07 October 2015

KingCast, Mortgage Movies See Harmon Law, Nationstar and Fannie Mae Dual Track Innocent Health Care Provider in Rhode Island.

As Pat McEnroe reminded us from the broadcast booth at the Australian Open last week:
"Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."

Former RI State Senator Bethany Moura and I are both Mike Tyson fans. Read the Motion for Summary Judgment for more details and have a nice day.

Ms. Brunzos paid according to the representation made by Nationstar but they foreclosed on her on or about 16 September, 2015 in complete contravention 
of their representation.... 
because they were actively DUAL TRACKING.

Morgan Stanley et al are watching, hoping major press does not get hold of more stories like this. Anything to keep the stock from plummeting further.

They lied to this homeowner about not having all of her paperwork in, then she missed the Temporary Payment Plan and boom, within days Nationstar foreclosed.

Harmon Law and Nationstar are just about the worst. Google David Stern.... you'll see. More on this later, I am out of town, at family day for my goddaughter so I can give her one of my old lenses (the nifty fifty) as she begins her career with the lens. But if you didn't already know this, read the about AG Martha Coakley v. Harmon and later I will post more about the shaming of Harmon Law but for now watch me (along with several others) testify about Nationstar before the NH Committee for Redress and Grievances.

Speaking of testifying, how about the Piggybank blog court of public opinion with Wells Fargo whistleblower Elizabeth Jackson noting how they preyed on minority communities, pimping them out with donations to the pastor's favorite nonprofits.... i.e. their own:

  • Elizabeth Jacobson was a loan officer at Wells Fargo who became a Whistleblower in 2009 after exposing Wells Fargo for specifically targeting black communities with a “generational wealth” program.  The program turned out to be a front for influencing black people into predatory loans. 
  • “We just went right after them,” Beth Jacobson, a former Wells Fargo loan officer, told The Times.  “Wells Fargo mortgage had an emerging-markets unit that specifically targeted black churches because it figured church leaders had a lot of influence and could convince congregants to take out subprime loans.”
  • Wells dispatched subprime loan officers to churches in African-American communities to drum up business among black consumers, Jacbobson says.  As an incentive for church leaders to play ball, the company would donate $350 to the nonprofit of the borrower’s choice for every loan the person took out with Wells.  How “it was sold to these churches was, well, that money then will go back to your church,” she says in the interview.  “Have the parishioner decide, as the church is a nonprofit, that they want that $350 to go right back to that church.”
And by the way, I've never known it to be legal for a servicer to foreclose, but that is all that Nationstar could be, at best. Look at these two assignments... BoA always dumps off the distressed properties so it is not their hand on the foreclosure. 

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