28 November 2015

KingCast Explains the Infatuation With the Honda NX250 a/k/a "The Odd One."

Basically, with a set of 17 x 21 hoops and decent tires and some suspension mods it will do most of whatever I would ask of it in the dirt, and on the street, well.... I'll let others do the talking:

Thumpertalk I.
Evenin folks, just a silly question that's been bugging me since I bought my crf. My brother has a NX250 (88?) that I have ridden quite a few miles on. Now, I haven't had a chance as yet, to ride them back to back. But I'm convinced that the old NX would walk all over a crfl in stock form. And I'm not certain that it wouldn't out perform my crf even with the ejk and filter mods. For those unfamiliar, the nx is a water cooled, carbed, 6 speed street/dirt bike from back in the late 80's early 90's. So my question is, if Honda had a design and tooling for a bulletproof (brother has 30,000+ miles) water cooled 250 motor already developed, that performs as well or better that our crf's, why start from "scratch"? Honda is well known for leaving well enough alone, sometimes for decades at a time. So unless the old design was just fantastically expensive to build, I just can't figure out why?

Thumpertalk II
Everytime i look at her i cant believe it is an 1988...... Rode the new yamaha wr250 today at the local shop, maybe its because its factory restricted, but my old girl would flog it, sure with some mods though the wr would be much better, not for the price but....

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