31 August 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Jack Markell & Joe Biden DE Legacy Marked by Racism, Police Abuse, Stolen Election & First Amendment Contempt.

I was waiting for this:

I am writing in response to your request for 911 and police/EMS calls made relative to Terrance Fletcher on or about August 28, 2015, including dash cam videos, as well as video footage from a city street camera at Loockerman and New Streets within a one-hour window of activity.  These records are exempt from the definition of a public record under Delaware Code, Title 29, Section 10002, (l), which states, “…the following records shall not be deemed public:  (3) Investigatory files compiled for civil or criminal law-enforcement purposes including pending investigative files, pretrial and presentence investigation.”  For this reason, we are unable to provide the information that you requested.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding your FOIA request.

Jody Stein
Administrative Assistant
City Clerk’s Office -  City of Dover
P.O. Box 475
Dover, DE  19903
(302) 736-7008

......Wherefore, I will round up the money and see you in Court. The Third Circuit has ruled. What will you do now, send it to Judge Young for him to fuck up another First Amendment ruling good luck with that.

Douglas Beatty and I will likely be co-Plaintiffs, I can say that much without even asking him.  I'll be in touch with Cincinnati attorneys representing the Enquirer as well. They are suing to obtain video and spell out why. You know, the paper that previously published the story about my litigation in the Michael Isreal police abuse case: http://www.cincinnati.com/story/opinion/editorials/2015/08/09/editorial-asking-sonny-kim-dash-cam-video/31377563/

They followed up on one of those bad cops I sued BTW:

You are doing this only because the information is damaging to your case. Well if you were to choose to prosecute that nigger (and yes I said nigger because that's how Delaware treats its black and other disfranchised people) that nigger's lawyer is going to have full access to it, and it's going to be shown in a courtroom anyway. But regardless of all that, you can't fail to disclose it. 

I will be on your ass like white on rice, you got that?  My case is peanuts compared to this, but my case is precisely why I am still here.  $12,500.00.... remember that number for the rest of your lives; I know you will.


PS: Reporter Offredo did your editor allow you to request the other 911 call that I posted --- the Henry Fordham one that you said you were going to request?

Delaware is such a piece of shit place.

Paff v. Ocean County Prosecutor's Office, 2014 N.J. Super. Unpub. LEXIS 1899 (July 31, 2014) citing Courier News v. Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office, 358 N.J. Super. 373 (2003).  Accord Payne v. Grand Rapids Police Chief, 178 Mich. App. 193 (1989). See also Fisher Broad.–Seattle TV LLC v. City of Seattle, 180 Wn.2d 515 (June 12, 2014)(no blanket exemption)

As to the second prong, the court finds that the Prosecutor's Office has not yet produced specific, reliable evidence that the dash cam video was created as part of a criminal investigation. Again, case law informs this issue. In affirming the "well-considered reasons" of a trial court opinion, the Appellate Division has instructed that not all records created contemporaneously with a criminal investigation constitute criminal investigatory records. [*12]  See O'Shea, supra, 410 N.J. Super. at 378 ("Photos of an accident scene may be looked at as part of . . . a criminal investigation. That doesn't mean they're criminal investigatory records.") (citations omitted). Instead, criminal investigatory records encompass "the work product of . . . the people investigating." Ibid.

By analogy, the video here may have documented some aspects of a traffic stop and Tuckerton police officer Cherry's arrest of the woman. Even so, it does not follow that the video necessarily constitutes a criminal investigatory record ipso facto. OPRA's criminal investigatory records exception does not render otherwise public government records confidential because they document some aspect of a crime. The Prosecutor's Office has not produced any specific, reliable evidence that the police dash cam video is the work-product of a criminal investigation of the woman or even any evidence that the video came into existence as a result of a criminal investigation. This record leaves the court to guess as to the circumstances surrounding the woman's arrest. The court finds that the Prosecutor's Office has yet failed to carry its burden of producing specific, reliable evidence from which the court can conclude [*13]  that dash cam video is a criminal investigatory record. Courier News, supra, 358 N.J. Super. at 382-83.

A new video is coming Friday night folks, and this is what you want to watch: The interview with a Dover, DE Police Officer who admits that there was no gun in Terrence Fletcher's flight path when he was shot by Dover DE Police.  This, coupled with my legal analysis of a bystander's arrest using the very same Higginbotham, Killingsworth, Pomykacz and Iacobucci First Amendment cases that Judge Robert Young continues to ignore and to lie about in my Free Press lawsuit shows just how oppressive the Delaware juggernaut really is.

1 Sept. 2015 Update: 

First of all, should the government defense attorneys in my Free Press First Amendment lawsuit go to gloat on their websites about how they stopped a pesky reporter from running video in "interior offices" or at "employee" cubicles on the King v. McKenna lawsuit I want people to be able to see the Google link to this case as reported: http://courts.delaware.gov/opinions/download.aspx?ID=226120 --- and see the Motion to Recuse and other documentation to know that's all a pack of lies by an oppressive government that takes pride in restricting First Amendment access to anything. Hell one of the Defendants in my case had to sue to obtain First Amendment information and he's a high-powered attorney in the State -- John Paradee.  I can't find the case right now but I found it on Lexis, it's in my Memoranda I'll dig it up later today.

Second, there are things about the shooting that I intentionally omitted but which I might as well say now that it is in the general public as seen on Dr. Jahi Issa's FB page:  Mr. Fletcher was apparently shot in the side/back, but the gun he allegedly had in his possession was found "in the near vicinity" or words of similar import, meaning it's probably a community gun and he probably didn't have it on his person when he alighted from the porch, which corresponds with witness testimony that Delaware police will try to suppress -- the same way they hid the dash cam of the kicking assault earlier this year, infra

So now you have a situation with LE shooting an unarmed man in the back. Fleeing or not, without a stated fear or apprehension of safety or bodily harm to others that's when Indictments get served, but probably not in Delaware.... where they just do whatever the hell they want to most of the time.

Third, Dr. Issa informs me that when he was wrongfully arrested before he won his criminal trial three dangerous bald men approached him in jail and threatened him with bodily harm unless he signed a document waiving his right to be on DSU campus. He complained to the FBI, which did nothing.... which is par for the course if you watch the movie and see how Joe Biden and the Feds handled multiple felon Greg Floyd, a white man.  These people are sick.

Lastly, it was reported to me that the man in the video who was arrested was arrested after he simply criticized the police for discharging their weapons in a pre-school zone, a valid criticism according to the law I just cited this month in my Free Press case, how about that? Yep, First and Third Circuit case law of Higginbotham v. City of New York 2015 U.S. Dist Lexis 62227 (May 12, 2015) and Montgomery v. Killingsworth, 2015 U.S. Dist Lexis 7152 (January 22, 2015).  As seen in the thumbnails below Higginbotham slammed Judge Young's bullshit analysis of one of my important cases (Iacobucci), and Killingsworth noted how it is perfectly legal to observe and to criticize police within reason. From what I heard, this man was not out of line, yet was arrested because Delaware treats its niggers (some of whom are even white) that way, and that is why I will never again set foot in that despicable environment. 

 31 August Update -- I wrote the global email: 

And by the way Detective Hill, while they are thinking about prosecuting me, how about prosecuting Bill Christy for threatening to whip my black ass online (read below) and calling me a motherfucker on my phone? 

Or is that just the Delaware Way. 

Been waiting 6 years for this day, and y'all played right into it. 

Last week's comprehensive journal entry on the NAACP/Denn/Markell/Delaware Journal coverup story where Central NAACP President La Mar was not even invited to the meeting. The thumbnail video pictures below may be viewed as YouTube videos at this link.

Look: I don't give a damn that Governor Markell and Judge Robert B. Young or the Defendants in my Free Press First Amendment lawsuit hate every second of my videos.  Further, I don't give a damn that Joe Biden is running for President. I'm going to say what I have to say, and that includes him telling me that he and Barack would address multiple 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) violations by white men like Greg Floyd, then failing to bust a grape..... bottom line is that he needs to take care of business in his own back yard before trying to run a Country.

Let's face it folks Governor Markell's legacy is now forever tainted and potential presidential candidate Joe Biden should be ashamed. While Baltimore takes all the national attention what we continue to see in this country time and time again is that black lives really don't matter in Delaware either. I've covered stories where some white lives didn't matter as well, but the problem is particularly pronounced against blacks and all of this goes back decades to the Baldus study for you legal scholars.

What type of people defend the police on public fora?  Interestingly 7 years after our first meeting, I see a potty-mouthed Bill Christy, a/k/a Lower Slower Delaware, who falsely befriended me when I was investigating police abuse against whites in Franconia, NH.   Liko Kenney shot a notoriously abusive cop before a multiple felon Greg Floyd picked up the cops gun and executed Mr. Kenney. More on Floyd and Joe Biden later, but Christy identified himself as a Judge Advocate General Attorney in the armed forces, then turned on me and said that I had no arguments and that there was no coverup. Come to find out he never was an attorney of any kind, so the more I exposed he called me a nigger and a motherfucker on my voicemail and tried to get it removed from YouTube. He failed but that's how it is in Delaware, racist. And Christy is a liar watch the movie. Here he is calling me a motherfucker.

He publicly wrote: I am 5'11" and weight 185 pounds and I could kick you(sic) ignorant little black ghetto ass any day of the week and not even break a sweat.

And he did it in a forum designed to address the concerns of a dead child:

So today first we will watch the lies in action over in Bloomfield NJ where the police are facing a lawsuit for covering up video and lying after unlawful threatened use of deadly force and evidence tampering then move on to Delaware.
In this case yesterday I demanded all of the 911 audio and video camera information from the State. Many people claim that Terrence Fletcher did not have a gun in his immediate possession when shot. Lets get one thing straight:  As a former LE attorney and journalist I can tell you that police lie, especially when it comes to a potentially wrongful use of force. That is why it is Constitutional to run video of any public official during the prosecution of their duties, subject to reasonable time place and manner restrictions. This is true in the lobby of the Kent County Delaware Recorder of Deeds too, where I came to investigate the stolen election against LaMar Gunn but Judge Robert B. Young won't admit it, but more on that later.

Now then in Delaware recall the kick in face to a handcuffed black suspect. Recall the five (5) male deaths that AG Matt Denn determined to be suicides, as if black males are apt to go to public parks and hang themselves with belts. Recall the 911 tape that I just obtained regarding Henry Fordham, who narrowly escaped an attempted lynching. Dover police refused to provide this tape for years, but you can hear all of it, and learn a lot more about how Delaware really works as a tool of oppression, driven by big money and banking interests, on the journal pages linked in this YouTube video.

Of particular note and fully documented on my pages is how Joe Biden promised me that his administration would crack down on multiple gun felon Greg Floyd, a white man, but they did nothing and he went on to criminally threaten his neighbor with a gun, I've got the courtroom video of his conviction and violent outbursts on my pages.

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