06 September 2015

KingCast Hanging with Uncle Buck, the Honda NX250 and Yamaha DT50.

I told my pal and Honda NX250 fan that he would be the first person to see the new rig.... and when I got there I forgot he had the Yamaha DT 50 all ready to go so off I went on this diminutive street legal screamer. In a flash I was instantly transported to 1978.... I'm sure the neighbors were equally amused, right. Plans are in the Mix for a YZ 85 top end stay tuned for THAT!

Meanwhile note the Seattle Seahawks color-coordination with the grips. I was kinda reluctant when they approached me about sponsorship in this fashion but you know I think it's all for The Good.... I'm still waiting on my first check though. Stay tuned for that as well LOL.

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