31 December 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Select Portfolio Lose Summary Judgment on Fraudulent Mortgage to Frail Elderly Handicapped Woman.

6 January 2015 Update -- For the life of me I cannot understand how Plaintiff's Statute of Limitations argument failed.  Watch the new video up top (coming by noon PST) for the salient Oral Arguments and Ruling from the Bench.

Furthermore.... around the same time that the $17,000.00 proceeds went missing, current King County Guardian ad Litem Keith C. Thomson was broke and borrowed $70K from someone in his office.... and Plaintiff Shcolnik can prove she was in Canada at the time she allegedly signed the Note.... Quel Coincidence!


I suggest that something very dirty is going on here.... more information about Escrow Attorney Keith Thomson is coming up later tonight or tomorrow morning. He was in dire financial straights during all of this and he claims in a court filed document to have borrowed $60-70K from his office manager. Hmmm... When I was an Escrow Attorney I lent my manager money from time to time not the other way around... strange. Stay tuned for more on this and the full oral argument in the next few days. As to this video, I love the part when Attorney Glowney says:

"If that's on and you're running video of me I'd like to ask you to stop."

"Of course I'm running video Attorney Glowney I'm a legal journalist in an open courtroom and a former escrow attorney, so that's what I do....."

.......and here's the voiceover:

Let me say this as succinctly as possible. Ms. Shcolnik filed I believe a Little RICO and Quiet Title Action against Select Portfolio MERS and I believe Bank of America after she discovered that she was out of the Country when her alleged Note was signed. 

They have not produced a single live witness to say that they were present when she signed for it, and they cannot show where they disbursed the alleged $17,000.00 in proceeds from the refi. even though the Court ruled today that she clearly received some of the benefit of the alleged bargain because some of her other debts were paid down. 

She claims that she was set in a financial tailspin after she didn't get the proceeds and she claims further that she didn't need to put money into the Court while her case is pending because she is alleging fraud. And her attorney James Wexler pointed out that there is fraud here because she was clearly out of the Country and she is not aware as to exactly what the hell happened. Fairbanks Capital is curious too.... you know Fairbanks allegedly merged into Select Portfolio back when I wash an escrow attorney in or about 2004. See generally this FTC Judgment.
I also personally sought a comment from Keith Thomson, whose name appears on her documents but his declaration does not put him on the scene as an eyeball witness either.... and the statute of limitations has arguably expired as nearly seven 7 years passed from the date of Notice of Acceleration to the date they initiated foreclosure proceedings. Then there is the matter of the patently baseless attempt to Remove the case to Federal Court, which was summarily slammed because there's no material diversity and it was clear as day to me that she never posited any Federal Claims. Let's pick up the action today in Court with little tet a tet with Attorney Glowney and a little recap from earlier this year as we wonder, inter alia, why Attorney Will Eidson has left the industry after several heated interviews with Yours Truly.  I believe he just got tired of pushing fraudulent documents but that's pure conjecture.

Earlier this year.....   and more on the bogus Removal stunt by Attorney Glowney. Funny as hell, the Summary Judgment came to be heard by Judge Bowden anyway.

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