02 August 2015

KingCast Presents: Nomad NW, Some of the Coolest Stuff on Earth.... Coming Soon.

25 July 2016 Update:  Due to a scumbag sexist misogynist landlord Ed Vogli, of Coffee Cave, LLC/Cafe Aroma, Nomad will be going Nomadic and no longer at this space. What happened was that the guy duped all of us by promising he would renew the Lease both before Lease signing and after Lease signing but before the $14K (cash not including labor) was spent on demo and rehab.

After the demo and rehab the guy turned into a complete jerk and you can read all about it and the forthcoming litigation in this journal entry and at the dedicated website Cafe Aroma Shoreline . com.

16 July 2016 Update -- The despot lying landlord Ed Vogli reneged on his promises to grant repeat Lease Renewals. Soon-to-be former Partner Angela Read, is now running scared and quite conciliatory to Ed Vogli/Cafe Aroma because of her family situation (in her own words right in front of me) and is now attempting to denigrate Ms. Bronstein for telling the Truth and securing Counsel to pursue Fraudulent Inducement litigation.  She cannot lie about the material fact that Ed Vogli told us the only reason he wouldn't do a multiple-year Lease was because it would be easier to do another Lease next year with new rental rates. I was there, I heard it more than once, Elisa Bronstein was there, and Angela Read was there. Boom.

See the new website,Cafe Aroma Shoreline cafearomashoreline.com and relative to Fraudulent Inducement or Promissory Estoppel/Action in Reliance see Markov v. ABC Transfer & Storage Co., 76 Wn.2d 388 (1969) followed by Sixty-01 Ass'n of Apt. Owners v. Kent, 2005 Wash. App. LEXIS 108 (2005) 
Opening September 2015, next to Cafe Aroma in Shoreline's Ridgecrest neighborhood, WA. An exclusive trading-post boasting a unique inventory of gifts for all occasions, one-of-a-kind homewares, art and juried local crafts, jewelry and bath selections. Shop here to support local artists and Ridgecrest duo -Angela Read and Raspberri Elisa.

10 February 2016 Update...... 

Alcohol Paint Party!

2 September 2015 Update..... Heading Down the Home Stretch!


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