25 March 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Seattle City Hall Ignore Marie McDonnell, Multnomah County MERS Litigation and Pina Orsillo-Belgrano in "Turning the Tables."

Yessir..... Here is some back story about Multnomah County, disingenuous Washington AG Bob Ferguson and why several of us may be suing King County for willful malfeasance later this year.

23 March 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies May 26, 2016 Summary Judgment Hearing: City Hall Emails Regarding James Berlo Arbitrary and Capricious Build Permit Denial.

Some back story and my Motion for Summary Judgment.
Above see a picture of some upcoming footage from the Quincy City Hall area last week:  Councilor Margaret LaForest and her male cohort ran away from my cameras like the giant cockroaches they are in a massive Walk of Shame. Read here to see my Reply Memorandum in Support of Summary Judgment and watch all the older videos. The new videos are coming soon!

Counselor Timmins was not present.
Councilor DiBona was pleasant and earnest. Councilor LaForest ran away like a giant cockroach.
Councilor Palmucci called me "bat shit crazy" but he can piss off:  Assuming arguendo that I am bat shit crazy I am an experienced zoning professional and I am entitled to my goddamn documents.  See the Hooksett NH preliminary zoning analysis included below from my days as a New England zoning manager for Omnipoint (T-Mobile). I believe we won that one, and I know we won in North Andover and in many others. So those of you watching the action on your mobile phones from these communities can thank me for my dedicated service!

20 March 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Dirty Nationstar Attorneys Busted Misleading the Court About Basic Loan Mod Language!

Just disgusting. We will need to share this. And I will soon be in receipt of a scanned copy of Ms. Brunzo's Reply Memorandum in Support of Summary Judgment that I will be posting, to show what a bunch of lying creeps these people really are. 

Citing to general language of a contractual offer out of one side of their mouth while ignoring the conjunctive language of the money paragraph -- the controlling specific paragraph on acceptance -- is just something that someone lacking a moral compass would do, and that is what she is dealing with.

They know very well she accepted that Trial Payment Plan within the window of time allowed and they also know that Nationstar accepted the monies she tendered; they tried to return some of the money to cover up the fact that a Contract had been established, and that they are in breach of same.

Here is some back story on this Dual Tracking juggernaut.

06 March 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say "Please Donate to Slam Nationstar for Illegal HAMP Foreclosure Dual-Tracking in Rhode Island Federal Court: Martha Bronzos v. Nationstar."


Here we are in the first months of fixing up our house. We closed with the bank (Countrywide Mortgage) just 2 days before I went into labor for our daughter in June 2001. As a 3 family house, we rented out the other 2 apartments to help with our household income so I could stay home with my baby girl. She's 14 years old now and I've been homeowner/landlord on my own since 2006. I'm alone in this fight to keep my home...........

............Martha you know I can't wait to see you on those courthouse steps for another video next week. You just need the right lawyer, one who knows the law and is truly diligent. Here's a little chingy for ya, I will have more soon. You know I testified about these thugs before the NH House Committee on Redress and Grievances back in 2010 and it's the same game now. They suck, quasi-criminal enterprise all the way.

Here is most of your back story with her Motion for Summary Judgment. Nationstar got a continuance and filed a Memorandum in Opposition and for Summary Judgment of their own. This is all bullshit. She made herself solvent and they reneged on the due date for first payment of a streamline mod to be on September 30 and sold her house to Fannie Mae on the 16th instead.

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Note to the Racist San Francisco Asshole from 1.415.558-3833 A Ccsf: The Authorities Have Been Notified.

So I wouldn't recommend calling me again and falsely claiming I am disbarred or telling to "suck black nigger dicks" again.

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