16 September 2015

KingCast Mortgage Movies See McDonnell Analytics Final Report Ignored by Seattle City Council as School Teachers Strike for Money Hiding in Plain Sight in the Registry of Deeds.

29 September Update: In a scathing interview Marie McDonnell explains some of the political details in her King County mortgage review (read: audit) and how some State Actors are conspiring to discredit the review and all of its ramifications. This despite the fact that her local advisor Scott Stafne just handed MERS a fairly thorough beat down this month in Whatcom County Superior Court in Schiavone v. MERS et al. It's online you can find it just do your homework. You'll need the case number I provided below.  For more discussion read the Truthdig feature and enjoy the 2015 Studs and Ida Terkel award-winning writer David Dayen's feature at The Intercept.

The bottom line: The City must entertain her and her team before a special meeting, and I will not accept anything less. And on that point I most definitely have authority to speak on behalf of everyone who came before Council last week as seen in the City video link below.

24 September Update:  
In this freeze frame I am delivering Ms. McDonnell's response to the city auditor. BTW Nick Licata made it clear that he's not going for the auditor's bullshit. I am at 24:30 followed by Attorney Richard Jones...from Bain. City video.

Meanwhile Attorney Burnside is always happy to see me!  He is at the moment on the losing end of Schiavone v. MERS et al. up in Whatcom County.

23 September Update: My letter to City Council reads as follows..... The City Auditor has rejected the Marie McDonnell investigative findings even as she has found problem in indexing MERS documents and a host of other problems that we industry professionals have been dealing with for years.  My point today is to highlight not only the full RFP process and contract -- which called for a presentation by Marie McDonnell that we need to schedule today -- but to inquire of any and all specific movements by any Councilor to protect homeowners from any kinds of foreclosure or mortgage abuse since they appeared at my forum and at Jane Mair's house two (2) years ago with big promises. I helped Ms. Mair sign her loan modification papers, by the way (video).

I have a homeowner with Wells Fargo on a second mortgage where they have two allonges one specifically indorsed and one in blank to suit their ever changing moods just like NY Bankruptcy Judge Robert Drain said about them in a scathing opinion last year.  To make matters worse they then submitted a Lost Note Affidavit from a guy who was a pimple-faced kid selling mass-produced jewelry at Zale's at the time my clients allegedly signed their mortgage documents.

I came before you last week to commend you for allowing my cameras in the Recorder of Deeds and everywhere else, unlike Delaware where they have that crooked Judge Robert B. Young (noted below) lying about the law and denying my First Amendment challenges, but in the end you're not supposed to be just better than Delaware.  That doesn't take much. Your challenge is to be Seattle, and all that Seattle is supposed to be. And you can't do that with feet of clay. With banks, you have to fix the animal in the eye with a masterful gaze, instead of kowtowing to them. This is particularly true with WF and Wachovia, as they along with Citibank have a history of aiding and abetting Mexican drug money laundering (Citi story here) see below including the $160M consent judgment against Wachovia. Ms. McDonnell told me yesterday "these institutions are not serving humanity," and she's right.

Some folks who are interviewing me tomorrow told me I give good theater. That may be true but that is rather easy when my mise en scene is the apocalyptic destruction of America's middle class. This is Greek Comedy at its highest.

22 September Update: On phone call with Marie McDonnell. I am not going to get into the substance of this conversation until a later date but I will say that she and I both believe that this information needs to be public and hosted on a City website, no ifs, ands or buts. She too agrees with me that there could be penalties civil and/or criminal.

And she looks forward to a public powerpoint presentation by her and her partners before City Council... as per her Contract. Now that the Report is being made public we need to schedule that before election day. From today's short video interview she asks:
"Is it tolerable in a free society to have the playing field vertically stacked against the consumer... these institutions are not serving humanity."
Fascinating the night and day between Seattle and Delaware, isn't it. The Intercept story.

You see, in Seattle a free negro such as myself gets to speak and be heard, what a concept. Moreover, the government might actually do something about corruption...... but in Delaware, you just get dirty Judges as mentioned in the forum. Specifically one Robert B. Young. Motion to RecuseRule 59. I don't even care anymore about Delaware. It does what it does because it is the banking capital of the U.S. Think about it. If I can ruffle feathers in Seattle they know they have to silence me in Delaware.
U.S. House of Representatives are Intrigued:

OK so here is the clarification straight from Marie: The first version was not supposed to be released, but the 8 September version is supposed to be released. Minor edits are being made and she anticipates it may be released next week.

While I may wish that it had been immediately released, prompt release of same is sufficient to my inquiry, and again my offer to help with legislation, enforcement, monitoring or video documentation remains in place.

Thank you.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Our friend Marie McDonnell did the audit after years of persuasion by Karen Pooley and many members of the community years before I ever arrived on the scene to host a housing forum you will see portion of later in this video. But first you will see how the city is not being proactive in the face of ongoing lawlessness noted in the McDonnell are in this excellent article, and you will see the striking school teachers looking for money that they are rightfully owed, and you will see and hear some of the counselors' viewpoints on the state of foreclosure abuse, and then you will see and hear my comments this year, an entire year after I told them we owe the children an audit because the monies generated from proper recording fees and correction of other malfeasance will free up monies throughout the area.

Attorney Scott Stafne's office assisted in this auditing process and instead of congratulating him the AG's office went on a witch hunt against him, which prompted a public records request from him. Let's watch......[below is my letter to City Council as delivered]

Date:                  14 September 2015           VIA HAND DELIVERY                                                                                                    

Re:                  Marie McDonnell Audit Results and Failure to Distribute or Take Action

Dear Councilors:

I first want to commend you for being more progressive than Kent County Delaware, where they stole the Register of Deeds election from La Mar Gunn after 4 recounts.  When I went out there to investigate they threatened to arrest me for running video in public buildings, and I sued them under the First Amendment and they have a crooked Kent County Judge there named Robert  B. Young who lied about the facts and the law, ignored my Motion to Recuse and threw my case out. At least if we disagree you allow me to speak and to run video here and in the registry.

Now Mr. Gunn was endorsed by Marie McDonnell and I have video of Mr. Gunn and me on the phone with her as she was finishing her bid to conduct an audit here as she did for Essex County MA Register of Deeds John O’Brien who publicly released his audit and condemned the banks, much as Nick Licata did in one of my videos at Jane Mair’s house before I took her down to sign her loan modification papers at Bank of America last fall. 

Now your report is out I see in today’s story by David Dayen that Seattle and Montana are struggling with what to do, it’s as if you have feet of clay. The McDonnell audit was issued two (2) months ago and I have a copy of it. You better believe I’m going to post it as soon as I get home.  Ms. Pooley lobbied you for years to do this, I came before you last fall and you did it, now the taxpayer monies spent on the project seem to be wasted....

Now given that many of you attended the foreclosure and underwater housing forum I hosted with SAFE, Financial Revival Group and Michelle Darnell, you know I was a diligent escrow attorney, I was a diligent mediation counsel and I settle second mortgages for homeowners using much of the same information that is in that report.

I’ve got a case with two allonges and a lost note affiant who was a pimple-faced clerk at Zales Jewelry when my clients allegedly signed their mortgage. That’s crazy. I could use your help.

I’m here to lend a hand in drafting and enforcing legislation so that the taxpayers will maintain confidence in Seattle City Council.



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Christopher King said...

Also, it has come to my attention that the report I posted is not the final version. Please clarify that and release:

1. Any and all versions of the report.
2. Any and all emails, notes, or other correspondence and documents from and between any City office, any and all Councilors and the Mayor's office concerning Marie McDonnell and the audits.

Send me a cost estimate for this by next week and I will make certain that it is covered. The community is waiting.

Thank you.


On Sep 17, 2015, at 08:11 AM, Christopher King wrote:

Good Day to All,

Is there any particular reason why this Audit has not been officially released? The taxpayers paid for it, and it's not as if there is any legitimate reason to withhold it. The fact that I have already published it to the general public of course in no ways obviates you from your duty to perform in like manner.




Please advise me of your intentions on this matter by close of business 18 September, 2015 so that we can forestall any litigation on this matter.

Very Truly Yours,