17 December 2016

KingCast/Mortgage Movies See Langara Apartments and Columbia Recovery Group Sued for Debt Validation Fail.

Seattle-Area Langara Apartments was countersued by a former resident who claims that they lied to her about how much future rent she would owe, overcharged her for painting and said rent, and then refused to provide debt validation when requested. 

Instead, Attorney Mark O'Meara, as agent of Columbia Recovery Group, filed a lawsuit that had been served with her without any case number and then added in an alleged validation.... while requesting Default Judgment. As if she had been evading the process when the truth is anything but. 

And of Course she point out that Columbia Recovery Group has been busted for like conduct in the past......

02 December 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See New Century Mortgage, Wells Fargo, Deutschebank & Barrett Daffin Lawyers Caught up in Fraudulent Foreclosure.

This is simply an unbelievable collection of lies that goes back to Wells Fargo claiming an Interest in the property before Mr. Thompson's home was even built. 

Along the way there is a forged Note according to a forensic specialist, coupled with the fact that there is simply no Assignment to Deutschebank. Not to mention the fact that the Notary produced signatory authority that post-dated the crucial Assignment that was fabricated by Barrett, Daffin's Stephen C. Porter, pictured in the thumbnail. 

But you see Wells Fargo does this sort of thing all the time. In the journal entry that accompanies this video note the presence of a completely unrecordable Assignment in another West Coast case, out here in Seattle. And the Routh, Crabtree Olsen (RCO) lawyers actually defend this conduct without fear of sanction by the Courts. Fascinating. 

For more on New Century read my colleague's journal entry "What a Tangled Web we Weave." 

Here is the John Stumpf resignation.

KingCast Mortgage Movies - Another Fraudulent Foreclosure by Wells Fargo With a Bogus Assignment by Christopher King on Scribd

30 November 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Judge Stan Rumbaugh Caught on Video: Sued for Throwing Reporter out of Foreclosure Case.

On a related note, watch the top video. Disgusting. More dirty judges protecting dirty lawyers.

18 October 2017 Stanley Rumbaugh is at it again, just got sued.... read this update.

That's Lesley Fleming, a lawyer purportedly representing Zurich Insurance at one point in this fiasco. I am corroborating an allegation that she has been removed as Counsel after Plaintiff Bozgoz issued a Complaint about alleged misconduct in the underlying case.

Basically, the family Matriarch sustained a broken neck during a Pierce County para-transit ride, she died shortly thereafter and the family was forced into a lowball settlement. Her daughter is distressed and could not handle the load so she sought help. As U.S. Veterans they fought back and tried to avail themselves of the ADA protections so that Ms. Bozgoz could advocate on behalf of her cousin and Judge Rumbaugh continued to throw my black ass out of Court (just as he had done with white reporter Wally Brown so he is an equal opportunity schmuck) and continued to deny the accommodations necessary for the family to present the case.

We sued Rumbaugh for violating GR 16, the First Amendment and more, but of course the Pierce County Prosecutor's office lied and the Federal Court allowed him to get away with it.  But at least we educated thousands of people about him and his unsavory conduct that is inimical to the State and Federal Constitutions as well as State Statutory and Decisional Law in his own County. He is not Honorable. He's just Stanley. Meanwhile no response from California 9th Circuit on the Complaint filed against Judge Ricardo Martinez, fancy that.

Moreover, Judge Rumbaugh hates cameras in his Courtroom, in direct contravention of Pierce County Judge of the Year Frank Cuthbertson, A Black Man. Now we know why.

What a coincidence. 

A minority favors Open Courts, go figure. 

Shady Jurists Choose Silence. From the Complaint:

63. Forsberg & Umlauf obstructed justice by (1) contacting Margaret Bozgoz on or about 17 December 2016 and informed her that they were filing a motion to strike E Yockmans [with merit] Wrongful Death and Civil Rights case. 

64. Umlauf and Forsberg used their assumptions vs facts and submitted the motion to strike claim against Margaret Bozgoz’s Claim. Umlauf and Forsberg assumed that Margaret Bozgoz had to be an “Officer of the Court Lawyer” in “Good” standing [like themselves] in order to submit a claim. Margaret Bozgoz is not an Officer of the Court however, she is an Army Officer and as the evidence shows, she has attempted to find an Officer of the Court] who looks out for the best interest of Elda Yockman. 

65. Forsberg & Umlauf's, Roy Umlauf, Lesley Fleming then coordinated with Judge Stanley Rumbaugh, Court Clerk Merri Reagan, Court Reporter Carol Frederick to expedite a motion to strike hearing at the last minute during the Christmas holidays (23 December 2016). 

66. The Court lead by Judge Stanley Rumbaugh, the Defendant's Attorney, Roy Umlauf and Lesley Fleming, Court Reporter Carol Frederick and Court Clerk, Merri Reagan discriminated against the Plaintiffs by requiring the Plaintiff to attend the 23 December 2016 [last minute hearing] and excusing the Defendants, Youssef Essakhi, Jane Doe, Zurich, Life Transportations, and Zurich Insurance from attending (Exhibits 15 and 16, Judge Stanley Order Setting Court Schedule to All Parties).  

67. The Court lead by Judge Stanley Rumbaugh, Defendants, the Defendants Defense Attorney, Roy Umlauf and Lesley Fleming, Court Reporter Carol Frederick and Court Clerk, Merri Reagan discriminated and abused their authority by coordinating a last-minute hearing on 23 December 2016 at 0900-0915 am then altered court documents to make it appear that Margaret Bozgoz's "Court Call" did not get disconnected during the hearing (Exhibit 16, Order Granting Civil Rights and Wrongful Death Violation/with Prejudice). 

68. The Court lead by Judge Stanley Rumbaugh, Defendants, the Defendant's Attorney, Roy Umlauf and Lesley Fleming, Court Reporter Carol Frederick and Court Clerk, Merri Reagan discriminated against the plaintiff by pretending that the Defendants were actually in court testifying during the hearing (Exhibit 17, Carol Fredericks Altered Transcripts). 

69. The Court lead by Judge Stanley Rumbaugh, Defendants, the Defendants Defense Attorneys, Roy Umlauf and Lesley Fleming, Court Reporter Carol Frederick and Court Clerk, Merri Reagan discriminated against the Plaintiff by allowing the Defendant’s alleged Attorney Lesley Fleming to testify in open court when the Defendants failed to appear in court (Exhibit 17). 

70. The Court lead by Judge Stanley Rumbaugh, Defendants, the Defendants Defense Attorney, Roy Umlauf and Lesley Fleming, Court Reporter Carol Frederick and Court Clerk, Merri Reagan discriminated against the Plaintiff by coordinating a last minute 2nd hearing on 23 December 2016 at 0953-10:00 am then falsified court documents for the record (Exhibit 18, Memorandum of Journal Hearing and Exhibit 19, Minutes of Fabricated Hearing by Carol Frederick). These falsified court documents gives the appearance that Elda Yockman and Margaret Bozgoz were physically present. However, they were not present.


Official Judicial Complaint Against Free Press Hater Judge Ricardo S. Martinez in 2:17-cv-00031-RSM King J.... by christopher king on Scribd

Rule 59 Motion for Relief from Judgment: Defendant and his lawyers lied and the Federal Court ignored the facts. 4 minutes ago at 2:50 PM

Judge Rumbaugh headed toward 9th District Court and SCOTUS.

The Federal Court had Plaintiffs' Demand for Judicial Notice and Notice of Fraudulent Defense, yet ignored relevant facts shown in that document when issuing its faulty Order of 6 April, 2017.

It is patently obvious that the Court was and is protecting the lies of Defendant Rumbaugh and his Counsel, period.

Read it and weep folks.


You lied and we will continue to expose your lies in each and every Court and social media avenue we can find, for the rest of our natural lives.

And yours.


  Mark Lindquist - Ethics

II. Recusal.

This case is indeed procedurally IDENTICAL to KingCast v. Wright, Findlay & Zak:  Stateside lawsuit with one (1) echoing Federal claim is removed by Defendants who hate cameras.

Motion to Dismiss is filed.

Motion to Remand is filed.

Motion to Remand should have been GRANTED, period.

There is nothing that Judge Martinez or Defendants can do to change that fact, and the fact that a Motion to Dismiss was written prior to Remand is of no moment as I noted in prior filings (Docket No. ________ at ______) because the same exact mental energy (and in this case, the same exact deceit and deception) that went into filing the Motion to Dismiss in the Federal Court would go into the same Motion in State Court.

Martinez joins Landya B.  McCafferty club in hating the First Amendment and Independent Journalism.  See KingCast v. Ayotte, __________, in which McCafferty was forced to Recuse herself after Plaintiff King investigated and determined that she worked for King's opposing Counsel and for same law firm where Defendant Ayotte (then a U.S. Senate candidate) also worked..... without informing King.  See McCafferty's nondescript, back-door recusal that fails to cite the reason for said recusal, in direct variance from her typical Recusals of the period at Appendix _______.

The only difference this time, is that if this Court and the Appellate Court disregard the intent of the Law we are a substantially stronger entity with many more contacts than I was 5-6 years ago, and Plaintiff King is joined now by native Washington people who are on the same team ready to approach the legislature to stamp out unlawful conduct by First Amendment haters like Defendant Rumbaugh.  We will not let off of this case until Justice is obtained. As members of the Fourth Estate that is our joint and several duty, and it is a duty incumbent of mainstream press as well, however derelict they may be in in this instance.

To wit, the News Tribune has written a number of stories about the power, corruption and lies incumbent in the Pierce County Prosecutor's Office.  Plaintiffs have referenced some of these in their filings because there is more corruption and lying and deceit occurring in the case at bar.  But the NT will not touch this with a ten foot pole, nor would they ever dare touch on the possibility that Defendant Rumbaugh violated the law in the Bozgoz case, which was the reason Plaintiff King filed a legitimate Notice of Media Coverage PRIOR TO HEARING but was IGNORED by Defendant Rumbaugh.

It becomes then, the exclusive province of truly Independent media to cover these matters, and in so doing as members of the Fourth Estate we must put our Faith in the Judicial, Legislative and Executive branches in order to properly function in what is purportedly a free society. The Judicial Branch has already let us down to this point.

III.  Defendant Rumbaugh Does Not Enjoy Absolute Immunity for Administrative Acts.

Judicial Immunity, to the extent it exists, only applies to Judicial Acts and not Administrative Acts. 

Clearing a reporter to run video doesn't have jack shit (I suppose I'll change the colloquialism for filing LOL) to do with Judicial Acts folks.  See Forrester v. White, 484 U.S. 219 (1988)

"When applied to the paradigmatic judicial acts involved in resolving disputes between parties who have invoked the jurisdiction of a court, the doctrine of absolute judicial immunity has not been particularly controversial. Difficulties have arisen primarily in attempting to draw the line between truly judicial acts, for which immunity is appropriate, and acts that simply happen to have been done by judges. Here, as in other contexts, immunity is justified and defined by the functions it protects and serves, not by the person to whom it attaches."

As such, Defendant Rumbaugh enjoys only qualified immunity and is subject to Injunctive or Prospective Relief, which is PRECISELY what Plaintiffs argued at (docket No. ______ pp ______).

"Administrative decisions, even though they may be essential to the very functioning of the courts, have not similarly been regarded as judicial acts. In Ex parte Virginia, 100 U. S. 339 (1880), for example, this Court declined to extend immunity to a county judge who had been charged in a criminal indictment with discriminating on the basis of race in selecting trial jurors for the county's courts. The Court reasoned:
"Whether the act done by him was judicial or not is to be determined by its character, and not by the character of the agent. Whether he was a county judge or not is of no importance. The duty of selecting jurors might as well have been committed to a private person as to one holding the office of a judge. . . . That the jurors are selected for a court makes no difference. So are court-criers, tipstaves, sheriffs, &c. Is their election or their appointment a judicial act?" Id., at 348.
Although this case involved a criminal charge against a judge, the reach of the Court's analysis was not in any obvious way confined by that circumstance.
Likewise, judicial immunity has not been extended to judges acting to promulgate a code of conduct for attorneys. Supreme Court of Virginia v. Consumers Union of United States, Inc., 446 U. S. 719 (1980). In explaining why legislative, rather than judicial, immunity furnished the appropriate standard, we said: "Although it is clear that under Virginia law the issuance of the Bar Code was a proper function of the Virginia Court, propounding the Code was not an act of adjudication but one of rulemaking." Id., at 731. Similarly, in the same case, we held that judges acting to enforce the Bar Code would be treated like prosecutors, and thus would 229*229 be amenable to suit for injunctive and declaratory relief. Id., at 734-737. Cf. Pulliam v. Allen, 466 U. S. 522 (1984). Once again, it was the nature of the function performed, not the identity of the actor who performed it, that informed our immunity analysis."


In the case before us, we think it clear that Judge White was acting in an administrative capacity when he demoted and discharged Forrester. Those acts — like many others involved in supervising court employees and overseeing the efficient operation of a court — may have been quite important in providing the necessary conditions of a sound adjudicative system. The decisions at issue, however, were not themselves judicial or adjudicative.

In short, it is the same way in the case at bar:  Defendant Rumbaugh was not adjudicating a goddamn thing. He was simply applying his own bias in an arbitrary and capricious manner to deny what is clearly a Constitutional Right, which brings Plaintiff to his next point:

The fact that Counsel for Judge Rumbaugh lied and fabricated a tale in which Plaintiff Brown had not notified the Court properly and in which Plaintiff King had not placed the Court on Actual Notice of his pending arrival as a First Amendment journalist, or that he had not put the Court on Actual Notice of his ongoing Notice of Media Coverage, when in point of fact he had done so. See Plaintiffs' Notice of Fraud Upon the Court and Rule 11 Motion for Sanctions, Docket Nos. (___ and ____).

Also as far as lying prosecutors go -- and that exactly what this office contains -- you only have qualified immunity, rather than absolute immunity, for fabricating and lying about evidence. See generally Buckley v. Fitzsimmons 509 U.S. 259 (1993).

You want a battle, you've got one coming to you. 

The iguanas I'm seeing on my vacation have got nothing on the snakes in the grass who report to work every day at 955 Tacoma Avenue South.


Mark Lindquist - Ethics
Stephen D. Trinnen and Daniel R. Hamilton are two of the lawyers in Prosecutor Mark Lindquist's ethically-challenged office who perpetuate the problem. They are defending Judge Stanley Rumbaugh for refusing to allow camera access in his courtroom in direct and blatant contravention of Washington GR 16, and they are lying their butts off to do so. We are simply not going to tolerate it, and complaints are being lodged with the State Bar, The Judicial Overseers and in Federal Court for Fraud upon the Court. Take a look.
 4 January 2016 Update -- Daniel Hamilton, Esq. and Stephen Trinen, Esq. 955 Tacoma Avenue South have submitted a Notice of Appearance. I need to check on hizzoner's timeline to reply as often government folk get a longer period of time, even though they are allegedly held to a higher standard. Oh the fun things I've learned in the 23 years since I graduated from law school!

Oh is that how it is your honor? I don't think so. We started this lawsuit several months ago and I am now filing it Friday. 

Anyway you get to tell us the way it is, but in America we also get to tell YOU the way it is, in an arguably impartial courtroom setting. You were obviously not impartial with respect to my brother Wally Brown or to me and that is why I'll make sure everything about this lawsuit is set to YouTube and I don't care if I have to get a decree from God. Not even Donald Trump would agree with this sort of Civil Rights violation and you should be ashamed at your misconduct. 

I've been running courtroom video since 1996 so I'm not about tolerate this sort of abuse, not from you and not from anybody. See you in Court, with cameras Your Honor.

The first journal entry from 8 August, 2016. I see the State is busy watching. I am filing today.

20 November 2016

KingCast Says Get an Affordable Head Shot at Pioneer Barber Company: The Best Barber in Seattle!

You know what time it is? 

It's time to get on down to Pioneer Barber Company for the haircut such as you dreamed about. You can buy product, or simply have a beer and a shave. Either way you'll leave out feeling good and looking fine! 

And for a limited time through the Holidays ask about the $30 head shot from Steph at Opening of the Eyes Photography to show it all off!

09 November 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Laugh as Kelly Ayotte Gets her ass Handed to her in NH U.S. Senate Race.

Hahahaaa... much more to come on this corrupt idiot soon. In a Republican landslide, this tool manages to lose office. 

Think about that.

Meanwhile read her real history.

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Update on the "Original" Deutschebank Note that Will Eidson Refused to Allow me to See.

Deutschebank v. John E. and Shelly A. Erickson Washington 
1st District Ct App. No. 73833-0-1 -- full hearing video and hallway video coming tomorrow.  

Y'all remember former Stoel Rives Attorney Will Eidson?  He took a powder a year or so ago after my repeated and pointed questioning regarding his clients' apparent lack of integrity and truthfulness on a couple of cases.  See generally Shcolnik and Erickson
For fun, I've included some of last year's festivities on the overleaf, or jump page. LOL, remember reading a real newspaper?  

Well sports fans, we are here today to specifically address the Erickson case that was argued today before the King County Court of Appeals Division 1.  Things got very interesting because the Deutschebank entity claiming to have authority to foreclose never provided any sworn declaration about any specific original Note in question.  Instead, in the instant case they offered some attorney testimony of sorts from Will Eidson, who rushed me out of the room last fall with I tried to observe a review of the original Note, just watch the video below.

The problem, as I see it.... or at least one of the problems facing Deutschbank in this case is the fact that they never produced the allegedly original Note in a prior related Federal case, and all they have is Attorney Will Eidson Declaration regarding the purported authenticity of the Note they scurried up last year, see link above. But the Appellant homeowner and her Counsel say that the Note they saw last year is not the same Note that was shown as a copy in the prior Federal case.

Speaking of notes, here are mine from today:

Court: Didn't they have the original note? 

Kah: Theres no evidence that they had the original note your honor? 

July 2015 Eidson brought it in -- he did not testify -- he made unsworn statements but none of them establish it was og note nothing proved DB had the note 

 this court ought to require more then unverified unsworn statements by a lawyer? 

one of the largest corps in the western hemisphere but cannot bring a single person with personal knowledge? 

 my clients do not concede that DB came into possession by virtue of position of alleged trustee Note copy 2006 is not payable to DB trust company -- long beach mtge co. merged to WAMU -- then to receivership -- sold to JP Morgan Chase by and through the FDIC (where was the Erickson Note?)

The Note copy attached to complaint is clearly a photocopy of a copy. It is payable to Long Beach mtge and with no indorsement. First time ind appears is when atty will eidson pops up, with undated indorsement. 

 John Glowney

 Well developed body of law as to how you enforce notes 

 When you submit the original note you have establish prima facie case. The original with original signature -- no testimony (court) 

"Notes are self-authenticating and are not hearsay" So it's a prima facie case 

"If you want to challenge it you must raise it in your complaint and say we deny it. They didn't do it." "They brought no evidence in to rebut the presumption of any kind." 

Collateral estoppel applies (Judge Applewick was not so sure of this, check him out questioning Glowney. Judges Spearman and Becker completed the panel. There were some very interesting cases today, actually). 

In effect the issue had already been decided "In the federal court the original note was not produced so in terms of collateral estoppel we don't have absolute proof..." 

Fed court said we don't have to prove you have to have original note 

Helmut Kah on rebuttal: Only once established and authenticated does the presumption become valid.

Me grilling Glowney in the hallway, on video. Stay tuned: 

WHY didn't you produce the original note in the related federal court case? 

WHEN did your client come into possession of the note? 

Glowney: "Read the law, Mr. King. 

Me: "I don't have to read the law Counselor I wrote these deals for WAMU when I was a residential closing attorney... I'm just asking you a question...."

In the Post Presidential Election Malaise, KingCast, Mortgage Movies and Stevie Wonder Maintain that the World -- and Love -- is Still in Need of Love Today.

In a society rife with xenophobia, racism and bigotry it pays to remember more hatred does nothing more than add fuel to the fire. If the government can keep all of us little people bickering amongst ourselves then big business and its government pals can just continue on steamrolling us into complete servitude, don't you get it, guys?

The Status Quo Body Politic in America certainly has its problems and you best believe I am no huge fan of the Clinton or Bush dynasties, but Donald Trump is definitely not the answer either.

"Brexit times 5!"  he bellows.

God Damn.

Stevie hum a few bars, willya? 

And a very Honorable Mention to Whitney.

01 November 2016

KingCast Presents: Homeward.

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Celebrate Life and Share the Importance of Growing Old.... with Helmets.

Earlier this month two men crashed their motorcycles down at the Tail of the Dragon, with one man clinging to life for 30 hours until a couple randomly stopped for a drink near the cliff where he and his friend had crashed. They heard his cries for help as he lay helpless with punctured lungs and various other breaks and fractures.  This story prompted me to finish my thoughts about what happened in my life recently: 

About two weeks ago I had what could have been a fatal or catastrophic MTBike crash had I not been wearing a helmet. As some of you are aware, I was running Livi, our German Shorthaired Pointer in typical fashion, on a completely nondescript and unchallenging little trail about a quarter-mile from the house. But this time our timing was off because some school children were at the end of the path, and I stopped to let them pet her. 

As such, I was slow putting my feet into the clips when I turned around and this allowed her to reach the end of the path, and completely turn around and come back toward me. As fate would have it, she came through the only unsighted bend just as I was coming through it and WHAM! We avoided each other but I got too much front brake and went down on this hard-packed trail like nobody’s business. I have bruised ribs, an AC Tear to my shoulder but the Real Deal is that my helmet cracked inside, time for a new one. I'll never forget coming to -- I was out for like just a couple seconds -- and wondering, OMG am I dead. It was really an out-of-body experience. 

I could still hear the smack of the helmet on the hard ground and as I looked around everything was out of focus yet extremely sharp at the same time. Livi stood right there and just looked at me, she didn't move an inch. And I mean not an inch for the next 2-3 minutes that seemed like an eternity while I struggled to get up, figure out whether I had entirely dislocated my shoulder and tried to breathe. When I finally got it together to walk home I had to walk-wheelie it because the front brake was jammed and I lacked the chest or arm strength to unjam it. I’ll never forget feeling so alone and realizing that all of those children who had just been there were all gone. 

When Elisa returned home from work and opened the door after I returned from the ER all I could do was fall on her cry, unendingly. I hurt so bad and the uncertainty of knowing when I would be ok was just too much at the time. The fokkers at the ER had not given me any meds and so I had to wait for them, can you believe that?

I returned to the scene several days ago, with Livi. I discovered that I could easily ride my motorcycles but not a bicycle yet because of my injuries that include back muscles and tendons. You need those on a bicycle, especially an off-road bicycle. Those same tendons and muscles, when injured, make it next to impossible to cuddle with loved ones. Talk about a reminder of gratitude for little things. As I retraced the path it was surely nothing akin to, say Niki Lauda walking down the Nurburgring or anything after his epic crash 40 years ago but it was nonetheless a very Heavy Experience. 

Most significantly, I wondered how long it would have been before someone had wandered past and saw me had I had not been wearing a helmet and was knocked unconscious or critically-injured. Niki had heroic racers pulling him from his flaming Ferrari within seconds or he would have perished.  Critical minutes or hours could pass by, no problem. And I might not be sharing these thoughts or any others. There have, after all, been 4-5 times in the past two years I did not wear a helmet because I had locked the door already or some lame excuse and what if that was The Time? There will categorically never be another time without a helmet, even skateboarding on the road. There is simply nothing that could justify the risk. I may even start wearing a chest and shoulder protector on the MTBike as well, even for easy trails because I tend to haul ass on them. 

Just like Livi, I like to cuddle but I like the speed when I am not. 

My life-long friend Randy commented on FB, “I’ve been waiting to say, you need to slow down…. You’re an old man!” 

But alas, these are the things in life the keep me alive. If I slow down, I will indeed be, an Old Man.

14 October 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Sneer as Wells Fargo Implodes Amidst Yet More Scandal as John Stumpf Takes a Powder.


14 October 2016 Update: John Stumpf resigned, is fired, or whatever.... he's out. See this BBC story. It pretty much doesn't matter who replaces him, what matters most is that he and some of the corporate low-life thugs who presided over the fraudulent accounts and fraudulent Chain of Title processes be imprisoned.  I wrote their attorneys today:

On Oct 13, 2016, at 06:31 PM, Christopher King <kingcast955@icloud.com> wrote:

It's always tough to lose a CEO.

I was friends with Pat Bricker we played tennis together and I remember when his dad got the axe but it was nowhere near as nefarious 


Sent from my iPhone

We all know that in NY Attorney Linda Tirelli, the Federal District Court and BK Judge Michael Drain are busy schooling Wells Fargo for manufactured documents. From the 5 October Adversary Complaint in Franklin v. Wells Fargo:
Further, the Bankruptcy Court determined that Wells Fargo’s corporate witness, Mary Ellen Brust (“Ms. Brust”), lacked credibility and offered no information as to how or if Freddie Mac ever possessed the Debtor’s Note. Nor did Brust have personal knowledge regarding the condition of the indorsement on the note as her testimony was that she never saw the original note. 
Further, right here in Seattle, Washington we see the same exact sort of shenanigans in the case I have been working on or following for the past two (2) years as a housing advocate until I had to pass it off to local licensed Counsel Scott Stafne. Inadmissible Affidavits from people who had no Firsthand Knowledge of anything per FRE Rule 602. They never learn. They just keep on bullying, it is their modus operandi, part of their creepy corporate DNA.

Read this journal entry for more. Much more. I'm sure David Dayen and I will discuss it all on Saturday at his book signing. You remember Writer Dayen, right?  From Seattle's Marie McDonnell fiasco where they hired her as a paid consultant yet refused to allow her to present her work on the MERS/King County Audit even as Multnomah County actually sued MERS..... 

Note: The book signing for "Chain of Title" (NY Times) has been postponed owing to inclement weather.