05 October 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Interview Request with WA AG Ferguson on Foreclosure Mill Attorneys and Office Integrity.

Lanny Breuer and Eric Holder: Much Ado About Nothing.

As a former Assistant Attorney General and escrow attorney I can safely say that America's legal compass dangles in a very precipitous state when big money interests have co-opted the very institution that our citizen rely on for consumer protection. Are the foxes watching the henhouse in the Nation's Capitol and in Washington State? Some have even argued that it is tantamount to a pedophile watching a daycare center. 
This is part one of several, and in this part I will share the Stacey Solie feature on bought and sold Attorneys General that was vetted by the NYTimes last year. In the story Reporter Solie specifically mentions Washington AG Bob Ferguson ethical challenges in reportedly shaking down the 5 hour energy drink people in this story last year before two major developments came to light in Washington.
In no particular order, first the Seattle City Auditor and other government employees conspired to put a muzzle on the contents of the land records audit conducted by Marie McDonnell analytics. The audit focussed on the implausible constructions that MERS uses to legitimize a clearly flawed business model that allow for transfers of property without any predicate ownership interest. McDonnell's local mentor and consultant was Attorney Scott Stafne, who will be on air with me on the Susan Harmon Hour this Friday at noon, on 1150 AM.

I have run video of several successful Stafne law office hearings and I am further aware that his client won a partial summary judgment motion against MERS in Snohomish County case of Schiavone v. MERS.

Despite that, or some would argue because of that type of spirit, we come to issue #2, with Attorney General Bob Ferguson issuing a subpoena to Attorney Stafne, which in turn led Attorney Stafne to inquire as to the relationship between  Ferguson, Seattle City Hall and two recent foreclosure mill attorneys whom Ferguson hired. 

This leads to the obvious concern of neutrality because I am not aware of any recent hires of homeowner attorneys on Ferguson's staff, so there is immediately a conflict of interest issue of the same nature that I covered in New Hampshire with its Committee on Redress and Grievances a few years ago:  

Now as seen here in these emails Attorney Roesch of course was involved in the investigation against Cal-Western: I sent him some information I had discovered during a mediation, and he sent me a consent decree. That's good for what it's worth, which really isn't much because it doesn't go into the systemic problems of fraud and deceit that run rampant in the chain of title. In fact, it was arguably window dressing.

And now Attorney Roesch's linked in page is no longer visible but lets look at the national revolving door trend witnessed by AG Eric Holder and his purported prosecutor Lenny Breuer, neither of whom seemed to be able to indict or prosecute a ham sandwich during the entire mortgage industry debacle.

Eric Holder = Covington Burling 
Lanny Breuer = Covington Burling 

Benjamin Roesch = Lane Powell 
Daniel Davies = Davis Wright Tremaine

I will leave you for now then, but stay tuned for part two in which I telephone Attorney General Ferguson and ask for a brief interview on some of these issues because we all know his support for open government is legendary as he believes that even private emails of public employees are within the purview of open records requests. I lost on that same exact issue some years ago in New Hampshire (link) so I am glad to know we are making progress in America and I anticipate that AG Ferguson will readily invite me in for a in interview session on video.

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