21 January 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See AG Bob Ferguson Dodge Important MERS Issues Postulated by Seattle Councilman Nick Licata and Stand Contra to Multnomah County Commissioners.

Philadelphia City Council:  Doing the Right Thing on the other side of the Country.
Multnomah County: Doing the Right Thing 3 hours away.

OK where do I start... up top are the two videos addressing the historic yet common-sense Multnomah County v. MERS litigation and the $9M settlement.  While that amount would be greater in King County and still not nearly enough, we have to ask ourselves how much social Justice we could achieve with a few extra million dollars, right? How many homeless schoolchildren or others could we help shelter or feed?  There could be an emergency fund set up for struggling homeowners.... the opportunities are endless but first there must be an acknowledgment of wrongdoing. For some reason Multnomah County can see it 3 hours away but we cannot see it here, as I ask Seattle City Council in video #2 "Does the water also run down the drains differently down there."

Meanwhile AG Ferguson is in the process of responding to my outstanding Public Records Request. I basically want to know more about the background of the attorneys who are working in the Consumer Law section because they seem cherry-picked straight from the banking and mortgage industry, business side. They are in my opinion out on a witch hunt to destroy vigilant homeowner attorneys including but definitely not limited to Scott Stafne, who is standing strong with Church of the Gardens. The video and request are posted here

Now then, with that backdrop we come to today's Main Event:  Back in November then Seattle Councilor Nick Licata posed a inquiry to AG Ferguson about the (in)validity of MERS Assignments and related matters. This inquiry was made pursuant to Seattle City Council reneging on an agreement to bring their own hired consultant Marie McDonnell to speak about her findings. Ms. McDonnell's position has been supported by many major law schools. She has trained municipalities in fraud prevention. And she was fresh off a $5.4M Texas Jury Verdict in Wolf v. MERS......  

But I digress. AG Ferguson responded a month later, just prior to Christmas, but none of us were privy to that and I in fact had issued another public information request to AG Ferguson, framing it with the $9M Multnomah Question.  Well come to find out there is subject matter jurisdiction but not personal jurisdiction: AG Ferguson demurred on the question because it was not posed by the right person, i.e. a State or County elected official as opposed to a City Government -- even though the City Government in this case was working to conduct a County Audit.  We will consider it our duty then, to make certain that the right person poses the question soon so that that talismanic kabuki dance can come to an end.  

PS: We the community hosted Marie McDonnell and her technology assistant Fred Popke at our own Mortgage Electronic Reality Summit (MERS).  Here are all the videos from that.

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