07 June 2016

KingCast Motorsports Presents: The Corvair Monza and SAAB Classic 900 Turbo... The Turbo Brothers!

The Chevrolet Corvair Monza and SAAB 99/900 Turbo -- some 15 years later -- were two of the earliest regular production cars with turbochargers.  They also happen to be two of my most favorite Cars of All Time (COATS). And it is a proven fact that SAAB led the way for turbocharging for the masses.  And those masses are on the wax these days because manufacturers simply cannot meet fuel consumption and output requirements without them.

I almost bought a Corvair in 1999 or so. Black Monza with a red interior.  This red one is actually not a Monza but whatever, editorial license compels me and I've hid nothing.

At any rate you know you definitely gone off the beaten path when your SAABs keep running into Corvairs!  Wish I had my DSLR on these though. I may have to go mirrorless soon, just a thought. So damn easy & compact.

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