOMEBODY pulled down my video at his FB page, duh. Take a look at the FB page yesterday and then today, seen below.  C'mon now bro, really?

So I just got an email forward, he finally answered:

1. I’m not aware of any litigation 

2. I/my firm are not agent for service of process for either Mr. Vogli or his business – so no, we are not able to accept service on their behalf.

In response, I'm sitting here thinking, "well duh you idiot there is no litigation yet because Service of Process has not been effectuated. Nice try at being a smart ass but I'll expose you right here and elsewhere."

Further, "The fact that you are not agent for Service of Process really doesn't matter unless you are not really their attorney and/or Ed is being, or trying to be, a jerk. Lawyers routinely accept Service of Process for their clients, but in this case Ed has chosen to be served in public or at his home, 16030 12th Ave NE, Shoreline WA 98155 see if I give a shit. Hell I might roll with the Process Server to I can get it on video, to hell with these guys. My network of Attorneys and I have definitely helped people fry bigger fish.


Cafe Aroma Attorney David Cook.

20 July 2016 Update -- Cafe Aroma supporter Corinne B. gets a comeuppance. Eye for an eye, I got Corinne M's Yelp review struck down because she was trash-talking about things beyond the customer experience. She had written me saying leave me alone and I'm not playing your games and blah blah blah well piss off lady you're the pot calling kettle black and I called you on it, boom. So many of these people are full of dookie but it will all come out in the litigation. Meanwhile the leafletting was interesting. Amy Bliss showed up. She politely asked me to back away from her car and so I did. Turns out she and her guy are Harley folks and that's cool. While I'm partial to Triumph and KTM, some of my best friends ride Harleys. 

16 July 2016 Update -- Soon-to-be former Partner Angela Read, is now running scared and quite conciliatory to Ed Vogli/Cafe Aroma because of her family situation (in her own words right in front of me) and is now attempting to denigrate Ms. Bronstein for telling the Truth and securing Counsel to pursue Fraudulent Inducement litigation.  She cannot lie about the material fact that Ed Vogli told us the only reason he wouldn't do a multiple-year Lease was because it would be easier to do another Lease next year with new rental rates. I was there, I heard it more than once, Elisa Bronstein was there, and Angela Read was there. Boom.

See the new website,Cafe Aroma Shoreline cafearomashoreline.com and relative to Fraudulent Inducement or Promissory Estoppel/Action in Reliance see Markov v. ABC Transfer & Storage Co., 76 Wn.2d 388 (1969) followed by Sixty-01 Ass'n of Apt. Owners v. Kent, 2005 Wash. App. LEXIS 108 (2005) 

After setting forth the basic elements of fraud and the clear, cogent, and convincing evidence applicable to such a claim, the state supreme court focused on the "existing fact" element. It appears the partnership took the position that a promise to renew the lease was a future, not an existing fact. The court [*18] observed that "Predictions, without an express or implied undertaking to make them come true, do not constitute such representations or promises as will support actionable fraud." 37
The court continued: But the rule that mere predictions do not necessarily constitute representations avails the partnership little here. The representations to renew the lease were more than portents of the future. They were promises made by the partnership of its future actions and given under such circumstances of its own creation as to make undertakings of them. If, as the trial court found, the partnership represented to ABC Transfer & Storage Company and Scott Paper Company that it would renew the lease for a term of 3 years and the circumstances surrounding the representations were such that ABC and Scott Paper could reasonably rely thereon, this was no mere prediction of a future event but a promissory undertaking--an undertaking fully supported by consideration to renew the lease for 3 years and to negotiate the amount of rentals in good faith.[38]
Fair use copyrighted image.Hahahahaa... so get this, Ed Volgi's attorney David Cook writes Ms. Bronstein to state that Ed Vogli would not be present at the walk-through on 28 July 2016.  How silly.  Mr. Vogli, Ms. Bronstein and Ms. Read and I were the only eyeball witnesses to the conditions in the first place.  Therefore, they can go pound sand when it comes to that or there's no walk through. 

meanwhile, copyrighted... by me.

Some folks show up and complain about me posting about this information. I recall other times of my life when that happened but Nashua Mayor Bernie Streeter stepped forward to award me what is basically a Key to the City for First Amendment conduct. Mr. Streeter was the longest-running member of the Governor's/Executive Council by the way.

Also as regards Terry, the Special Olympian I commented to someone: 

Also, I know there are several handicapped people that come to Cafe Aroma almost every day, so I don't think they are unkind. 


 I didn't say it was like a Selma lunch counter, just saying that they barred Terry and I see no lawful reason for so doing. He's not violent, he doesn't lurch around people and he's a local man living at a care house. I have successfully sued on behalf of Frail, Elderly and Handicapped people but it is not a course of action for me to find him local licensed counsel to sue in this case..... so while there is a probable ADA/Title III discrimination case here, it's also not like the Cafe's lies cost him thousands of dollars and a move-out either. I'm certainly not afraid of litigation but it doesn't fit every time, ok. See items 1-4, inclusive: https://www.ada.gov/t3hilght.htm

And coming up by Sunday morning, 10 July 2016:  Local Doctor and Pharmacist Christie Fleetwood discusses the rudeness, misogyny and sexism displaced by Ed Vogli in her attempts to Lease the Premises currently occupied by Nomad Northwest. As noted in her old website at the time,
Clinic space is being sought after in Shoreline for a new way of showcasing the amazing benefits and power of naturopathic medicine.


Now we see who the bullies really are.
That's ok because what I have to say 
is going to be shared by many people
and you can't make them all go away.

I have screen shots of people showing up 
and using profanity towards me and yet
they find a way to get my FB comments removed.

On the Fourth of July.

They will not deter me from my mission of exposing the Truth 
We will see who the real rat is:
Noted: Above, and, side: FB "Word of Mouth" owner Julie Matthews actually shut down local artist Alex Danford Rincon while calling his concerns about his art, the work of other artists and sexism and lease renewals nothing more than "bullshit" and "bullying" without Cafe Aroma being present. So you shut down a "Word of Mouth" page comment.... the height of hypocrisy.                                               Newsflash folks: It is a public forum platform and Cafe Aroma is more than welcome to comment.

Note: My FB comments are being removed as of 12:10am on 4 July 2016 -- Independence Day in America....  People are apparently joining forces against me on FB and falsely claiming I am "harassing" them just by issuing one response to their comments on a public page. Amy Downs Bliss is the latest PA Seattle person to try this game and It's complete poppycock just check the thumbnail above to see how full of doo-doo she is. As such, I wrote in a new post:

Censorship is not going to be tolerated folks. This video on top and the one in the comment to this post are going up and they will STAY UP.  I will get to the bottom of this business of how my posts are being edited -- been there done that before with Blogger and won 100% of the time, it just takes a few weeks. A quick history lesson here as I visit Shoreline Farmers' Market with the face and primary wallet of Nomad Northwest, Elisa Bronstein. 

Very interesting how my FB posts about Nomad Northwest and how Ed Vogli lied to us keep disappearing. Well there is a World far above and beyond FB folks and that is the realm where I play. As to FB I'll get to the bottom of this too, as the last post was entitled "Censorship is UnAmerican." 

Now then as to Ed and Cafe Aroma, sometimes you have to sue somebody for being a liar too. Especially when that somebody has a misogynist/chauvinist streak that so many of you women keep on ignoring while calling me a "bully" but believe me both Nomad Partners and I saw it and experienced it and they both complained to me about it, and that's a FACT. Soon there will be more information coming on this.

Nomad = From Santa to block parties to art workshops and training, always a Team and Community Player:  Cafe Aroma.... is not.  And its owner Ed Vogli acts in Bad Faith and with more than a soupçon of chauvinism and misogyny. Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade but based on my direct observations and further research I stand by my assertions. Stay tuned for more. Much more.
The cussing and foul-mouthed vitriol from Jared -- who doesn't even live here -- must cease. On information and belief he lives in Pitcairn PA -- not far from where I lived in Blawnox back when I used to cook pasta and salmon from Wholey's market for Cherylann Hawk band at Moondawg's! Small World isn't it Jared. Even smaller for Ed Vogli as we will see. 

Note: As predicted, this tool issued another foul-mouthed rant over at the Nomad Northwest FB page. It was deleted because this guy, can't put two sentences together without referring to a male body part. I'll let his mental health counselor address his priapic obsession, and as to whether or not he lives in Pitcairn or near Harrisburg I don't really care. Nobody cares except perhaps his lady.... and his lady told Elisa Bronstein that they were moving near the Harrisburg area and Ms. Bronstein gave her pointers on things to do there.  Whatever dude, garbage in garbage out.

Nomad built and supported a Community -- a Community that Cafe Aroma never embraced. I am fully aware of the contributions made by both of these ladies, financially and otherwise.

The Fundraiser Page.

See how nice we were to them before the Lease was signed and the renovations completed.... read this journal entry.

Anyway they have been completely resistant to offers to mediate or to settle so sometimes you have to do what you have to do to extract a modicum of Justice.

Stay tuned as I am discussing details with area licensed Counsel but they duped Nomad Northwest into believing they had a long term relationship in order to get them to rehab the space at substantial cost.

They are now blocking people in the community who are questioning them on their FB page but they can't block it all. Turns out that they are not team or community players and I don't respect that one bit.

BTW I have written hundreds of Leases and I was there for the whole thing. Note that in one of my letters to them as silent partner we specifically spoke about automatic renewals and those promises and representations were made prior to, and after Lease signage.... until the renovations were complete. Read the thumbnail next to this paragraph. And all of us know how painstaking that whole process was but if you don't, watch the floor video below for example.

And by the way, the letter we sent to Putative Defendant relative to agreeing to reasonable annual rental increases in this case was entitled "Nomad Northwest Summation of Rental Modifications."  Ya think that just might be some sort of relevant Parol Evidence that would explain the intent of the Parties, or at Least what Putative Plaintiff Nomad reasonably believed based on Fraudulent representations.  Of course had they had deceptively refused to show us the Master Lease then we would have known that Ed could not possibly have the full authority to grant a multi-year Lease as his Lease expires before the end of a possible second term, get it.?  We do, now.  Well burn us once shame on you.... because you won't burn us twice.

And there's Ed, who buttered us up with all kinds of promises about training our GSP Livi to hunt with him, etc. etc. but his tune changed shortly after the renovation work was done and I have emails to prove it, see below.

The summation video is above, but check out all the videos here.

Coming soon: A new video at Cafearomashoreline.com.


Note: Read downward to see how Ed Vogli changed his tune immediately after the renovations were finished. He's misogynist, chauvinist yessir.  Just my opinion shared with many others, of course.

Contact protocol and Closure on Internet and street signage
September 10, 2015 at 4:05 PM
FromChristopher King
ToEduart Vogli
CcAngela Readbronzy22@live.com

Dear Ed,

I have reviewed the lease and it is apparently silent on utilities. 

I would propose that we review last year's monthly bills on the electric and gauge the difference. As to Internet I recall our discussion being that Nomad would simply use what it already there. If Nomad needs another router they will bear that cost, but I don't foresee any issues with Comcast coming after anyone on this at all.  In sixth months if the Parties want to revisit this issue I'll be more than happy to discuss it at that point.

As it sits, I feel this is a wonderful business arrangement. You and Arta negotiated a nice rental arrangement to help a new business that completely renovated an eyesore dead space next to you that will lead to increased revenue and goodwill to you as well as the chance for Elisa and Angela to live their Dream.

Also, I believe there was some confusion on the street signage but that is mandatory from Shoreline. As I understand it, there will still be vehicle access from 5th Avenue at all times during the block party.

Lastly, I believe it is in everyone's best interest that any disputes or serious questions be routed to me; and I will respond immediately so we can keep everything flowing smoothly!



On Sep 10, 2015, at 05:23 PM, Eduart Vogli <eduart@comcast.net> wrote:
Have no business with you whatsoever. Your name has nothing to do with my tenants. Thank you Ed
Sent from my iPhone

Re: Contact protocol and Closure on Internet and street signage
September 10, 2015 at 8:18 PM
FromChristopher King
ToEduart Vogli
Bccangela@nomadnw.comelisa b
That's fine Ed, I'm sure she probably charges you a pretty penny when you do call her and I honestly don't foresee much reason for her or me to be involved much but at any rate you and I have always had good relations and I was only offering to help as we worked together on prior occasion so your response took me by surprise.


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