21 August 2015

KingCast and Rosalind Herman Both Know that Prominent Boston Attorney Jeffrey Denner is Full of Shit.

Ms. Herman has been victimized by Jeffrey Denner just like Daralyn Khan and Derrick Gillenwater. I'm still friends with both of them BTW. Now I hear that Denner is saying that he ran me out of Boston!  What a crock of shit, I left Boston because it is a piece of shit place to be, especially for blacks or anyone truly progressive. Even most of the so-called progressive journalists in Boston suck. 

I have noticed that my old blog site about him "Jeffrey Denner's Ineffective Assistance of Counsel" is no longer operative as the back pages have been removed; I'll have to ask blogger about that because I know another time one of my entire Kelly Ayotte blogs disappeared.  Certain pages still come up though such as this one with an Unconstitutional Court Order by Judge Sperlock shutting down Plaintiff' Gillenwater's First Amendment Rights, and this one with some transcripts I posted.
Fuck all of those racist East Coast fucks. When I pointed the nose of that Triumph out here to Washington two years ago from Providence, RI (Providence and Nashua are actually pretty cool, Boston sucks), I did it of my own Free Will.  When I was "Boston Bob" I had already slammed Denner on First Amendment violations against Derrick Gillenwater during his legal malpractice case that the ACLU acknowledged, and Denner and Kevin Barron both had to pay Derrick thanks to me so Jeffrey Denner can kiss my black ass and stop talking lies.  I am in my element dude, having fun and living life in a beautiful place and away from your concrete jungles:

Below is is a video about Judge Spencer Kagan who is part of the whole corrupt racket there in Boston. He wanted me to remove it (asked Jay Korff to ask me) and I told him to go to hell too so if Denner thinks I give a shit about him, when I already proved I don't give a shit about an erroneous request from a dirty Judge, then he is sadly mistaken. Anyway the whole Big Dig case was his in name only, because of connections, etc. Not getting into that now but he's a tool and I'll go get on a plane, land in Boston and tell it straight to his goddamn face. Are we clear?

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