26 October 2015

KingCast Presents: An Avuncular Moment with my Goddaughter.

Ahhhh yes, the Canon EF 50mm 1.8 a/k/a the Nifty Fifty
A small gift....May you use it well my dear!

I will never forget that day that seemed a few years ago when you were just a month old and you fell asleep on my chest at your first dinner party.
I awoke with a start to find the someone else had boosted you away 
because you were so precious. And you still are. Love you Dearie!

22 October 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies are Teaching Video Classes with Tony Doupé at Shoreline Community College Fall 2015

More to follow with the classroom video portions 
as a New Chapter in life opens.
Tony Doupé rate my professor ranking.

KingCast Motorsports Presents: Backfire Moto #59 Teaser -- Black to the Future!

Yah more video and stills soon but I just had to bust this Right Fucking Now.
It was Crucial.

20 October 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: Seattle City Council and WA AG Ferguson Public Info Request on Suppression of Marie McDonnell and Scott Stafne Land Audit.

When it comes to the land audit conducted by Marie Mcdonnell there is a focused and deliberate attempt by government officials at the City of Seattle and the office of the attorney general to discredit Ms. Mcdonnell and her consultant Scott Stafne, even though he is busy winning cases involving MERS such as Schiavone v. MERS in Whatcom County. 

I issued a public information request seeking the CVs of all consumer law attorneys and emails between the AG and City of Seattle, as the AG continues to apparently hire only bank attorneys and the city steadfastly refuses to schedule Ms. Mcdonnell and Attorney Stafne for a presentation even though it is clearly contemplated by her contract. So I explained this to John Wright at Piggybank blog, I joined Attorney Stafne on the first of several hours with Susan Harmon radio and I shared this information at the Tea Party open government training day. More videos may be witnessed here and here. More on the AG hiring practices here as I note that I will be seeking a video interview after I review the document responses.

Here's yesterday's action:

My email to City Hall:

To All:

It is becoming abundantly clear that something is fishy in Denmark.  

Nick, you know that our demands to have Ms. McDonnell and her consultants appear is completely logical and reasonable and I can guarantee you I (along with others) am going to become a fixture up in City Council until it happens.  I don't think you want that because... well you'll see.

As such, Councilor Burgess' attempts to pass me off to you don't ring well because many of us have already made it clear what needs to happen here:

Further, many of us believe that it is clear that the City Auditor's Office -- in conjunction with the City Attorney's Office tipped off the MERS attorney that he should attend the hearing, while notifying Ms. McDonnell only hours before (making it impossible for her to fly to Seattle to attend the hearing) that the hearing would go forward on September 23rd.

I shall also await the information the City has with respect to items 6-8 in yesterday's public records request.

Nick, you are leaving office soon. Don't leave under a good legacy: Make it a Great One.

Respectfully submitted,

18 October 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present at Tea Party Open Government Training Session 2015.

It was a strong event with strong speakers and a strong message.
The Party will host the full video, my segment will be live by morning.
Also, some of you may Google and see that I have said negative things relating to 
Tea Party, but really it was about Kelly Ayotte when she was being a Tea Party Toady.
I'm quite certain that my Tea Party friends and associates don't care for her, either.
That leaves just hate blog Niggermania, they like Kelly.

15 October 2015

KingCast Presents: Revere Mayor Rizzo Criminal Rap Sheet & Clifford Pisanos Employment Lawsuit vs. Former Mayor Tommy Ambrosino.

KingCast - Federal Court Done Fucking Around - Pisano v. Ambrosino 13-CV-11409 Must Be Resolved

Incredibly, Revere continues to amaze with stories of death and disrespect. 

While none of us were present at the scene where the 38 year old man died while in police custody, we do know that Revere has a history of settlements because of bad policing and employment law violations. As a former civil rights attorney I encourage you to just take a gander at some of these complaints, including where the Police allegedly called someone a black nigger, nice. 

We at KingCast are also aware that Revere Senior management is perpetually shady. Mayor Dan Rizzo lost a child support matter as noted herein, and it appears he has a rap sheet for assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct and more. I would love to stop in and interview with the Mayor but they don't like open government in Revere so they call the police on me, take a look. 

And former Mayor Tommy Ambrosino has stepped down (KingCast coverage) from his cush position as an SJC director to work in the City of Chelsea for some reason. It is because the State has reason to believe that he improperly fired Clifford Pisano from his job as a crossing guard? 

You see Mr. Pisano is somewhat limited in his career choices because he lost part of his brain when there were no crossing guards or elders to protect him from a child molester when he was 9 years old. Commonwealth v. Magnasco. So he took pride in being a crossing guard and protecting children, until he tried to start a union and then all hell broke loose. There are several movies about Mr. Pisano and the City of Revere on my journal page, and I encourage anyone concerned about transparent government to run a word search there because you will be surprised at what you see. Now Mr. Pisano's Federal case for wrongful termination is headed toward mediation or trial, stay tuned for updates.

KingCast Motorsports Presents: Another Bardsley's Badass Barbecue at Seattle Used Bikes and The Fusebox, October 2015.

Much more to come by tomorrow afternoon but for now enjoyAugust 2015 and September 2015 .  OK it's almost time for Backfire Moto so I gotta post the rest of the pics I took!

A machine very near and dear to my heart!