23 March 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies May 26, 2016 Summary Judgment Hearing: City Hall Emails Regarding James Berlo Arbitrary and Capricious Build Permit Denial.

Some back story and my Motion for Summary Judgment.
Above see a picture of some upcoming footage from the Quincy City Hall area last week:  Councilor Margaret LaForest and her male cohort ran away from my cameras like the giant cockroaches they are in a massive Walk of Shame. Read here to see my Reply Memorandum in Support of Summary Judgment and watch all the older videos. The new videos are coming soon!

Counselor Timmins was not present.
Councilor DiBona was pleasant and earnest. Councilor LaForest ran away like a giant cockroach.
Councilor Palmucci called me "bat shit crazy" but he can piss off:  Assuming arguendo that I am bat shit crazy I am an experienced zoning professional and I am entitled to my goddamn documents.  See the Hooksett NH preliminary zoning analysis included below from my days as a New England zoning manager for Omnipoint (T-Mobile). I believe we won that one, and I know we won in North Andover and in many others. So those of you watching the action on your mobile phones from these communities can thank me for my dedicated service!

Hooksett, NH

Zoning Abstract 


Planning Department
Address: 35 Main Street, Hooksett, NH 03106
Contact: Joann Duffy, Dir, Donna Fitzpatrick, coordinator
Phone: 603.268.0279, dfitzpatrick@hooksett.org
Website: http://hooksett.org


Technical Review: @2nd TH of each month, submit by 1st TH 4:30p. So 2 Apr/9 Apr and 7 May/14 May

Planning: First and third Mondays: 3 weeks ahead need 12 days for abutters but no appeal period at the end. Apply 31 March/20 April, 14 April/4 May, 26 May/15 June



TRC: Scheduled as much as $2,500.00 but I can likely get it for $1,000.00
Planning: $________________
ZBA: $60 ZBA + $10 per abutter + share in notice fees.
BP/Electric Fees and turnaround time: $25.00 + $0.12 sq. ft.


1.     Collocation

Colocation is not a special exception so no Planning review unless increase height or bulk of structure or tree cutting required.
Procedure, #drawings, size, content of filing:
Process: File for BP_____________________
Submittal/Drawing Requirements: # copies_________________________
Other Regulations (setbacks, abutter notification process, publication)

2. New Build CUP Rooftop, Raw Land tower zone, Stealth
Procedure, #drawings, size, content of filing:
Process: Treated as special exception.
Technical Review: File with Technical Review first and get informal approval to go before Planning. Need 15 copies no larger than 11” x 17” and extra set to Town Planner and consulting engineer. Include Topo, drainage, pavement, lighting, fire provisions, utility locations, building dimensions, landscaping, fencing. Apply ASAP as only 3 applications are accepted per agenda, subsequent get kicked to next meeting. Applicant gets one hour before the board.

Planning: Submittal/ Drawing Requirements: RF Topo map/existing coverage/RF minimal-optimal height objective/engineering specs for antenna capacity/full tower inventory 2 miles from town line + evidence they will not work (RF Topo)/Photo sims from abutters and roadways/FAA/Security fencing

Note: If you don’t have a specific item just ask for a good faith waiver but do not omit anything. I will parse through the ordinance with them to make sure we meet criteria.

Other Regulations (setbacks, abutter notification process, publication)
Setbacks 1-to-1 from property line
Abutters we pre-label for them and pay the $10 each ahead of time.
Decomm. bond @ 115% of cost of decomm.
Publication handled by ___________

3. New Build Variance

Procedure, #drawings, size, content of filing:
Submittal/Drawing Requirements:
Other Regulations (setbacks, abutter notification process, publication)

Risk Analysis and Jurisdiction-specific history:

Minimal risk. It appears to be more rigmarole than anything else, as long as our paperwork is tight.



Colcation straight to BP??.

Track planning procedure
      BP $$$???

      BP turnaround

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