09 June 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Ask: Will Dirty D.A. Dan Conley Punish Cops Trespassing at Fire Captain James Berlo's House?

The replacement video is above. 
The lower one mysteriously disappeared from YouTube.

26 May 2017 Update:  

You improperly removed a video with 6,000+ hits, entitled: Boston Cops Retaliate against Whistleblower It showed men believed to be Boston LE trespassing at James Berlo's home, caught on this own cameras. As a former law enforcement attorney I am appalled and I assume you will repost this video IMMEDIATELY. It still plays on my journal page but when you click through to YouTube it indicates that this video is a duplicate but it is NOT. 

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James Berlo was a Boston Fire Captain who exposed racism many years ago and ran into trouble. Undaunted, he then went on to expose cronyism that led to poor equipment choices (read: Viking gear) that arguably contributed to the deaths of two firefighters (Payne and Cahill) in an infamous restaurant fire I blogged about many years ago.

Coming up I will publish a narrated history of Mr. Berlo's life that we are fairly certain Union Wonk Joseph Finn that ordered all the copies of the Written History be confiscated from every Fire House, they even tried to order the Men not to read it. This was in the past month; hence the visit from these thugs. I can't wait until he files a Complaint then wait and see what Dan Conley does with it. Ha-ha-ha Dan get busy I'm watching you. 

Most recently Mr. Berlo exposed the bullshit coverup and raw incompetence at the Boston Back Bay fire that needlessly took two lives. For all of his work you would think that the City would reward him, but that's not how it works in Boston:

How it works is they use skaggy-assed Sheila Leahy to trump up sexual harassment charges on him, then they lie about him taking illegal drugs after he was injured on the job and then cause his home to be raided in an illegal firearms taking. Leahy by the way had been fired for misconduct but then mysteriously brought back to work. I hear she has strong penmanship skills, ahem.

Also, we believe that these cops are casing the joint because Mr. Berlo recently released his written memoirs and they were getting a lot of attention at various fire departments in the past several weeks, ahem.

So in the video Dan Conley is seen running from my questions several years ago after my exclusive video coverage of the Revere Dan Talbot Police Murder case. That's because while he has certainly done a lot of good in his life, when challenged on any of his faults or possible corruption he turns into a complete asshole.  And Mr. Berlo and I have reason to believe that Dan Conley has been, and will continue to be, a complete asshole when it comes to this situation.

Prove me wrong for once, Dan. We're waiting.

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